USA High (1997–1999)

Season 1

1An American in ParisAn American in Paris (8 Apr. 1997)
Old friends Lauren Fontaine, Winnie Barnes and Bobby Lazzarini (all Americans) are reunited with Christian Mueller (German) and Ashley Elliot (English) as a new school year begins for them at the American School in Paris, France. All of the students are away from their parents except Ashley, whose father is headmaster at the school. They all live together in a suite for six, with the girls' room on one side, the boys' on the other and a large common room in between. This year there is a new roommate, Jackson Green, another American. At first Jackson does not fit in ...
2The CarThe Car (5 Aug. 1997)
Mr. Elliot is entered in a road race which will pit him against Ms. Dupre, a beautiful young Frenchwoman who teaches at the Academy and is the secret heartthrob of the headmaster, who is a single parent. Lauren, who admires Mr. Elliot's Aston Martin, agrees to go out with Jackson if he can get use of the car, which he does without Mr. Elliot's knowledge. However, when Jackson lets Lauren take a spin behind the wheel, she drives it into the Seine. Jackson need to come up with money for repairs, so he plans to throw a rave to raise the cash.
3The Credit CardThe Credit Card (6 Aug. 1997)
Mr. Eliot is on a cleanliness kick, demanding all students clean up their rooms. Winnie's father, meanwhile, sends her a credit card. The shopaholic Winnie quickly runs up a huge bill, so Jackson comes up with a solution to help her pay it off: start a cleaning service for hire to other students. But when the boys clean Ms. Dupre's apartment, they come upon her next French test, complete with the answers.
4The Ex-BoyfriendThe Ex-Boyfriend (7 Aug. 1997)
Paul, Lauren's boyfriend from the previous school year, arrives back in the city and the sparks begin to fly once again between the two. This inspires a fit of jealousy in Jackson and he starts spying on the couple. Also, Winnie meets Prince Nicholas of Lichtenberg, who is enamored of her and asks her on a date. However, before she goes, Ashley, Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre give Winnie lessons on the proper way to act around royalty.
5Truth or DareTruth or Dare (1997)
Winnie is down because her boyfriend Giuseppe will not be in Paris for her birthday, so the gang tries to cheer her up by playing a favorite game of hers, "Truth or Dare." Lazz is the only one who choose "truth"--he reveals he uses "ladies' deodorant!" The others all take Winnie up on her dares: Christian must hang the school banner from the Eiffel Tower, Ashley must anger her father Mr. Elliot, and Jackson and Lauren must kiss. Meanwhile, Mr. Elliot is thrilled at the prospect of a romantic dinner date with Ms. Dupre, but he has difficulty getting a reservation at ...
6Double Your PleasureDouble Your Pleasure (11 Aug. 1997)
The school's Carnival Costume Ball is coming up and Jackson's dad has set him up with a blind date. Surprisingly, though, Jackson actually wants to go out with this girl. But Lauren has already decided on costumes that she and Jackson will wear when they go together. Jackson attempts to juggle both girls and costumes at the dance, with predictable results. Meanwhile, Christian's affection for Winnie is growing, as he asks her to go to the Ball with him in Princess Diana's wedding dress. Also, Bobby Lazzarini gets a last-minute date, Ashley has no such luck, and Mr. ...
7The Headmaster's DaughterThe Headmaster's Daughter (12 Aug. 1997)
Mr. Elliot is making Ashley's love life difficult by scaring off all potential dates, until Chad comes along and she finally gets to go out. But then she finds out her father the headmaster paid Chad (or Bernie, his real name) to take her out. To get back at him, Ashley pretends to be going out with Lazzarini, which drives Mr. Elliot crazy. Also, Christian blew $400 that was supposed to go toward a ski trip on ski clothes for himself. To replace the funds, he and Jackson enter a contest sponsored by Ms. Dupre in which the winner will cater a faculty dinner. Their ...
8For Whom the Bell TollsFor Whom the Bell Tolls (13 Aug. 1997)
The guys can't get any phone time with the girls always on the suite's one line. Rather than pay for another phone, the boys try to wire up their own line. It turns out that they rig up a duplicate line so they can eavesdrop on the girls' private conversations. Jackson uses this inside knowledge to his advantage with Lauren. Also, Winnie and Ashley try to relocate the "hunky" pizza delivery guy they saw before and Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre work together on a fundraiser.
