The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries (TV Series 1995–2001)

Season 1

1The Cat Who Knew Too MuchThe Cat Who Knew Too Much (9 Sep. 1995)
In New Orleans, Granny and Tweety visit the annual canary crooning competition. The wily Louie Z. Anna romances Granny while gangster duo Rocky and Mugsy kidnap Tweety.
2Platinum Wheel of FortunePlatinum Wheel of Fortune (16 Sep. 1995)
Granny investigates the theft of a one-of-a-kind platinum roulette wheel in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix. Pepe Le Pew's fourth cousin Pitu Le Pew mistakes Sylvester for a girl, falls for him and relentlessly pursues him.
3Double TakeDouble Take (23 Sep. 1995)
Someone who looks and sounds like Granny is committing crimes in Denmark !
4A Chip Off the Old CastleA Chip Off the Old Castle (30 Sep. 1995)
The theft of the famous Blarney Stone brings Granny and company to County Cork, where they encounter the legendary Irish Banshee.
5Something Fishy Around HereSomething Fishy Around Here (7 Oct. 1995)
When the worlds' largest tuna is kidnapped, Granny travels to Tokyo to find her.
6B2 or Not B2B2 or Not B2 (4 Nov. 1995)
As Granny delivers a lecture aboard a luxury ocean liner, a series of vile, bingo-related mishaps occur.
7Bull Running on EmptyBull Running on Empty (11 Nov. 1995)
Granny arrives in Pamplona, Spain, to find the thief who stole the priceless Pamplona Periscope.
8A Ticket to CrimeA Ticket to Crime (18 Nov. 1995)
Granny wins a trip to England, where she learns all the other great detectives in the world have won the same prize!
9The Maltese CanaryThe Maltese Canary (25 Nov. 1995)
In San Francisco, a host of shady characters mistake Tweety for the fabled "Maltese Canary."
10It Happened One Night Before ChristmasIt Happened One Night Before Christmas (16 Dec. 1995)
Granny helps her absent-minded brother locate the $8,000 he misplaced in the town of Bedspread Falls on Christmas Eve.
11Outback Down UnderOutback Down Under (27 Jan. 1996)
Granny and her cohorts investigate when Australia's sheep population disappears.
12It's a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid WorldIt's a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World (3 Feb. 1996)
Granny's cousin calls her to Scotland when the beloved McRory Tartan is stolen.
13Go FigGo Fig (17 Feb. 1996)
Rancher Sam Ficus (aka Yosemite Sam) summons Granny and company when his fig harvest vanishes.