Ally McBeal (TV Series 1997–2002)

Season 4

1Sex, Lies and Second ThoughtsSex, Lies and Second Thoughts (23 Oct. 2000)
Ally develops cold feet when Brian Selig asks her to move in with him, then seeks advice from cute therapist Larry Paul; a client seeks an annulment instead of a divorce after she discovers that her husband has been cheating on her.
2Girls' Night OutGirls' Night Out (30 Oct. 2000)
Ally cleverly stages a way for her and her friends to meet desirable men at the bar.
3Two's a CrowdTwo's a Crowd (6 Nov. 2000)
Richard is morally conflicted over knowing the secret of Mark's girlfriend Cindy and goes to Ally for advice, but Ally is currently dating, not only Jonathan (who is her age), but also Michael, who is old enough to be her father. Nelle enlists the help of Elaine to attend a seminar by a relationship "doctor" who they are suing, and after hearing some of her advice, they are more than happy to continue the lawsuit against her.
4Without a NetWithout a Net (13 Nov. 2000)
A woman sues for defamation after Ally makes embarrassing remarks in front of her conservative friends; Ally hires Larry to defend her in court; Mark makes a final decision regarding his relationship to Cindy.
5The Last VirginThe Last Virgin (20 Nov. 2000)
Ally, who fears she may have forgotten how to kiss, battles Larry Paul in court when Kimmy sues her former law firm.
6Tis the SeasonTis the Season (27 Nov. 2000)
The firm represents a newscaster who exposed the truth about Santa during a broadcast; Ally learns why Larry hates Christmas; Cage attempts to impress Kimmy by assuming the role of a rock singer.
7Love on HolidayLove on Holiday (4 Dec. 2000)
A former employee sues Elaine for sexual harassment; a gay man wins a date with Fish during a charity auction; Nelle dates a man with a secret.
8The Man with the BagThe Man with the Bag (11 Dec. 2000)
As Christmas approaches, Larry receives a surprise visit from his ex-girlfriend; Nelle's father, who believes he is Santa Claus, sues his former employer for wrongful termination.
9Reasons to BelieveReasons to Believe (8 Jan. 2001)
Cage defends a Tourette's syndrome sufferer accused of running over her lover; an elderly woman fears her attorney-husband will never retire and sues for divorce.
10The Ex-FilesThe Ex-Files (15 Jan. 2001)
Larry's girlfriend announces her intention to move to Canada; Melanie is fired from her job; a bride-to-be asks Ling to make advances on her fiancé to test his faithfulness.
11Mr. BoMr. Bo (22 Jan. 2001)
Ally reluctantly represents a woman who fired an employee for being overweight; Cage fears he's being stalked by a transient; Elaine hopes to win a dance contest.
12Hats Off to LarryHats Off to Larry (5 Feb. 2001)
A dance instructor claims his former partner stole his dance moves; Larry's son attempts to sue his estranged parents for emotional distress; Cindy McAuliff attempts to wed a man.
13Reach Out and TouchReach Out and Touch (12 Feb. 2001)
As Valentine's Day approaches: a man wed to a nymphomaniac seeks to annul the marriage; Ally has visions of singer Barry Manilow; Cage proposes to Melanie; handsome attorney Jackson Duper joins the firm.
14Boy's TownBoy's Town (19 Feb. 2001)
The firm defends a female attorney who fired all her male workers; Fish and Cage attend couples therapy after a dispute erupts over a baseball glove.
15Falling UpFalling Up (26 Feb. 2001)
A man seeks an annulment after his wife changes her mind about having children; Ally seeks therapy when she experiences fantasies about falling -- and Larry.
16The GetawayThe Getaway (19 Mar. 2001)
Fish and Cage travel to Los Angeles for a much-needed getaway, where they become involved in the lives of two women.
17The Pursuit of UnhappinessThe Pursuit of Unhappiness (26 Mar. 2001)
A couple about to marry find their relationship thrown into turmoil when their attorneys -- Jackson and Larry -- bicker over a prenuptial agreement; a man attempts to have his father declared incompetent on the grounds that he's too happy.
18The Obstacle CourseThe Obstacle Course (16 Apr. 2001)
A woman sues for fraud after she falls in love with a man online only to discover he is a little person; a man is sued for ruining a wedding.
19In Search of Barry WhiteIn Search of Barry White (23 Apr. 2001)
Cage faces off against Larry when he represents a man seeking to clone his dead wife.
20Cloudy Skies, Chance of ParadeCloudy Skies, Chance of Parade (30 Apr. 2001)
A man sues rock star Sting for ruining his marriage; a Barbra Streisand impersonator sues a plastic surgeon for making his nose too big.
21Queen BeeQueen Bee (7 May 2001)
An attractive woman has come to the office to hire Richard and John, but she's the queen bee, and all Richard wants to do is suck on her toe and John has to try and win the case while fighting the urge to lust after her. Meanwhile, the Reverend and Lisa Knowles are fighting again, this time because he's dating a new woman in the church choir and Lisa keeps singing at her. Jackson and Nelle are supposed to mediate, but they seem to be making things worse by accidentally making fat, dumb and ugly jokes about Lisa's lawyer.
22Home AgainHome Again (14 May 2001)
Ally and Larry have a misunderstanding, which leads to their breaking up. In L.A., Fish handles a contract case involving the publishing of nude photos, and gets some unusual help from Cage in Boston.
23The WeddingThe Wedding (21 May 2001)
As Ally struggles to move forward after her break-up with Larry, she represents a shy boy devastated by the rejection of his would-be prom date. Fish develops concerns over the firm's apparent lack of compassion.