9Internet Love StoryInternet Love Story (1997)
Lazz is chatting in an online romance with a girl named Melanie. She sends her picture and Lazz is shocked to see that she's gorgeous. Nervous about her beauty, he sends her a picture of Jackson. When Melanie makes a surprise visit, it sparks confusion so the gang helps Lazz impress her. Melanie falls in love with Lazz who is still pretending to be Jackson. Lazz tells Melanie the truth. She is furious with him for lying and storms off. Lazz writes her an apology but is too nervous to send it, so Jackson sends it for him. Melanie reads it and is so touched that she ...
10Making the GradeMaking the Grade (5 Aug. 1997)
Christian is in danger of failing Ms. Dupre's history class. He must get at least a "B" on the next test or he will kicked off the basketball team. The guys convince Winnie to tutor Christian and to her great surprise, she finds that she's attracted to him. Also, Lazz does such a good job of cutting Ashley's hair that he and Jackson start their own hair-styling business. But business starts to go sour after they accidentally turn Lauren's hair green.
11The ModelThe Model (18 Aug. 1997)
Through Jackson, Lauren gets a modeling job with renowned fashion photographer Derek Donovan. But Jackson may have cause to regret it when Lauren appears to be on the verge of a career as a model which will take her away from the Academy. Meanwhile, Winnie and Ashley try selling "Broadway Girl" cosmetics. At first they can't sell a thing, then they recruit Christian as a salesman. Suddenly, women can't get enough of their product.
12Jackson's DadJackson's Dad (1997)
Jackson's father, a successful businessman, comes to visit at the school and he's not happy when his son tells him he plans to pursue a musical career. Dad threatens to pull Jackson out of the Academy if he doesn't give up the idea. The other roommates hold a yard sale. They sell an old painting to the school librarian Mr. Macafee and then find out it might be a valuable family heirloom of Mr. Elliot's.
13The Most Valuable WaiterThe Most Valuable Waiter (20 Aug. 1997)
Lauren's work schedule at the USA Cafe, where she works part-time as a waitress, is cutting into Jackson's time with her, so he gets a job there himself as a waiter. Mr. Elliot also looks to spend more time with Ms. Dupre after joining her book club, but he's taking shortcuts by watching movie versions of the books he's supposed to read. The other suitemates are all nervous wrecks after viewing a horror film.
14The RecitalThe Recital (25 Aug. 1997)
Lauren has an important piano recital coming up, one that could possibly get her into a prestigious music conservatory. Jackson, once again scheming to get close to Lauren, arranges a date between Ashley and Lauren's page turner, hoping to snare the job himself. Meanwhile, Mr. Elliot's deluxe model vibrating chair is mistakenly delivered to the students' flat. They love its effect so much that they hide it from Elliot.
15Giuseppe's Coming to DinnerGiuseppe's Coming to Dinner (1997)
Winnie's long-absent boyfriend Giuseppe has come back to town. Trouble is, Winnie has neglected to tell him about her new boyfriend Christian. She tries to keep the ex- and current boyfriends in the dark about each other, a plan that is doomed to failure. Also, Lazz and Jackson set up a satellite dish which Mr. Elliot is adamant about having removed--that is, until Ms. Dupre expresses interest in seeing a particular program.
16Radio Free AdviceRadio Free Advice (27 Aug. 1997)
Lazz discovers the school's old abandoned radio station and soon he and Jackson have it in operation again. Their most popular effort is an advice show, "Doctor Romance," whose unwitting listeners include Mr. Elliot. Also, Winnie makes an effort to rein in something that comes natural to her--insults directed at Christian.
17All That LazzAll That Lazz (1997)
Lazzarini is not happy when his career aptitude test shows him to be cut out for an elevator operator's job. But he perks up when an agent thinks he has comedic talent and books him into a comedy club on amateur night. The rest of the gang is not so sure about Lazz's act, though, and he doesn't take kindly to their constructive criticisms. Meanwhile, Ashley kidnaps the chimpanzee from the school's lab with an eye toward liberating him.
18West PointWest Point (1997)
Jackson has a date with Lauren. Unfortunately, it's for the opera. Lauren has an old friend, Wallace "the Whale" who is in Paris now, so Jackson thinks that by letting Wallace takes Lauren to the opera, he can watch the football game that he wants to. But Wallace turns out to be a handsome West Point graduate who has lost all the weight that gave him his nickname. Lauren finds herself attracted to him like never before. Also, Christian is going home to Germany for Oktoberfest, but he doesn't have the funds to take Winnie with him. Lazz offers to double his money in an...
