Ally McBeal (TV Series 1997–2002)

Season 2

1The Real WorldThe Real World (14 Sep. 1998)
Ally finds herself attracted to an eighteen-year-old; and Cage considers hiring an attorney he finds attractive.
2They Eat Horses, Don't They?They Eat Horses, Don't They? (21 Sep. 1998)
A client sues a radio shock-jock for contributing to sexual harassment at her workplace; and Cage defends a restaurateur who fed a customer horsemeat.
3Fools Night OutFools Night Out (28 Sep. 1998)
Ally plays mediator when a minister breaks up with his church's choir singer; and a client sues a plastic surgeon's nurse for misrepresenting her natural breasts as implants.
4It's My PartyIt's My Party (19 Oct. 1998)
A judge holds Ally in contempt when she disregards his instructions not to wear short skirts in court; and an editor for a feminist magazine is fired for being of the Baptist faith.
5Story of LoveStory of Love (26 Oct. 1998)
Ally defends a woman who threw her best friend into a garbage canister after learning she had stolen away her boyfriend; and an accident befalls Cage's beloved frog.
6Worlds Without LoveWorlds Without Love (2 Nov. 1998)
A nun sues for damages after she is fired for breaking her vow of celibacy; and Cage's once-thought-dead frog reappears.
7Happy TrailsHappy Trails (9 Nov. 1998)
Judge Happy Boyle has died, and the whole firm shares their Happy memories of him. John is fraught over moving his relationship with Nelle forward, and then he eats a meal he will never forget.
8Just LookingJust Looking (16 Nov. 1998)
Cage and Fish go undercover at Ling's mud-wrestling club; Ally gets stuck in the unisex toilet; and Georgia finds herself attracted to a man she once dated.
9You Never Can TellYou Never Can Tell (23 Nov. 1998)
The whole firm is angry at Richard for accepting another ridiculous lawsuit that Ling has come up with, but as usual, Richard has no problem telling it as he sees it. Renee sets Ally up on a blind date from hell, and this time during the date, Ally gets herself stuck in another tight situation. John is continuously fraught over his relationship with Nelle, and things don't go well when he asks for advice or gets advice when he doesn't even ask for it.
10Making Spirits BrightMaking Spirits Bright (14 Dec. 1998)
As Christmas approaches, Fish's biggest client is fired from his job after he sees a unicorn; and Renee and Matt's relationship heats up.
11In DreamsIn Dreams (11 Jan. 1999)
An ailing woman who prefers living in her dreams seeks a court order that would force a hospital to place her in a coma; and Ling informs Fish that Nelle has tired of Cage's lack of sexual aggressiveness.
12Love UnlimitedLove Unlimited (18 Jan. 1999)
Ally represents a woman whose husband wishes to annul their marriage on the grounds that he is a "sexaholic," and was incompetent when he agreed to go through with the wedding.
13Angels and BlimpsAngels and Blimps (8 Feb. 1999)
A young leukemia sufferer wishes to sue God; and Fish and Cage defend a client accused of attempted murder.
14Pyramids on the NilePyramids on the Nile (15 Feb. 1999)
Richard hires Ling, and Billy, Ally and Georgia want to band together so they don't lose the firm to Ling, but Billy and Ally seem to be forming their own coalition as the lines of their friendship blur. John and Nelle make a name for the firm as they take on another big profile sexual harassment case.
15SideshowSideshow (22 Feb. 1999)
Ally frets over her kiss with Billy, and tries to figure out what it says about her and Billy, and also about her and Greg. But in Tracey's office, there's a showdown between Billy and Ally and their true feelings are forced to come out.
16Sex, Lies and PoliticsSex, Lies and Politics (1 Mar. 1999)
Although Ally has finalized things with Billy, now she's trying to patch things up with Greg, but the jealousy gets to both of them. John and Ling are in court together in a case against a Senator, and John trains Ling on his usual tricks.
17Civil WarCivil War (5 Apr. 1999)
In court, John and Ally are arguing against Richard and Georgia. This creates civil unrest in the firm, as well as a girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl cat fight.
18Those Lips, That HandThose Lips, That Hand (19 Apr. 1999)
Ally defends a man accused of murdering his wife by cutting off her hand. Billy and Georgia represent a life insurance salesman who lost his job because of his bad comb-over.
19Let's DanceLet's Dance (26 Apr. 1999)
Cage, Fish, and Nelle defend a law firm that allegedly withheld a female employee's partnership offer after she became pregnant; Ling substitutes for Elaine's partner in a dance contest; Billy and Georgia attend therapy.
20Only the LonelyOnly the Lonely (3 May 1999)
Elaine's face bra invention should make her rich and famous, instead she has to get a lawyer. Ally defends her, but she's the only one who believes her. Billy comes off as a chauvinistic pig as he defends a man in a sexual harassment case. John seeks advice from Richard and Ally to try and get Nelle back, but when she agrees to go out with him, she actually wants to leave the building.
21The Green MonsterThe Green Monster (10 May 1999)
Ally hires a male escort in hopes of making Greg jealous; Fish and Cage represent a woman who destroyed her husband's most cherished possessions after she discovered he was having an affair; Billy objects to Georgia's revealing attire.
22Love's IllusionsLove's Illusions (17 May 1999)
Ally's fantasies interfere with her lawyering, prompting fears that she may be losing her mind; a man who believes his wife never loved him sues for fraud; Fish experiences impotency as he and Ling are about to make love.
23I Know Him by HeartI Know Him by Heart (24 May 1999)
Ally has retreated to her room where she is still seeing Al Green who can sing her life. Her neediness angers Nelle who is upset that John can connect to her inner world. Ally decides she's going to become a dating machine, but it causes a whole lot of awkwardness when Margaret Camaro shows up in the office, especially when Ling as lined up a parade of men for Ally to choose from.