Ally McBeal (TV Series 1997–2002)

Season 3

1Car WashCar Wash (25 Oct. 1999)
It's the season of over-sexed women at Cage & Fish. Ally has just had a spontaneous sexual fling in a car wash, her client's minister won't perform her wedding because of a last-minute affair, Nelle has sexual fantasies, and Renee and Whipper are using their womanly ways in hiring for their new firm. Ally can help her client get her wedding back on, but she may be more helpful in calling it off, and off again. Elaine (and Barry White) help John find his innate sexiness within.
2Buried PleasuresBuried Pleasures (1 Nov. 1999)
Ling has a dream about kissing Ally; Billy and Renee defend a woman being sued by female co-workers for being too sexy; Cage believes that Nelle enjoys being spanked.
3Seeing GreenSeeing Green (8 Nov. 1999)
A psychiatrist prescribes Ally medication in an effort to end her Al Green hallucinations; Cage and Nelle represent a student who was suspended from school after he kissed a co-ed; Billy attends a male sensitivity class.
4Heat WaveHeat Wave (15 Nov. 1999)
Risa Helms sues Ally for inflicting emotion distress; Georgia expresses outrage when Billy hires a sexy twenty-year-old as his new assistant; Ling tells Fish that she has been faking in bed.
5Troubled WaterTroubled Water (22 Nov. 1999)
Ally's Thanksgiving turns into a debacle when she invites her colleagues and her parents to her apartment for dinner.
6ChangesChanges (29 Nov. 1999)
Billy and Cage represent a woman who claims her employees sexually harassed her after she slept with her boss and, despite her lack of experience, became editor-in-chief of a magazine.
7Saving SantaSaving Santa (13 Dec. 1999)
It's the "new" Christmas, where an over-weight Santa is fired and put on trial. But with Renee and Georgia versus John and Ally, the court room becomes a crying and screaming match. Ally keeps seeing a younger version of herself and decides she needs to try and save Billy and Georgia.
8Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas (20 Dec. 1999)
As Christmas approaches, Elaine attempts to gain custody of an infant she found in a nativity scene.
9Out in the ColdOut in the Cold (10 Jan. 2000)
Ally befriends a homeless man who shares many of her idiosyncrasies; Ling is arrested for running an escort service for underage boys.
10Just FriendsJust Friends (17 Jan. 2000)
Ally is convinced that John is her one true love, but John is busy making devices that make Nelle a closer match to him. After a first date who wanted in, Elaine is concerned about the image of herself that she puts out there. Meanwhile, Sandy speaks up to Billy about what she wants.
11Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow (7 Feb. 2000)
Georgia sues the law firm for breaking up her marriage.
12In Search of PygmiesIn Search of Pygmies (14 Feb. 2000)
On Valentine's Day Ally intentionally rear-ends a handsome driver; Ling comes to the aid of an elderly man facing eviction from a nursing home.
13Pursuit of LonelinessPursuit of Loneliness (21 Feb. 2000)
Ally gets hit on by a barista, so she dumps coffee on him. When she then meets him in court, she finds herself in jail, and then surprisingly, on a date with him. Nelle shows her elitism by admitting to John that she would never date "small" people. John is quite upset over her snobbery.
14The Oddball ParadeThe Oddball Parade (28 Feb. 2000)
Ally and Elaine vie for the chance to become Tina Turner's back-up singer; Cage and Fish represent a group of misfits who were fired from their jobs because of their appearance.
15Prime SuspectPrime Suspect (20 Mar. 2000)
Paul Potts the clapping "oddball" is the prime suspect in a murder case and when all evidence points against him, John, Richard and Ally go undercover to investigate alternative suspects. Billy is hallucinating and finally decides it's time to see a doctor. Meanwhile, Nelle is up to something and even Ling doesn't know what.
16Boy Next DoorBoy Next Door (27 Mar. 2000)
Billy's brain tumor triggers a series of hallucinations; a man claims that his wife's extensive cosmetic surgery is grounds for an annulment; Cage becomes stuck in an elevator.
17I Will SurviveI Will Survive (17 Apr. 2000)
Fish hires attorney Mark Albert as Billy's replacement; the lawyers defend a woman accused of beating her husband to death with his prosthetic leg.
18Turning ThirtyTurning Thirty (1 May 2000)
Ally faces turning thirty; the attorneys defend a well-endowed woman accused of smothering her elderly husband with her breasts.
19Do You Wanna Dance?Do You Wanna Dance? (8 May 2000)
After having cybersex with a stranger she met online, Ally arranges to meet her "lover" face-to-face; a man sues his best friend for sleeping with his wife.
20Hope and GloryHope and Glory (15 May 2000)
Fish and Cage take legal action after Nelle tricks Elaine into quitting the firm so she can access important clients' files; Ally and Brian Selig's relationship heats up.
21Ally McBeal: The Musical, AlmostAlly McBeal: The Musical, Almost (22 May 2000)
In this special version of ALLY MCBEAL, which contains a dozen Randy Newman songs, Ally introduces her parents to Brian Selig; Nelle asks Fish and Cage if they will take her back; Cage celebrates a birthday.