19The German GirlThe German Girl (29 Aug. 1997)
Ursula, a new female student from Germany, arrives at the Academy and asks Christian to show her around. This arouses Winnie's jealousy, and for good reason: Ursula has designs on Christian. Also, a thief has broken into the dorm and Lazzarini has devised a security system to catch him.
20The Odd CoupleThe Odd Couple (8 Sep. 1997)
In Ms. Dupre's drama class, Jackson and Ashley have to kiss for a scene. While practicing the exercise, they find they really enjoy it. But the two soon realize that even though they have a great physical attraction for each other, they may not be right for a more serious relationship. Meanwhile, Christian doesn't want to go to the dentist for his painful toothache, and after he's sent to "Dr. Giggles," it looks like his apprehension may have been justified.
21The Duelling ElliotsThe Duelling Elliots (9 Sep. 1997)
Headmaster Patrick Elliot's brother Nigel arrives upon the scene, prompting a renewal of their sibling rivalry. Mr. Elliot promised the gang to get them "Lollapalooza" tickets, and when he doesn't deliver, Nigel claims he can obtain them. Also, Lauren joins the fencing team and wounds Jackson's ego by defeating him. He quickly demands a rematch.
22Love Is BlindLove Is Blind (27 Aug. 1997)
Jackson meets Katherine Hanley, a pretty girl who he doesn't realize at first is blind. They hit it off and start to date. But Jackson gets scared when his feelings for Katherine grow very strong, and he backs away from her, leaving Katherine to wonder if it's her blindness that is driving him away. Also, the "Girl's Choice" dance is at hand, causing all sorts of commotion. Winnie thinks Christian is taking her for granted, so she fails to ask him to the dance like he expects. Mr. Elliot is pursued by a secret admirer who he believes (or hopes!) is Ms. Dupre. Lauren ...
23A Date with DupreA Date with Dupre (1997)
Bobby Lazzarini has been dumped by yet another girlfriend, and his teacher Ms. Dupre offers him her sympathies. However, Lazz misinterprets the actions of Ms. Dupre, who is his real heartthrob, and concludes that she's in love with him. Also, Jackson has an important audition before an agent, and he recruits Ashley and Winnie as back-up singers. Unfortunately, Lauren wants to make it a trio. Her terrible singing threatens Jackson's chances for success, but no one knows how to tell her the awful truth without seriously hurting her feelings.
24Beauty and the BikerBeauty and the Biker (12 Sep. 1997)
Ashley, who always seems unlucky in love, concocts a fictional boyfriend when she talks to Lauren and Winnie, but she soon finds a real one: a free-spirited biker and artist named Steel. The girls and Mr. Elliot don't approve, but that just drives Ashley closer to him. Meanwhile, the boys suspect that the "Shapely Shoplifter" who has been victimizing Paris jewelry stores is in fact Ms. Dupre.
25Au Revoir KatherineAu Revoir Katherine (15 Sep. 1997)
Jackson gets up the courage to tell Katherine that he loves her, but it looks like he may be too late--she's leaving the Academy and going to Chicago to enter a renowned school there for the blind. Meanwhile, Winnie and Lauren come up with a moneymaking scheme, a calendar featuring the school's hunks. They recruit Christian and Lazz as models, but when the calendar comes out and Christian's on-campus popularity skyrockets, Winnie has a hard time with her jealously and so does Christian.
26Lazzarini's SisterLazzarini's Sister (16 Sep. 1997)
Lazzarini's younger sister Niki arrives in Paris from New York and brother Bobby is happy to see her. The girls try to be friendly by taking her shopping and giving her a makeover which turns the tomboyish girl in to quite an attractive young woman. But Bobby can't handle the fact that his sister is not the same little girl he knew before, and when she starts showing a romantic interest in Jackson, Lazz goes ballistic. Meanwhile, Ms. Dupre admires the hunky P.E. teacher Mr. Jergens for running in a charity race, so the decidedly less athletic Mr. Elliot enlists the ...
27Nurse LaurenNurse Lauren (17 Sep. 1997)
Lauren is to go on a ski trip with Wallace, but before she can leave, Jackson throws his back out trying to lift one of her suitcases. Feeling responsible for his injury, Lauren cancels the trip and stays home to minister to Jackson, who takes full advantage of the situation. Also, Christian comes up with an exercise device which the gang hopes to turn into big bucks. To that end, they begin producing their own infomercial.
