Little Men (TV Series 1998–1999)

Season 2

1Civil DisobedienceCivil Disobedience (27 Aug. 1999)
A suit of negligence is filed against the school when young Tommy breaks his leg, giving the students an opportunity to learn about civil disobedience.
2Stepping OutStepping Out (3 Sep. 1999)
Amy goes overboard on organizing the city dance, while her daughter Bess gets into trouble trying to impress a college man by lying about her age.
3Dangerous LessonsDangerous Lessons (10 Sep. 1999)
When a lion escapes from a traveling circus, Dan runs away from Plumfield Academy in order to join the hunt, while Nat's violin skills come to the attention of an overbearing music teacher.
4Opposites AttractOpposites Attract (17 Sep. 1999)
Amy and Laurie struggle through a marital dry spell while Fritz develops an interest in a most unlikely young woman.
5Family BusinessFamily Business (24 Sep. 1999)
Asia receives a very tempting offer from her aunt to run her uncle's restaurant in Philadelphia; Meg and the twins come to stay at Plumfield for a few days.
6Leap of FaithLeap of Faith (1 Oct. 1999)
Jo becomes reclusive after she's held up at gun-point. Franz becomes distressed when Isabelle receives a letter from her brother.
7Brothers and SistersBrothers and Sisters (15 Oct. 1999)
Nick's younger brother, Ben, arrives at Plumfield to hide from a gambling debt. Bess sets her heart on becoming a professional singer, and no one has the heart to tell her that she's tone-deaf.
8The Lantern ManThe Lantern Man (29 Oct. 1999)
It's Halloween and the ghost stories are flying. Despite her pragmatism, these stories pique the wild side of Jo's imagination when she receives a book offer from a mysterious stranger.
9The Weaker SexThe Weaker Sex (5 Nov. 1999)
Jo joins the women's suffrage movement while Nan tries to prove that she has what it takes to become a doctor.
10For Love or MoneyFor Love or Money (12 Nov. 1999)
A crack in the bathroom door leads to a series of misunderstandings between Jo and Nick. While searching for fossils, Nat and Nan find a large sum of money.
11Three Angry WomenThree Angry Women (1999)
Meg, Jo, and Amy don't realize how their quarrel is affecting the children.
12The SignThe Sign (3 Dec. 1999)
Jo is feeling the strain of being a teacher, writer, parent, and curator of Plumfield and searches for a sign on what to do about it.
13Home for ChristmasHome for Christmas (17 Dec. 1999)
Nick is accused of murder, and the residents of Plumfield think his brother Ben is behind the crime.