It's Like, You Know... (TV Series 1999–2001)

Season 2

1TwinsTwins (21 Sep. 1999)
Lauren is attracted to the "good" half of a Siamese-twin star of a cop show, but will the "bad" half derail the relationship?
2Enchanted AprilEnchanted April (28 Sep. 1999)
Told documentary style with interviews and reenactments in black and white. What went wrong with Robbie's romance from two years earlier.
3The Long GoodbyeThe Long Goodbye (5 Oct. 1999)
Arthur's book is done and he's heading home to New York. Shrug investigates who stole Robbie's movie idea. Lauren gives Jesse Jackson a massage and Jesse gives Arthur some advice.
4Coast to CoastCoast to Coast (12 Oct. 1999)
Arthur, back in New York City, finds out from his publisher that the critics hated his book. Robbie wants to dump his new girlfriend but can't while her publicist is sick.
5Arthur 2: On the RocksArthur 2: On the Rocks (19 Oct. 1999)
Arthur returns to L.A. but no one seems to notice. Robbie wants to advertise Pay-Per-Jew before the Anna Kournikova highlights. Shrug thinks his new girlfriend may be a succubus.
6Lost in AmericaLost in America (26 Oct. 1999)
Jennifer enlists Lauren's help to get back in the good graces of a manicurist with an unusual massage chair. Robbie and Shrug go looking for 'American girls' at a local chain motel. Arthur tries to apologize for a brutal comment to a blind date and winds up attending therapy with the lady.
7The Sweet Smell of SuccessThe Sweet Smell of Success (2 Nov. 1999)
Robbie is thrilled to be dating an ex-girlfriend of Val Kilmer. Shrug is financing a "smell bar" to be opened by his friend Hilo. The Los Angelenos are fascinated by an image on a billboard that they think is God. Jennifer is pursued by a man whose car she hit, claiming that it caused him to lose an arm.
8Hollywood ShuffleHollywood Shuffle (8 Dec. 1999)
Shrug sees a famous doctor for a back injury, who convinces him the pain is due to lack of stress. Jennifer is asked to be one of the godmothers to a friend's twins, who may have been named for Robbie. Arthur starts his new job for the L.A. Times and has to be screened for a sexual harassment insurance policy.
9The Life of BrianThe Life of Brian (15 Dec. 1999)
Shrug and Lauren are both on the pill making them rather emotional. Jennifer has been outed by the phone company. Arthur confronts an old college friend who has been stealing his stories.
10The ApartmentThe Apartment (29 Dec. 1999)
Shrug gets a nanny, for himself. Robbie has a new Pay-Pet idea that involves Jennifer and Lauren. Arthur has to run back to New York.
11Summer of '42'Summer of '42' (22 Dec. 1999)
Arthur dates a 21-year-old whose sexual history turns out to be more complicated;Robbie fixes up Lauren with his annoying financial advisor; Shrug and Jennifer protest at an execution.
12HeatHeat (5 Jan. 2000)
Arthur is desperate to be seen as Lauren's boyfriend in other people's eyes. Robbie buys a house but struggles to tell Shrug. Jennifer rents out a police lineup room to root out a date. Robbie's house burns down.
13Trading PlacesTrading Places (28 May 2001)
Lauren's road rage becomes the subject for local news. Shrug's new trust fund girlfriend hates do-nothing rich people. He switches roles with Robbie. Arthur wants to write about plastic surgery and enlists Jennifer's expertise.
14Walking TallWalking Tall (18 Jun. 2001)
Lauren has a new black boyfriend who reads and dislike sports unlike her. Black people have never liked Shrug for some unknown reason. Robbie lowers himself to date a pedestrian in car-obsessed LA. Arthur's rental car is not cutting it.
15The Quick and the DeadThe Quick and the Dead (25 Jun. 2001)
Everyone has his own reason for attending the funeral of Jennifer's agent.
16Raw DealRaw Deal (2 Jul. 2001)
Robbie starts dating his hard-nosed lawyer. Jennifer negotiates a dating contract. She also helps Shrug with his new girlfriend. Lauren is allergic to shellfish. Arthur reluctantly helps her try calamari. Soon she wants more than calamari.
17Lust for LifeLust for Life (1 Oct. 2001)
Shrug wants Robbie to join him in buying a Van Gogh. Arthur dislikes Lauren's yoga teacher Wayne. Jennifer thinks his mechanic is the sleazy muckracker Evan the Dreadful. She enlists old friend Maureen McCormick's help in identifying him.
18Hoop DreamsHoop Dreams (8 Oct. 2001)
The group is having a meal as the conversation centers around Latrell Sprewell choking his coach.