28The French TutorThe French Tutor (18 Sep. 1997)
Jackson's newest girlfriend is Simone, a French girl who offers to tutor the struggling Lazzarini in her native language. While working together, the two click and they start going out, causing serious problems for the friendship of Jackson and Lazz. Meanwhile, Christian is mired in a horrible slump on the basketball court. Ashley believes that Christian's problems all stem from his dating Winnie, so his girlfriend gives up dating him to try and restore his game.
29Mr. TiffaniMr. Tiffani (19 Sep. 1997)
Jackson is reacquainted with his childhood friend Tiffani Gleason, who is now a famous TV star. The two of them begin going out, but Jackson finds it difficult to deal with the world of celebrity Tiffani now inhabits. Starstruck Lazzarini, for his part, finds it difficult to even speak a coherent sentence when Tiffani is around. The three girls, meanwhile, battle each other for the title of Fall Ball Queen, and the results aren't pretty.
30Bed & BreakfastBed & Breakfast (21 Sep. 1997)
With Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre out of town, the gang comes up with a moneymaking scheme: turning the dorm into a bed and breakfast inn. Their first guests are a load of tourists from Texas. Also, Lauren looks for a way to break off her relationship with Wallace.
31Baby BoomBaby Boom (22 Sep. 1997)
Jackson almost has a date lined up with Lauren for a music awards show, but she has a conflicting baby-sitting job for one of the teachers. Jackson then volunteers to help Lauren, thinking it will improve his image with her. Meanwhile, Winnie, Ashley, Christian and director Lazz make a promotional video for themselves. However, in their zeal to win a $5000 grant, they exaggerate their accomplishments and abilities.
32Camping with Mr. ElliotCamping with Mr. Elliot (23 Sep. 1997)
Mr. Elliot once again wants to take his daughter Ashley camping, an activity she hates. The girls see this as an opportunity to get a much-needed break from the boys, so they maneuver them into going camping with the headmaster instead. The trip is a disaster for the men, topped off by a visit from a bear. Back at the dorm, the girls' night together doesn't go so well either, as the talk about boys leads to some uncomfortable revelations.
33Once Upon an ElevatorOnce Upon an Elevator (24 Sep. 1997)
Jackson, on his way to an audition, and Lauren get stuck in a broken elevator. They spend their time talking about this and that and surprise themselves by sharing a kiss. Later, Lauren wants to write off the romantic interlude as a mistake, but then she regrets rejecting Jackson once again. Meanwhile, Winnie and Christian along with Ashley and Lazz pose as newlywed couples to get on the popular game show "Just Married." Also, Mr. Elliot's addiction to a soap opera is getting the better of him.
34Headmaster WinnieHeadmaster Winnie (25 Sep. 1997)
Mr. Elliot decides to teach his headstrong student Winnie a lesson in his ethics class by making her school's headmaster for a week. At first, she treats the job like a lark, but then she begins to take the situation more seriously and soon she has conflicts between her duties and her friendship with her roommates. After Mr. Elliot cancels a ski trip, the rest of the gang wants to hold a "Vegas Night" in their suite, something headmaster Winnie must approve. Meanwhile, Mr. Elliot uses his free time to try to make time with Ms. Dupre.
35Gotta DanceGotta Dance (28 Sep. 1997)
Jealous of Winnie's dance partner, Christian joins the modern dance class she and Ashley attend with the intention of becoming Winnie's partner in the recital that Ashley is choreographing. The problem is that Christian has two left feet. Lauren, Jackson and Lazz are put to work in Mr. Elliot's office, where they access their records and soon start a lucrative business changing other students' grades.
36The CompetitionThe Competition (29 Sep. 1997)
Jackson competes against a pretty singer named Alyssa on Amateur Night at the USA Cafe. She wins the competition, but she likes Jackson's style enough that she suggests he play the winner's gig with her. All the long hours that Alyssa and Jackson spend rehearsing makes Lauren jealous, however. Elsewhere, Bobby's culinary talents lead him to open up "Lazzarini's Pizza House," but Christian finds that as an employer, Lazz leaves a lot to be desired.
37King MuellerKing Mueller (30 Sep. 1997)
Christian finds out he has some royal blood in his background: in fact, he's the heir to the throne of the tiny nation of Himmelberg. At first he takes to his new regal status well, but then his manservant Fritz informs him that by law he cannot date a "commoner" like Winnie. Also, Lauren and Jackson struggle to find some time alone while Lazz protests Mr Elliot's plan to sell an historic park bench at the school.
