101 Dalmatians: The Series (TV Series 1997–1998)

Season 1

1Home Is Where the Bark IsHome Is Where the Bark Is (13 Sep. 1997)
Roger and Anita announce that they are moving to a house in the country. Meanwhile, Cruella has plans to bulldoze the farm and send the animals to a glue factory.
2He Followed Me Home/Love 'Em and Flea 'EmHe Followed Me Home/Love 'Em and Flea 'Em (27 Sep. 1997)
A circus elephant wanders onto the farm, and the pups try to hide him from Cruella. Two-Tone accepts Lucky's offer to take her to the fall ball, but jealous Mooch gets some sneaky revenge on Lucky.
3Howl Noon/Easy on the LiesHowl Noon/Easy on the Lies (4 Oct. 1997)
Lt Pug gets a visit from his childhood nemesis, Persian Pete. Rolly lies to Colonel to go swimming and Lucky advocates for the group to sneak past the Colonel's train car.
4Two for the Show/An Officer and a GentledogTwo for the Show/An Officer and a Gentledog (11 Oct. 1997)
When Lucky is a contestant on his favorite game show, he seeks a partner who can help him win. Lucky is determined to win a race to move up in the Bark Brigade.
5Bad to the Bone/Southern Fried CruellaBad to the Bone/Southern Fried Cruella (18 Oct. 1997)
Tired of being bullied by Mooch, Rolly turns into a tough guy. Cruella plots to send the Dearlys out of town to impress the owner of a big discount store.
6Swine Song/Watch for Falling IdolsSwine Song/Watch for Falling Idols (25 Oct. 1997)
Rolly thinks he is in love with Dumpling and tries everything to win her affection. Lucky's favorite TV show films at the farm where he discovers the truth about his idol.
7The High Price of Fame/The Great Cat InvasionThe High Price of Fame/The Great Cat Invasion (1 Nov. 1997)
Spot wants respect from her peers and the Swamp Rat promises to give her what she wants - for a price. Lt. Pug prepares the pups for the Great Cat Invasion.
8No Train, No GainNo Train, No Gain (8 Nov. 1997)
Cruella learns that a billionaire is willing to pay ten million dollars for a vintage train car similar to Colonel's, leading them on an adventure filled with daring stunts.
9Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure/Wild Chick ChaseRolly's Egg-Celent Adventure/Wild Chick Chase (15 Nov. 1997)
When Cornelia and Spot are called away on urgent business, Rolly agrees to egg sit. Spot babysits Peeps, a small chick who puts the gang in dangerous situations searching for food.
10The Dogs of Devil/Dog's Best FriendThe Dogs of Devil/Dog's Best Friend (22 Nov. 1997)
When the Dearly's picnic gets canceled on account of Cruella, the main pups think their parents and owners are getting divorced and must try to stop them. Lucky befriends a German shepherd pup named Blaze, and Rolly gets jealous.
11A Christmas CruellaA Christmas Cruella (20 Dec. 1997)
A Christmas Carol with Cruella in the role of Scrooge, Jasper and Horace as Marley, Cadpig as the ghost of Christmas Past, Rolly as the ghost of Christmas Present, and Spot as the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
12Out to Launch/Prophet and LossOut to Launch/Prophet and Loss (10 Jan. 1998)
Lucky and the pups climb aboard a spaceship which takes off into space. When several of Cadpig's casual predictions come true, everyone is convinced that she is a psychic.