The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries (TV Series 1995–2001)

Season 2

1Spaced Out/Autumn's LeavingSpaced Out/Autumn's Leaving (2 Nov. 1996)
In "Spaced Out", Sylvester, Tweety and Granny spend the night camping out in the woods. A tiny alien spaceship crashlands there and the aliens decide to torment Sylvester with their shrinking raygun. In "Autumn's Leaving", Sylvester, Tweety and Granny arrive at Witch Hazel's spooky house. Mistaking it for a boarding house, they decide to stay for the night, while mischievous Hazel watches them from the shadows. Things escalate when she slips a love potion into everyone's drink.
2Catch as Catch Cannes/Yodel RecallCatch as Catch Cannes/Yodel Recall (14 Sep. 1996)
Granny investigates when the prizes at the James Caan Film Festival are stolen in "Catch As Catch Cannes."/Granny must solve the mysterious kidnapping of the Von Trump family singers in "Yodel Recall."
3Don't Polka Me/The Granny VanishesDon't Polka Me/The Granny Vanishes (28 Sep. 1996)
In "Don't Polka Me," havoc ensues during the annual German Polka Festival when someone replaces all the accordion reeds with duck calls. Meanwhile two street cats try to steal Tweety away from Sylvester. / Granny remains oblivious to a rash of disappearances on the Orient Express until she too is nowhere to be found in "The Granny Vanishes."
4The Scare Up There/If It's Wednesday, This Must Be HollandThe Scare Up There/If It's Wednesday, This Must Be Holland (2 Nov. 1996)
While Granny investigates who stole all the peanuts aboard a transcontinental airline flight, mischievous gremlins terrorize Sylvester in "The Scare Up There."/In "If It's Wednesday, This Must Be Holland," Granny bikes across much of Western Europe in pursuit of a brazen smuggler who has stolen some rare Blue Tulip bulbs.
5Curse of De Nile/Hawaii 33-1/3Curse of De Nile/Hawaii 33-1/3 (9 Nov. 1996)
Granny, Hector, Tweety, and Sylvester discover the "Curse Of De Nile" when they arrive in Egypt to locate missing archaeologist Colonel Rimfire./In "Hawaii 33 1/3," Granny investigates an unexplained Tiki shortage.
6Keep Your Pantheon/London BroiledKeep Your Pantheon/London Broiled (23 Nov. 1996)
Sylvester chases Tweety into Pandora's Box and encounters a pantheon of obsessive characters from Greek mythology in "Keep Your Pantheon."/A trip to London becomes a scary experience when Granny finds the Shripshire Slasher posing as their tour guide in "London Broiled."
7They Call Me Mister Lincoln/Froggone ItThey Call Me Mister Lincoln/Froggone It (15 Feb. 1997)
While visiting Springfield, Illinois, Sylvester mistakenly uses Abe Lincoln's toothpick and must flee the tenacious Illinois Bureau of Floss and Toothpicks. / Michigan J. Frog goes missing while recording in the Warner Bros. studio.
8One Froggy Throat/Mush Ado About NothingOne Froggy Throat/Mush Ado About Nothing (22 Feb. 1997)
When a theater asks Granny to find them a replacement tenor, Sylvester discovers Michigan J. Frog's box with him inside and figures he'd be perfect for the role. / Hector and Sylvester take turns as Granny's dogs in Alaskan sled dog race.