Freakazoid! (1995–1997)

Season 1

1Five Day Forecast/Dance of Doom/Hand ManFive Day Forecast/Dance of Doom/Hand Man (9 Sep. 1995)
Freakazoid does the weather, rescues a hostage high-school dance and loses a sidekick to marriage.
2Candle Jack/Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet/The LobeCandle Jack/Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet/The Lobe (16 Sep. 1995)
Freakazoid rescues campers from a monster and narrowly escapes a lobotomy. Toby Danger must stop Dr. Sin.
3Mo-Ron/The Sewer Rescue/The Big Question/The Legends Who LunchMo-Ron/The Sewer Rescue/The Big Question/The Legends Who Lunch (23 Sep. 1995)
A forgetful alien tries to recall his message for mankind, Lord Bravery's first act as a superhero hopeful turns out to be a problem, aliens circles the Earth in hopes of finding an answer to the eternal question of the universe and elderly superheroes dine and recall their glory days.
4And Fan Boy Is His Name/Lawn Gnomes Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun/Freak's French LessonAnd Fan Boy Is His Name/Lawn Gnomes Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun/Freak's French Lesson (30 Sep. 1995)
In the first segment (And Fanboy is his Name), a pudgy teenager calling himself Fanboy tries to become Freakazoid's sidekick. The second segment deals with the story of 4 gnomes, who after causing mischief for vikings many years in the past, are turned to stone by day, but come to life at night to help mankind. The final segment (Frenching with Freakazoid) has our hero teaching French to the audience.
5Foamy the Freakadog/Office Visit/Ode to Leonard Nimoy/Emergency Broadcast SystemFoamy the Freakadog/Office Visit/Ode to Leonard Nimoy/Emergency Broadcast System (7 Oct. 1995)
A rabid dog-like creature becomes Freak's new sidekick; Lord Bravery fights bureaucracy over his name; Fan Boy rhapsodizes over his quest for Spock's autograph; Freak teaches Norwegian.
6The Chip: Part 1The Chip: Part 1 (4 Nov. 1995)
The story of Freak's origins.
7The Chip: Part 2/Freakazoid Is HistoryThe Chip: Part 2/Freakazoid Is History (11 Nov. 1995)
The conclusion to the story of Freak's origins. A vortex sucks Freak into the past.
8Hot Rods from Heck/A Time for EvilHot Rods from Heck/A Time for Evil (18 Nov. 1995)
Freak foils a plot to use robotic cars to steal nuclear weapons. The Huntsman goes in search of crime.
9Relax-O-Vision/Fatman and Boy Blubber/Limbo Lock-Up/Terror PalaceRelax-O-Vision/Fatman and Boy Blubber/Limbo Lock-Up/Terror Palace (25 Nov. 1995)
In order to provide a more calming effect to today's rather violent cartoons, the network censors initiate 'Relax-o-Vision.' The process projects peaceful scenes of tranquility over more violent parts of the day's cartoon. Freakzoid tolerates the interference with his show, until he finally decides to take matters into his own hands against the censors.
10In Arm's Way/The CloudIn Arm's Way/The Cloud (16 Dec. 1995)
Freak goes Christmas shopping and searches for the answer to a mysterious cloud which seems to be turning people into zombies.
11Next Time, Phone Ahead/NerdatorNext Time, Phone Ahead/Nerdator (3 Feb. 1996)
The cartoon is cut short when the show's lazy writers decide to end the episode early to show more 'Animaniacs' reruns. However, Steven Spielberg won't stand for it, and unleashes his vision to finish the cartoon right. Dexter Douglas soon meets a strange alien named Mo-Ron, who becomes lost from his alien friends. Dexter helps Mo-Ron phone home, and soon all is well-that is, until the long distance charges roll in.
12House of Freakazoid/Sewer or LaterHouse of Freakazoid/Sewer or Later (10 Feb. 1996)
Freak must rescue a werewolf from his cursed state, and delve into the sewers after a pack of jewel thieves led by the Cobra Queen.
13The Wrath of GuitierrezThe Wrath of Guitierrez (17 Feb. 1996)
Evil computer genius Armondo Guitierrez finds a way into the Internet and Freak must defeat his powerful enemy.