The Incredible Hulk (TV Series 1996–1998)

Season 2

1Hulk of a Different ColorHulk of a Different Color (21 Sep. 1997)
The Nutrient Bath experiment has turned the gamma-irradiated Rick Jones into a teen Hulk and changed Bruce Banner into the Gray Hulk.
2Down Memory LaneDown Memory Lane (28 Sep. 1997)
She-Hulk gets an invitation to her high school reunion. The Leader tries to kidnap Banner with the help of the Abomination. He transforms into the Hulk and chases them off. She-Hulk arrives and takes the Hulk to her parents house. She-Hulk notices that she is losing her power. Bruce Banner works on curing her as She-Hulk goes to her reunion. Bruce meets her at the reunion and convinces her to return home. As they leave, the Abomination grabs Banner while the Gargoyle offers to help the She-Hulk regain her power. She-Hulk returns to her human form Jennifer Walters and ...
3Mind Over Anti-MatterMind Over Anti-Matter (5 Oct. 1997)
Dr. Strange guest stars when a dark entity crosses over into our dimension, seeking a body strong enough to house its energies.
4They Call Me Mr. FixitThey Call Me Mr. Fixit (26 Oct. 1997)
The underworld of Chicago is changing, thanks to the arrival of the supervillainess Allure and her enforcer, Crusher Creel.
5Fashion WarriorsFashion Warriors (2 Nov. 1997)
She-Hulk participates in a Miami charity fashion show, with Bruce cheering her on, when the Leader and Gargoyle attack with their Gamma Warriors.
6Hollywood RocksHollywood Rocks (9 Nov. 1997)
Asteroids are hurtling towards Earth, and Banner is trying to stop them. Unfortunately, Doctor Doom steals his equipment.
7The Lost VillageThe Lost Village (16 Nov. 1997)
When Green Hulk rescues an elderly Chinese man from ninjas, he is given a medallion that allows him to immediately change back and forth to Banner.
8Mission: IncredibleMission: Incredible (23 Nov. 1997)
A parasite known as the Hybrid tries to take over Gen. Ross, causing Grey Hulk and She-Hulk to team up with agent Gabriel Jones.