Wishbone (TV Series 1995–1998)

Season 1

1A Tail in Twain: Part OneA Tail in Twain: Part One (9 Oct. 1995)
Joe, Samantha, and David investigate the mysterious behavior of a man who is digging up a historical site in the local park; Wishbone experiences life as Tom Sawyer in Twain's classic novel.
2A Tail in Twain: Part TwoA Tail in Twain: Part Two (9 Oct. 1995)
Joe, Samantha, and David seek help from Ellen (Joe's mother), and neighbor Wanda, who is leader of the local historical society, in the mystery of the man digging up the unknown grave in the park; Wishbone continues as Tom Sawyer.
3Twisted TailTwisted Tail (9 Oct. 1995)
Joe befriends a new boy, Max, from school. When Max gets involved with another boy who may be a thief, Wishbone is reminded of the story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
4Rosie, Oh, Rosie, Oh!Rosie, Oh, Rosie, Oh! (10 Oct. 1995)
Wishbone falls in love with a dog from the pound and is reminded of the story of Romeo and Juliet.
5Homer Sweet HomerHomer Sweet Homer (11 Oct. 1995)
The kids work to save their favorite park from developers; Wishbone plays Odysseus from Homer's The Odyssey.
6Bark That BarkBark That Bark (12 Oct. 1995)
The kids help put on a traditional story-telling show to raise money. David's Uncle Homer is the star and throughout the episode, tells verbal African folk tales. Wishbone plays the part of Anansi and others in the folk tales.
7CyranoseCyranose (13 Oct. 1995)
Wishbone takes on the 'prominent' role of Cyrano de Bergerac as the kids have to study poetry in school. David struggles the most with having to write his own poem and uses his own anonymous Cyrano to cheat.
8The Slobbery HoundThe Slobbery Hound (16 Oct. 1995)
A stray dog is causing trouble in the neighborhood and Wishbone is getting the blame. As Joe, Sam, and David try to track the dog down, Wishbone is reminded of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Baskervilles.
9Digging Up the PastDigging Up the Past (17 Oct. 1995)
Joe, Ellen and Wishbone meet a woman who lived in their home over 40 years ago, who comes to see the house and find the treasures she left behind as a kid. Wishbone imagines himself as Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep for 20 years and doesn't recognize anything or anybody, and can't get anyone to believe who he is.
10Bone of ArcBone of Arc (18 Oct. 1995)
With their star player injured, Sam offers to help the boys win their soccer championship against an unbeatable team. Sam's bravery reminds Wishbone of the story of Joan of Arc.
11The Impawssible DreamThe Impawssible Dream (19 Oct. 1995)
Joe tries to set a world record for shooting baskets which inspires Wishbone to recall the story of Don Quixote. Wishbone plays the part of Sancho Panza.
12Fleabitten BargainFleabitten Bargain (20 Oct. 1995)
Joe runs into a shady businessman at the town fair who's marketing a new virtual reality helmet that sucks Joe into a different world. This reminds Wishbone of Faust, a scholar who traded his soul to the devil for fun, but everything he wants comes at a price.
13Sniffing the GauntletSniffing the Gauntlet (23 Oct. 1995)
The kids have to do a spelling bee, Samantha has an allergic reaction to coconut which takes her out of the competition, and Wishbone plays Ivanhoe.
14The Hunchdog of Notre DameThe Hunchdog of Notre Dame (26 Oct. 1995)
Wishbone takes on the role of Quasimodo as the trio face off against bully Damont in hockey. A new boy, Nathaniel, is so clumsy that no one wants him to play - until he reveals his hidden worth.
15Golden RetrievedGolden Retrieved (27 Oct. 1995)
Wishbone is Silas Marner; Joe has a new mountain bike that is absorbing his attention, causing him to neglect and fail to appreciate Wishbone.
16A Tale of Two SittersA Tale of Two Sitters (30 Oct. 1995)
Wishbone brings Charles Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities' to life by playing Charles Darnay, while the boys feel like theirs is ruined. They have to babysit David's sister and her friend.
17FrankenboneFrankenbone (31 Oct. 1995)
David is making a secret project for the school science fair. This leads Wishbone to recite the classic story Frankenstein.
18Hot Diggety DawgHot Diggety Dawg (1 Nov. 1995)
In this episode, the kids digging a hole for an Arbor Day tree causes Wishbone to imagine himself as Professor Lidenbrock in Jules Verne's classic adventure story, Journey to the Center of the Earth.
19One Thousand & One TailsOne Thousand & One Tails (2 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone becomes the magical Ali Baba in Scheherazade's Arabian Nights. The trio gets into trouble with a new computer and Wanda loses her purse. David's sister, Emily, finds it but doesn't want to return it.
20Mixed BreedsMixed Breeds (3 Nov. 1995)
Wanda finds a fresh experience with a new man, leaving Bob Pruitt to wonder what's going on and causing him to act out of the ordinary. The shift in personality is mirrored in Wishbone's telling of Jekyll and Hyde as the title character's friend, Gabriel John Utterson.
