The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police (TV Series 1997–1998)

Season 1

1The Thing That Wouldn't Stop ItThe Thing That Wouldn't Stop It (4 Oct. 1997)
Darla "The Geek", Sam and Max's friend and assistant, finds a strange creature living in her fridge. When it tries to eat her, she calls the Freelance Police.
2The Second Show EverThe Second Show Ever (11 Oct. 1997)
It's Career Day in school and Sam and Max are the presenters. They take the class to space to fight an alien and save the world.
3Max's Big DayMax's Big Day (11 Oct. 1997)
Sam and Max and up on a tropical island. The local native tribe sees Max as their god, a role Max always wanted to try out for. But what of Sam and their Freelance Police business?
4Bad Day on the MoonBad Day on the Moon (18 Oct. 1997)
Sam and Max arrive on Moon and find themselves in the middle of an all out war between the nation of Moon rats and their mortal enemies - Moon roaches.
5They Came from DownThereThey Came from DownThere (25 Oct. 1997)
See food from a local factory owned by a madman turns all locals into fish-like zombies. Sam and Max intervene.
6The Friend for LifeThe Friend for Life (1 Nov. 1997)
Insane loner tries to force Sam and Max to join him in his funhouse and be his friend forever.
7Dysfunction of the GodsDysfunction of the Gods (1997)
Sam and Max are on their toughest case yet. They must rekindle Greek gods Zeus and Hera's stale marriage.
8Big Trouble at the Earth's CoreBig Trouble at the Earth's Core (1997)
Sam and Max end up in the center of the Earth where they must stop the race of mole-men from blowing up the Earth.
9A Glitch in TimeA Glitch in Time (1997)
Max gets a watch that allows time travel, so him and Sam return to their childhood to overcome a trauma. However, this changes the future in an unexpected way - Sam partnered up with Max. Now Max must befriend him again.
10That Darn GatorThat Darn Gator (1997)
Sam and Max adopt a baby alligator.
11We Drop at DawnWe Drop at Dawn (1997)
The Freelance Police Commissioner has lost his keys, so he orders Sam and Max to get them. They are located somewhere in the jungle-like Central Park.
12The Tell Tale TailThe Tell Tale Tail (1998)
Max loses his tail in an accident, so he visits doctor to reattach it. Instead, a Frankenstein tail monster is born.
13Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/The Monkeys from O.N.C.L.E.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/The Monkeys from O.N.C.L.E. (1998)
In Bond-like manner, Sam and Max must stop T.R.U.S.S., a terrorist group that wants to release a virus that makes tourists even more annoying.
14It's Dangly Deever TimeIt's Dangly Deever Time (1998)
Sama and Max accidentally bring a children's TV character, Dangly Deever, to life which also creates his evil twin who decides to take over the city. Sam and Max must stop him.
15Fools Die on FridayFools Die on Friday (1998)
The Friend for Life is back. His latest scheme is to get Sam and Max back on his side by threatening to take down The Statue of Liberty with his stolen blimp.
16Christmas Bloody ChristmasChristmas Bloody Christmas (1998)
For Christmas, Sam and Max decide to visit Sam's grandma, who's locked up at maximum security prison on Blood Island. Unfortunately, that's when the prisoners organize a jailbreak. The Freelance Police must stop them.
17The Glazed McGuffin AffairThe Glazed McGuffin Affair (1998)
Sam and Max's favorite snack food, Glazed McGuffins, has been banned. They decide that this injustice will not stand and try to force the man behind the ban to try it himself.
18AAIIIEEE RobotAAIIIEEE Robot (1998)
A meteor is about to destroy the Earth, so Sam and Max use their Mega Max 3000 giant robot to stop it. However, Japan also needs help with their giant baby problem.
19The InvadersThe Invaders (1998)
Two tiny aliens arrive on Earth with only one mission in mind - to assassinate Sam and Max, who are ordered to stop the invaders.
20Have a Heart/Tonight We LoveHave a Heart/Tonight We Love (1998)
On Valentine's Day, a couple in love steals Sam and Max's DeSoto just as the duo is receiving an artificial heart that must be promptly delivered to the President.
21The Trouble with GaryThe Trouble with Gary (1998)
Sam and Max agree to babysit a strange child that turns out to have the ability to influence reality with its mind. The duo asks the kid to help them with their mission to fight crime.
22Sam and Max vs. The Uglions from Outer SpaceSam and Max vs. The Uglions from Outer Space (1998)
A new alien restaurant called The Frying Saucer is opened and humans are on the menu, so the US government decides to nuke the place. Sam and Max try to find a less violent way to stop the aliens' business.
23Little BigfootLittle Bigfoot (1998)
Sam and Max find a young bigfoot and try to get him back to his own kind, something which he doesn't seem to want.
24The Final EpisodeThe Final Episode (1998)
Sam and Max's old enemies gather to plan their revenge. They kidnap Sam and Max, tie 'em to a bomb and send them into a volcano. Sam and Max must escape and stop them, as well as relieve many flashbacks to non-existent previous episodes.