38The Winnie ShowThe Winnie Show (1 Oct. 1997)
Winnie hosts her own TV show on a public access channel, and to ensure lots of viewers, she turns to a "tabloid" format of gossip and scandal-mongering. When she shines the spotlight on her roommates' private lives, though, the heat she gets from them proves to be more than she can handle. Also, Lazz and Christian try to hypnotize Mr. Elliot. Their efforts don't work on him, but what no one realizes at first is that the boys accidentally succeeded in hypnotizing Ms. Dupre.
39Goodbye, Mr. PhippsGoodbye, Mr. Phipps (2 Oct. 1997)
Everyone is shocked by the sudden death of beloved teacher Mr. Phipps right in the middle of his 70th birthday party. His death affects the gang in different ways. Jackson and Lauren decide that they are too young to be tied to each other and agree to start dating other people. Christian and Winnie, on the other hand, get more serious about their relationship. The carnivorous Lazzarini vows to give up meat, while Ashley develops an extreme phobia about germs.
40Giuseppe ReturnsGiuseppe Returns (30 Oct. 1997)
Winnie's former boyfriend Giuseppe is back in Paris again, and she's convinced he's come to try to win her back. However, Giuseppe has had a secret relationship with Ashley that's now out in the open. Winnie can't believe it at first, but those feelings soon turn to jealousy and threaten her friendship with Ashley. Lazz and Jackson compete with Lauren on projects for a science fair.
41Happy New YearHappy New Year (31 Dec. 1997)
New Year's Eve approaches and nobody's plans are working out smoothly, including those of party planners Ms. Dupre and Mr. Elliot. Christian is returning to Germany for the holiday, to Winnie's distress, but he tries to arrange an escort for her to the party. Jackson cancels his plans to go with Lauren after failing a midterm exam. Meanwhile, after Lazz's actions have possibly saved Ashley's life, she tries to repay him with slave-like devotion, but he pushes his good fortune too far.
42BuddiesBuddies (2 Jan. 1998)
Lazz and Christian get jobs in a record store, where the attractive manager Tina starts making moves on Lazz. Christian soon finds out, though, that Tina's intended target is really himself. When he tries to tell his friend this, Lazz thinks Christian is just jealous of his good fortune and the boys' friendship is on the rocks. Meanwhile, an overheard conversation and other mounting evidence lead the other four roommates to conclude that teacher Mr. Nash is planning to murder his wife.
43Lottery FeverLottery Fever (5 Jan. 1998)
The girls and Jackson combine their birth dates to come up with numbers for a lottery ticket. When those numbers turn out to be the winners, they immediately start spending the money they don't yet have. But then Ashley, not surprisingly, loses the ticket, prompting a frenzy. At the record store Stan informs Christian and Lazz that he can only keep one of them on, and that he will make that decision based on their performance during the next week. This results in a cutthroat competition between the friends.
44Date AuctionDate Auction (6 Jan. 1998)
Winnie convinces the boys to make themselves available for the Academy's date auction she's helping to organize. Lazz is none too thrilled when he is bid on and won by an overweight girl named Natalie. But after going out with her, he's surprised to find that he really enjoys her company. But to Lazz's dismay, Natalie puts an end to the relationship. Winnie doesn't like it when her rival Denise outbids her for a date with Christian. Jackson expects the best when Lauren picks him, and so does Ashley when she wins a date with hunky Tom, but the dates don't turn out as ...
45Lazz's High NoonLazz's High Noon (7 Jan. 1998)
Lazz is on Cloud 9 when pretty fellow student Christine asks him out, but the others believe she is just using Lazz to make her hulking boyfriend Chuck jealous. It turns out they are right, and Chuck publicly challenges Lazz to meet him and fight. Terrified, Lazz tries to work up the courage to face his larger opponent. Also, Lauren makes Jackson attend Ms. Dupre's "emotional awareness" seminar, hoping to change what she sees as his insensitive ways. Mr. Elliot participates too.
