Freakazoid! (1995–1997)

Season 2

1Dexter's DateDexter's Date (7 Sep. 1996)
The Lobe's plot to cripple the television industry interrupts Steff and Dexter's first date.
2The FreakazoidThe Freakazoid (14 Sep. 1996)
Freak can't refuse anyone anything on his birthday, according to the Superhero Code Book. Even if the request comes from a villain who wants to be free from heroic interference in his nefarious scheme.
3Mission: FreakazoidMission: Freakazoid (28 Sep. 1996)
Freak and his friends travel to a police state to rescue another friend.
4Virtual FreakVirtual Freak (2 Nov. 1996)
Freak and Cosgrove are zapped inside a Virtual Tussle virtual reality game.
5Hero BoyHero Boy (9 Nov. 1996)
Guitierrez returns with a device that could vaporize the entire world.
6A Matter of LoveA Matter of Love (16 Nov. 1996)
Cosgrove's girlfriend takes up all his time and is a fire-breathing monster.
7StatuesqueStatuesque (29 Nov. 1996)
Freak pursues the madman who turned Steff into a statue.
8Island of Dr. MysticoIsland of Dr. Mystico (7 Feb. 1997)
An evil scientist crashes Freak's plane, trying to add to his human stock for his experiments in crossbreeding with orangutans.
9Two Against FreakTwo Against Freak (14 Feb. 1997)
Freak's attempts to learn telekinesis leaves him too tired to adequately guard the Diamond Hat of the Czars.
10Freak a Panel/Tomb of InvisiboFreak a Panel/Tomb of Invisibo (31 May 1997)
Freak contends with an archvillain and his unpopularity at a sci-fi convention. An ancient invisible villain gets loose during a wrestling match between Dexter and Duncan.
11NormadeusNormadeus (1 Jun. 1997)
The Lobe kidnaps PBS's famed carpenter, Norm Abram, to build a wooden device that would kill Freak.