21The Canine CureThe Canine Cure (4 Nov. 1995)
Joe's highly allergic friend Nathaniel stays at the Talbots' for the weekend but his overprotective mother announces he's allergic to dogs so Wishbone has to stay in the yard. Wishbone likens Nathaniel's affliction to that of Argon in Moliere's play The Imaginary Invalid, whose family convince him he's sick so they can collect his inheritance.
22The Pawloined PaperThe Pawloined Paper (6 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone plays C. Auguste Dupin in Poe's 'The Purloined Letter'. Joe has a crush on a teacher and a classmate, Curtis, sees Joe writing a love note, which ends up in the teacher's hands. Will Joe be able to get it back before she reads it or Curtis uses it against him?
23Bark to the FutureBark to the Future (14 Nov. 1995)
Joe thinks using a calculator instead of his own mind will help him do better in math. Meanwhile, Wishbone as The Time Traveler in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, travels to the year 802701 A.D. and finds the human race has diminished all forms of intelligence.
24Paw Prints of ThievesPaw Prints of Thieves (8 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone is Robin Hood as Joe helps a cafeteria worker friend break the rules to help others. They get caught by the stern director who cares more about time and money than charity and Wishbone distracts him as they get away. But that isn't the end of their problems.
25Furst ImpressionsFurst Impressions (9 Nov. 1995)
Based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Wishbone plays as Mr. Darcy while Joe has to deal with David and Sam falling out over rumors about who's asking whom to the school dance.
26The Prince and the PoochThe Prince and the Pooch (10 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone and Joe live parallel stories of experiencing how the other half lives in this adaptation of 'The Prince and the Pauper'. Joe believes he'd be better at coaching than the coach, so he gets his shot to prove it.
27The Count's AccountThe Count's Account (13 Nov. 1995)
'The Count of Monte Cristo' and Edmond Dantes are brought to life by Wishbone as David builds a snow machine that Damont uses to make trouble. But the revenge David and the others take is not the best path.
28Salty DogSalty Dog (14 Nov. 1995)
Samantha enlists Joe and David's help to find a legendary horseshoe in a condemned barn before it's torn down. Wishbone plays Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, where he also encounters dangerous obstacles to search for a great treasure.
29Little Big DogLittle Big Dog (15 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone delivers the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Meanwhile, Joe and Ellen go on a trip and leave Wishbone with David's family. Emily and David both cause some trouble, but David's is dangerous and destructive. He must tell the truth before it gets worse.
30A Dogged ExposeA Dogged Expose (16 Nov. 1995)
Somebody has secretly taken embarrassing pictures of Sam and posted them all over the school and signing an alias to his fliers. Sam, Joe and David try to figure out who the mysterious photographer is while Wishbone plays Sherlock Holmes, going in disguise to retrieve a stolen photograph in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia".
31A Terrified TerrierA Terrified Terrier (17 Nov. 1995)
Joe starts hanging with a new bunch of guys, ignoring Sam and David, and even Wishbone. He starts to imitate the behavior of his new friends and soon realizes it could cost him his best friends. Wishbone imagines himself as Henry Fleming, a boy who also takes on more than he can handle when he goes off to fight in the Civil War in The Red Badge of Courage.
32ShakespawShakespaw (20 Nov. 1995)
The school is putting on a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, with David directing, Joe working as stage manager, and Sam as Miranda. Meanwhile, in the fantasy sequences, Wishbone portrays Ariel in the same play.
33Muttketeer!Muttketeer! (21 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone is d'Artagnan in one story, while also trying to join the kids in school in the other. Once inside, he hunts down Mort the rat, who has been chewing up the school.
34Hercules UnleashedHercules Unleashed (22 Nov. 1995)
Sam searches for the perfect present for her father's 40th birthday, which reminds Wishbone of Hercules' quest for the golden apples of the Hesperides.
35¡Viva Wishbone!¡Viva Wishbone! (23 Nov. 1995)
Ellen befriends a young man who has recently lost his own mother, which causes Joe to wrestle with his jealousy. To help him, Senora Julia, an old friend who is like a second mother to him, tells him the story of Juan Diego (played by Wishbone, of course) and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
36The EntrepawneurThe Entrepawneur (24 Nov. 1995)
Joe starts a grocery delivery business, but learns that his single-minded pursuit of money could cost him his friendship with Sam and David. In the fantasy sequence, Wishbone tells the story of Midas and his golden touch.
37Pantin' at the OperaPantin' at the Opera (27 Nov. 1995)
After a magazine article is published praising Ellen's computerized library cataloging system, mysterious things begin to happen at the library reminding Wishbone of The Phantom of the Opera
38Dances with DogsDances with Dogs (28 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone becomes a Native American warrior in the Dakota tale told by visiting storyteller Lee Natonabah. Joe and David volunteer to tell their own family stories as well at a story-telling performance, which leads to Joe feeling inadequate in his father's shadow.
39Rushin' to the BoneRushin' to the Bone (29 Nov. 1995)
Wishbone stars in a Mr. MacPooch dog commercial. The play, "The Inspector General" by Nikolai Gogol.
40Picks of the LitterPicks of the Litter (30 Nov. 1995)
In a recap of many of the episodes, Wishbone is one again everyone from Tom Sawyer to Oliver Twist. Wanda leaves a friend's dog with the Talbots, for them to dog-sit, and Wishbone tries to entertain her by re-telling his favorite stories.