46Daddy's Little GirlDaddy's Little Girl (8 Jan. 1998)
Winnie's father comes to Paris for a visit. Winnie is concerned since her dad never approves of her boyfriends, and the story is no different with Christian. As soon as her father gets a moment alone with Christian, he tells him he's not good enough for his daughter and demands that he break up with her. Elsewhere, Lazz and Jackson think they've found some easy marks when they makes some bets on basketball with Ashley and Lauren. Mr. Elliot, ignoring Shakespeare's advice, loans Ms. Dupre $3000.
47Breaking Up Is Hard to DoBreaking Up Is Hard to Do (9 Jan. 1998)
Lauren is going out of town, but she encourages Jackson to go to an upcoming dance without her. While there, he meets Megan, with whom he has a great time, good enough to make him consider breaking off his steady relationship with Lauren. As a project for ethics class, Ashley sponsors an ex-con, Mack. Mr. Elliot, Christian, Lazz and Winnie all compete to sell the most chocolate bars for charity. The winner will receive a new car as a prize.
48Culture ShockCulture Shock (12 Jan. 1998)
Lazz meets a cultured girl named Lydia who frequents the Louvre and he falls for her. Jackson and Christian try to help Lazz appear as cultured as Lydia as he takes her to the opera. Meanwhile Lauren, who can't paint, submits a painting of Ashley's as her own in art class. Mr. Eliot is trying his hand at painting, too. However, he only seems to be able to paint one subject: Ms. Dupre.
49The HospitalThe Hospital (13 Jan. 1998)
Ashley can't find her beloved antique ring and she thinks that Lazzarini has wolfed it down with the sandwich he was eating. Lazz is taken to the hospital to be examined, and while there Jackson becomes enchanted with a beautiful young nurse, Babette. Lazz becomes convinced he is dying. Ashley volunteers to work at the hospital as a candy striper, but her brand of charity causes some patients more pain than relief. In the mean time, as part of a project for an interior decorating class, Winnie and Lauren submit brash new designs for Mr. Elliot's staid old office.
50Jackson Moves OutJackson Moves Out (14 Jan. 1998)
The other roommates are perturbed with Jackson for monopolizing the common room with his dates. When heated words are exchanged on the subject, Jackson abruptly decides to move out. However, he soon finds that his old flatmates are much more preferable to his new one. Also, the gang persuade Ms. Dupre and Mr. Elliot to put a personal ad in the paper. They both get dated and a surprise.
51The U.F.O.The U.F.O. (15 Jan. 1998)
All of a sudden Lazz seems to have psychic powers, as his dreams keep coming true. Winnie is skeptical, however, and plans to disprove his latest dream: that she will be abducted by a UFO while she's atop the Eiffel Tower. Lauren is dating British student Stuart, who gets dropped from the school soccer team after doing badly on Ms. Dupre's chemistry test. Soon Stuart has thrown over Lauren and has started dating Ashley, causing friction between the two girls. But then Lauren figures out Stuart's motives.
52Jackson's New ManagerJackson's New Manager (16 Jan. 1998)
Lazz convinces Jackson, who is looking for a manager, to let him have a crack at the job. Surprisingly, Lazz actually gets his client some work, but Jackson is dubious about the direction Lazz is leading him in, especially when he has him recording radio jingles.. Christian plans to throw a surprise anniversary party for Winnie, but his furtive behavior causes Winnie to assume the worst. Mr. Elliot buys a rare music box as a gift for his mother, but when Ms. Dupre sees it, she assumes that it is a gift for herself.
53She's the BossShe's the Boss (6 Apr. 1998)
At the record store, Stan is looking for a new manager, a job that both Lazz and Christian are eager to have. But when Winnie drops by one day and runs a few ideas for the business past Stan, he offers her the job on the spot. Not surprisingly, Winnie turns out to be a mighty tough boss for the guys to work for. Meanwhile, Ashley, Lauren and Jackson find an expensive diamond necklace at the USA Cafe. Rather than report their finding and look for the owner, they decide to keep the necklace themselves.
54Lazz Versus USA HighLazz Versus USA High (7 Apr. 1998)
Lazz and the other guys break into Mr. Elliot's office to have a better vantage point from which to play Peeping Tom on Ms. Dupre. While observing her, Lazz falls out the office window and hurts himself. What else can Lazz do but sue the school. Meanwhile, Winnie gets a job in a chic clothing store. Against her better judgment, Lauren prevails upon her to let her borrow a dress for a big evening out.
