Biker Mice from Mars (1993–1996)

Season 3

1Biker Knights of the Round Table: Part 1Biker Knights of the Round Table: Part 1 (23 Sep. 1995)
The Biker Mice must travel back to King Arthur's time to stop Limburger from stealing half of England and destroying Camelot.
2Biker Knights of the Round Table: Part 2Biker Knights of the Round Table: Part 2 (30 Sep. 1995)
Still trapped in the past, the Mice must race against time to not only thwart Limburger's scheme but also to help Merlin come up with a gasoline substitute for their rapidly depleting fuel supplies.
3Virtual UnrealityVirtual Unreality (7 Oct. 1995)
Jack McCyber, an old friend of Charley's arrive in Chicago, with a unique virtual helmet that Limburger is determined to take.
4PitfallPitfall (14 Oct. 1995)
On the way to Earth with proof that Lord Camembert is embezzling Plutarkian funds, Provolone's ship malfunctions and he lands in the Pits where the mice meet up with Four-By to fight the Pit Boss and get rid of Provolone.
5Diet of WormsDiet of Worms (21 Oct. 1995)
The Mice have to deal with a meeting in Chicago of several of the largest Plutarkian bosses on Earth and stop a Plutarkian invasion.
6Rocketh and RidethRocketh and Rideth (4 Nov. 1995)
Limburger uses Karbunkle's newest machine to steal the land from fictional places in Shakespeare's plays. This resulted in the destruction of the plays, and they ceased to exist. As a result, the Biker Mice must enter the well-known stories to stop him, but first Charley must convince them that Shakespeare is worth saving.
7Too Many Limburgers Spoil the CheeseToo Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese (11 Nov. 1995)
Karbunkle's latest invention creates multiple Limburgers.
8Hit the Road, JackHit the Road, Jack (18 Nov. 1995)
Asphalt Jack returns to Chicago to visit Charley and friends with his fiancé, but the visit turns sour when Jack and his new cyber bike are captured and the guys must rescue him while Limburger and Brie deal with a quadruple, triple, double agent who has deals with more than just the two Plutarkians.
9Caveat MentorCaveat Mentor (25 Nov. 1995)
While Rimfire and Stoker arrive on Earth with a typical Martian male landing, Limburger creates a new scheme to brainwash everyone using shampoo. But the Mice are in trouble when Stoker seems to have lost his fighting abilities to old age.
10Where No Mouse Has Gone BeforeWhere No Mouse Has Gone Before (3 Jan. 1996)
The Biker Mice have been mysteriously transported to Plutark with a bunch of scrap metal from a local junkyard. This turns out to be a good thing for Limburger and he uses it to give himself a shot at being elected High Chairman.
11Once Upon a Time on Mars IOnce Upon a Time on Mars I (10 Feb. 1996)
Limburger is ready to use a new device, a Tug Transformer, to bring Earth into Plutark's orbit. The Biker Mice recall when the Plutarkians tried the same tactic with Mars.
12Once Upon a Time on Mars IIOnce Upon a Time on Mars II (17 Feb. 1996)
Limburger is about to make Earth one of the newest moons of Plutark as the Biker Mice tell Charley about the time that they dealt with the same problem back on Mars.
13Once Upon a Time on Mars IIIOnce Upon a Time on Mars III (24 Feb. 1996)
The Biker Mice recall how Modo got his arm, Vinnie his mask, Throttle his eyes, and a betrayal that resulted in the disappearance of a friend.