Les vacances de l'amour (TV Series 1996–2007)

Season 2

1Trafic (1ère partie)Trafic (1ère partie) (24 Nov. 1996)
Nicolas finds a foreign woman almost drowning. Bénédicte catchs José flirting with another woman. Cynthia and Nathalie meet unexpectedly with Galfi who is out of prison.
2Trafic (2ème partie)Trafic (2ème partie) (1 Dec. 1996)
Benedicte has been kidnapped by sex slave traffickers who work with Galfi. The woman Nicolas previously met is actually one of those kidnapped women.
3Retour de flammesRetour de flammes (15 Dec. 1996)
The group has a chance to stay in the Caribbean if they perform concerts in hotels. But thieves steal their music instruments. Jeanne is back to see José.
4Décollage immédiatDécollage immédiat (22 Dec. 1996)
Laly is taken hostage as she was learning to pilot a seaplane by a man looking to escape.
5Le roi de coeurLe roi de coeur (29 Dec. 1996)
Nathalie is approached by a strange man looking like a ghuru who claims that she is the lookalike of his late daughter. Nicolas meets a group of women who seems to live in a weird community.
6RichardRichard (4 Jun. 1997)
The group finds by chance an old friend who tries to escape a man.
7L'affaire Don Bardone (1/2)L'affaire Don Bardone (1/2) (5 Jun. 1997)
Hector, a friend of Nicolas, a marine scientist is beat up by property developer's henchmen. Ornella, the daughter of the developer (and gangster), Don Bardone, tries to escape her father by fleeing in Stephane's seaplane.
8L'affaire Don Bardone (2/2)L'affaire Don Bardone (2/2) (6 Jun. 1997)
Nicolas, Jimmy and Olivier try to find a way to save the island from the developer corporation. Laly thinks Stephane is cheating on her with Ornella so decides to accept Don Bardone's advances.
9L'appel du large (1/2)L'appel du large (1/2) (9 Jun. 1997)
Stephane has an amazing work opportunity bit his seaplane breaks down. Laurent, a famous sailor and José's old friend, suggests going to Sainte Lucie island to retrieve the missing parts to fix the plane.
10L'appel du large (2/2)L'appel du large (2/2) (10 Jun. 1997)
Three foreign girls which Olivier and José flirted with decide to take them on their boat. Laurent and Benedicte go back to bring Stephane the missing part for the plane without them.
11L'étrangère (1/2)L'étrangère (1/2) (11 Jun. 1997)
Nicolas wakes up in the middle of the night because of a strange bright light. José comes home at 2am and tells Bénédicte that he saw a strange light. She doesn't believe him and sends him off to sleep somewhere else. The next morning Laly and Bénédicte leave in seaplane for a test flight. They are suddenly out of gaz and the plane crashes in the jungle.
12L'étrangère (2/2)L'étrangère (2/2) (12 Jun. 1997)
The guys find a strange woman who speaks a foreign language in the jungle. The girls decide to sign up in a beauty contest to win money to buy a new seaplane for Stephane.
13Rupture (1/2)Rupture (1/2) (13 Jun. 1997)
It's Nathalie's birthday. She is a little unsatisfied and bored by her relationship with Olivier. She is facing a temptation by meeting 3 cute models.
14Rupture (2/2)Rupture (2/2) (16 Jun. 1997)
Nathalie catches Olivier kissing Olivia, a former prostitute trying to run away from her pimp. So she decides to give in to temptation with David.
15Maladies d'amour (1/2)Maladies d'amour (1/2) (17 Jun. 1997)
Richard is back in town and wants to have made a statue of Johanna. José runs out of gaz with his water scooter and some gangsters steal his scooter and leave him to drown. He is fished out of sea by a boat owned by Jeanne.
16Maladies d'amour (2/2)Maladies d'amour (2/2) (18 Jun. 1997)
Richard and Jeanne are taken hostages by some gangsters.
17La pêche miraculeuseLa pêche miraculeuse (19 Jun. 1997)
José meets a young archeologist searching for a boat wreckage. The guys and Laly find an old locket while fishing.
18CacahuèteCacahuète (20 Jun. 1997)
The girls find a dog and Cynthia wants to adopt it and calls it Cacahuète. Jimmy is harassed by a woman who really wants to sleep with him, despite his refusal.
19L'ange mauditL'ange maudit (23 Jun. 1997)
Johanna and Benedicte are the victim of a hold-up by a bikers gang. Laly and Nathalie lose FR 6,000 at the Casino.
20Le secret de Jeanne (1/3)Le secret de Jeanne (1/3) (24 Jun. 1997)
Jeanne has a stalker and she asks help to José. But he is too late and she has been kidnapped already.
21Le secret de Jeanne (2/3)Le secret de Jeanne (2/3) (25 Jun. 1997)
Benedicte breaks up with José and decides to leave the island. Jeanne goes back to Paris to try and run away from Jean-Pierre.
22DuelDuel (26 Jun. 1997)
Richard is in a business war with John Foster. He decides to settle it with an old fashioned duel.
23Le secret de Jeanne (3/3)Le secret de Jeanne (3/3) (27 Jun. 1997)
Jeanne is out of prison. She tries to start from scratch and lets no one know that she is free.