55Jackson's Best BudJackson's Best Bud (8 Apr. 1998)
Cliff, Jackson's best friend from California, comes for a visit. He is immediately attracted to Lauren. At this point, Jackson is fine with his friend's interest in her, but he changes his mind quickly when it appears that Cliff will be going to the Rolling Stones concert in his place. In the meantime, Lazz mistakenly makes a deal with a suspicious character named Guido for a large quantity of merchandise which he and the rest of the gang must sell or face the consequences, even though Mr. Elliot has declared that he will tolerate no more money-making schemes from the...
56Ashley's American CousinAshley's American Cousin (13 Apr. 1998)
Ashley's cousin Alexis arrives from America for a visit. Lauren and Winnie have a great time taking Alexis out shopping and showing her the city. Soon Ashley's somewhat shy cousin seems like a new girl as she bonds with Lauren and Winnie, leaving Ashley feeling left out. Meanwhile, the boys try to find a world record they can break in order to win a cash prize.
57Jackson's DilemmaJackson's Dilemma (14 Apr. 1998)
A nervous Lazz asks Jackson to ask out his latest heartthrob, Kirstie, for him. But when Jackson tries, Kirstie thinks he is asking for himself, a prospect more to her liking. Jackson can't get Lazz to believe he didn't betray him. Meanwhile, Ashley is beside herself with excitement and anticipation:Queen Elizabeth II is coming to Paris. However, Winnie and Lauren inadvertently cause Ashley to miss the royal appearance. But then the news comes that the Queen will visit the dress shop where Winnie works. Lauren and Winnie arrange to surprise Ashley with a meeting with the Queen. But ...
58Winnie's BrotherWinnie's Brother (15 Apr. 1998)
Winnie's brother Anthony pays an unexpected visit, and he has unexpected news: he's dropped out of school to pursue a career in acting. He's yet to tell his parents about this and he refuses to listen to Winnie's advice. Meanwhile, Mr. Elliot has gotten his pilot's license and he takes a group up to fly, including Lazzarini, who has a fear of flying. While in the air, Mr. Elliot gets knocked unconscious.
59My HeroMy Hero (17 Apr. 1998)
When a mugger attempts to rob Winnie and Christian, he is fought off - by Winnie. When the story gets around school, the assumption is that Christian drove the mugger off and rescued Winnie. Christian is afraid to let the truth be known lest his reputation be ruined. But that is exactly what happens. Meanwhile, the other roommates find two parts of a treasure map in their rooms, setting off a wild search for the $5000 booty.
60Everybody Loves RaphaelEverybody Loves Raphael (21 Apr. 1998)
The Academy gains a celebrity when famous Brazilian soccer star Raphael Banderas, now retired, is hired as a coach. The girls all go gaga for him, and Ms. Dupre is not immune to his charms, either. The boys, meanwhile, hope to steal some of Raphael's personal property to sell to his fans.
61Raphael's ProposalRaphael's Proposal (22 Apr. 1998)
Ms. Dupre has been dating new soccer coach Raphael for some time, a situation much to Mr. Elliot's disliking. Raphael tells Ms. Dupre that he needs to talk to her about a serious matter. The girls overhear enough of the conversation to convince them that Raphael intends to propose to Ms. Dupre. Their attempts to interfere are not appreciated by Ms. Dupre. Also, the boys are all trying out for one open spot on the soccer team, including Lazz, whose chances aren't taken very seriously by Jackson and Christian.
62Big Lazz on CampusBig Lazz on Campus (8 Jun. 1998)
Lazzarini's mother Lucy is arriving to visit her son at the school, and in order to impress her, he enlists everyone's help to make him appear to be the most popular man on campus. This includes having Winnie pose as his girlfriend Chiquita. Also, Lauren and Jackson make a bet over who can get Ashley the best date for the spring dance. As usual, things don't go as planned.
63Lauren's SisterLauren's Sister (9 Jun. 1998)
Lauren's sister Amy is in Paris and immediately an intense sibling rivalry is renewed with Jackson caught in the middle. After Lauren finds Maggie kissing Jackson, she decides that she wants him back again for herself. But is she doing it just to beat out her sister for a prize? Also, Christian and Lazz are none too happy when Mr. Elliot takes over their favorite wood shop class.
64Mother's DayMother's Day (10 Jun. 1998)
Jackson's mother, whom he hasn't seen in thirteen years, arrives in Paris hoping to renew her relationship with her son. But Jackson is not so enthusiastic; he feels like he always came second to her international charity work. Also, Lazz gets ahold of some dubious exercise equipment and he and the rest of the gang break all the rules by turning the common room into a health spa.
