Les vacances de l'amour (TV Series 1996–2007)

Season 1

1SurprisesSurprises (4 Aug. 1996)
The roommates are on vacation in the Caribbean. Laly meets by chance an old friend. José goes back to his old flirting ways.
2MystèreMystère (11 Aug. 1996)
Linda and Nicolas found a friend of his unresponsive on the beach, Thomas. Laly is pursuing her dating with John.
3Avenir incertainAvenir incertain (18 Aug. 1996)
José sleeps with Marie-Louise and Benedicte found out. She breaks up with him and starts seeing Fred as a revenge. Manuela knocks over a man on a bike, Rolland. They starts flirting and she confides to him about her past.
4IncertitudeIncertitude (25 Aug. 1996)
José, mad at Benedicte, starts dating Jeanne. To distract Benedicte, the girls convince her to go for a horse ride. She fells off the horse and loses consciousness.
5Cas de conscienceCas de conscience (1 Sep. 1996)
Benedicte is convalescing at the hospital after her horse riding accident. In the meantime, José continues his relationship with Jeanne. Her fiancé, Pierre, is still on serious condition after his bike accident. Feeling guilty, Laly visits him at the hospital and he tells her Jeanne is in danger. Jeanne is kidnapped some gangster.
6Des adieux qui font malDes adieux qui font mal (8 Sep. 1996)
Jeanne is going back to France to take care of her fiancé. José is heartbroken and feels lost. The wife and daughter of Rolland suddenly arrive to town. Benedicte is desperate and thinks about the worst.
7Le menteurLe menteur (15 Sep. 1996)
Roland and Manuela are still happily dating, whem his wife and daughter are coming to town.
8La detteLa dette (22 Sep. 1996)
Laly feels neglected by Stephane, who is troubled by money problems. His money-lender is suddenly asking him a full refund of money or he will take back his seaplanes. The band wants to do music again.
9Tel épris qui croyait prendreTel épris qui croyait prendre (29 Sep. 1996)
The band rents a music local from Galfi. They try to convince him to give time to Stephane to pay back his debt, without success. Galfi tells the Cynthia and Laly he could cancel Stephane's debt if they sleep with him. Rolland, still crazy in love with Manuela, starts harassing her.
10La vengeanceLa vengeance (13 Oct. 1996)
Galfi sued Laly for stealing Stephane's IOU. Jimmy meets by chance his ex girlfriend who tell him he has a daughter.
11L'enfantL'enfant (20 Oct. 1996)
Jimmy decides to leave Cynthia to take care of Gladys and their child. Cynthia is heartbroken and desperate. Laly breaks her foot on her way out of the police station. She finds Stephane at the hospital after he was shot.
12La star (1ère partie)La star (1ère partie) (27 Oct. 1996)
A movie with the star Virna Lay is shooting on the island. Olivier, a fan of Virna, saves her on set from a strange accident. Virna's husband, Eddy Michigan, is having an affair with a young actress, Nicole.
13La star (2ème partie)La star (2ème partie) (10 Nov. 1996)
Nicole and Nicolas begin a relationship. Olivier and Virna are attracted to each other. Eddie is escaping the police.