Wishbone (TV Series 1995–1998)

Season 2

1Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars: Part 1Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars: Part 1 (15 Oct. 1997)
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' dominates as Halloween comes to Oakdale. Wishbone imagines himself as Ichabod Crane while Joe and his two schoolmates participate in Oakdale's scavenger hunt.
2Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars: Part 2Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars: Part 2 (15 Oct. 1997)
Wishbone and the gang participate in Oakdale's first annual Halloween scavenger hunt, complete with a haunted house.
3The Prince of WagsThe Prince of Wags (16 Oct. 1997)
Joe is elected captain of the basketball team. Wishbone, as Prince Hal, in Shakespeare's "Henry IV, Part I" must learn to be a leader as well.
4Groomed for GreatnessGroomed for Greatness (30 Oct. 1997)
Wishbone is chosen to be the model for a dog statue built in Jackson Park, but the 'famous' artist, Wanda's cousin, is a snob. 'Great Expectations' is the book of the day, with Wishbone as Pip.
5A Bone of ContentionA Bone of Contention (23 Oct. 1997)
Joe can't find the nerve to ask Sarah to the dance, so he gets David to ask her for him. But David and Sarah really hit it off, and Joe feels betrayed. Wishbone, as John Alden in "The Courtship of Miles Standish" is asked by Captain Standish to court the orphaned Priscilla for him, with a similar result.
6War of the NosesWar of the Noses (6 Nov. 1997)
Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Black Arrow: A Tale of Two Roses' is the backdrop for Wishbone's portrayal of Richard Shelton. In reality, Wishbone is being taken to the vet and feels betrayed by Ellen. What's worse, Wanda accidentally sends his chair to be reupholstered and Joe has to deal with a pathological liar.
7MoonboneMoonbone (13 Nov. 1997)
The full moon is out and Wishbone goes 'loony', burying everything in sight. Sam is accused of stealing a ring. And Wishbone alternatively sees himself as Franklin Blake in 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins.
8Barking at BuddhaBarking at Buddha (20 Nov. 1997)
Wishbone is impressed by, yet jealous of, a hero dog named Rex and wants to be a hero, too. Some younger boys in town wish they could hang out with the older kids. And Wishbone imagines himself as the ambitious Monkey in traditional Asian tales.
9Pup FictionPup Fiction (27 Nov. 1997)
Based on Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Wishbone tries to discover who's been sending Wanda letters with mysterious meanings.
10The Roamin' NoseThe Roamin' Nose (4 Dec. 1997)
Wishbone plays Aeneas, a hero of Troy, in Virgil's 'Aeneid'. There is a gas leak in the neighborhood and the area is forced to evacuate. They spend the time reminiscing about high school and getting to know each other better.