65Goodbye ChristianGoodbye Christian (3 Aug. 1998)
Christian gets the news that his parents won't be able to afford his tuition anymore. He tries working at several jobs to raise the money himself, but he gets fired from all of them. Lazz's moneymaking idea is to put on a male dance revue, but the boys are in for a surprise when they hit the stage. Meanwhile, Ms. Dupre puts the girls to work on the school's Crisis Hotline. Winnie and Lauren do a fine job, but Ashley makes a mess out of things. In the end, however, Ashley gets a chance to redeem herself.
66Jackson's IdolJackson's Idol (4 Aug. 1998)
Jackson's musical idol "Bird Dog" Hamilton is in town, and even though his career is at a low point, Jackson is thrilled. He's even more excited when Bird Dog reacts positively to to some songs he plays for him. But soon Bird Dog is passing off Jackson's material as his own. Christian and Lazz compete against the girls for a $500 prize for best futuristic invention in a science fair.
67A Star Is BornA Star Is Born (5 Aug. 1998)
Jackson is flabbergasted when a producer offers a recording contract to--Ashley? It soon becomes apparent that Ashley's voice is not what interests the producer in her. Also, the guys and the gals square off for a karate challenge match.
68Christian's Big LieChristian's Big Lie (6 Aug. 1998)
Christian and Winnie are supposed to go to a jazz festival in Paris, but when Jackson and Lazz get tickets to a championship soccer game in Brussels, Christian tells Winnie he needs to go back to Germany for a family emergency. But he finds it hard to live with the lie he told Winnie. Meanwhile, Ashley's recipe for fat-free cheesecake tastes so good Lauren decides to go into business with her marketing them.
69The Breakfast ClubThe Breakfast Club (7 Aug. 1998)
The gang is called onto the carpet by Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre for their latest misadventure and are put on restriction for a day. While stuck together in one room, they reminisce about some of the crazy goings-on they've been involved in over the past year.
70From Russia with LoveFrom Russia with Love (10 Aug. 1998)
Lazz is expecting an order of brisket to arrive at the dorm, but shipments get mixed up and he is presented with Nadia, a Russian mail-order bride. Lazz is enchanted with Nadia and she asks if he will marry her. He says yes despite the gang's misgivings about his readiness and Nadia's true motives.
71Fraulein WinnieFraulein Winnie (11 Aug. 1998)
Winnie is afraid Christian's visiting parents won't approve of her, so Ashley and Lauren try to help her out. Lazz and Jackson try to win a free trip to Hawaii from a charity by dubious means.
72Kisses, Lies & VideotapeKisses, Lies & Videotape (1998)
Final projects are coming due in Miss Dupre's film class. Ashley chooses her father the headmaster as her subject, while Jackson and Lazz seek out the elusive "Paris cave couple." Winnie wants to do a "reality" style video of people confessing deep secrets. Lauren and Christian collaborate on an exercise video, and during the making of it, they kiss.
73Jackson's ChoiceJackson's Choice (13 Aug. 1998)
Jackson's career in music finally seems set to take off; he has a new CD release and the gang are all enthusiastic about doing publicity for him. But Lauren's sister Maggie, with whom he's developed a relationship, is going back to her ship (that's right) to continue her "study at sea" program, and Jackson is seriously considering going with her.
74The ReunionThe Reunion (1998)
Twenty-five years after their graduation, the gang are reunited for a reunion at the Academy, along with the now long-married couple Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre. Everyone has had successful careers: Jackson is a rock star, Lauren owns the USA Cafe, Christian and Winnie are married and work as therapists and self-help authors, the always carnivorous Lazzarini is a meat marketing mogul and Ashley is a television executive, of all things. However, some things never change, like Bobby Lazzarini's crush on Ms. Dupre. The gang, gathered in the common room of their old dorm, ...
75Goodbye LazzGoodbye Lazz (13 Nov. 1998)
Lazz finally gets up the nerve to tell Ashley something he's kept hidden from her: he's had feelings for her for a long time and thinks he might be in love. Ashley answers that she's had the same feelings for him, also. But the new couple don't have long to enjoy their new relationship. Lazzarini's mother unexpectedly shows up at the school and tells her son that she and his father are leaving the Ice Show they work for and are returning to Brooklyn to manage an ice rink there. Mrs. Lazzarini says the family will need his help. Lazz is faced with a tough choice ...