Aladdin (TV Series 1994–1995)

Season 2

1Raiders of the Lost SharkRaiders of the Lost Shark (17 Sep. 1994)
Aladdin is frustrated because he can only spoil Jasmine with the sultan's money, he wants to earn his own. He gets his chance when Agrabah is shocked by the crushing arrival of a gigantic shark who cruises trough the seven deserts, his immense fin slashing even the palace walls. It's being chased by the flying ship of captain Mirk, because it's so full of treasure that when it jumps gold and gems fall from its belly. Mirk offers half the treasure to whoever enlists to help him kill the shark, so Aladdin volunteers, but Jasmine insists to follow him in order to see the...
2Sneeze the DaySneeze the Day (24 Sep. 1994)
While helping to catch a thief, Genie gets a cold and can't control his magic. Unless they can find a cure, it could last a century! Iago reluctantly assists Aladdin while Princess Jasmine and Abu watch over Genie. Aladdin must pass some treacherous obstacles to find the cure before Genie's cold gets worse.
3The Prophet MotiveThe Prophet Motive (1 Oct. 1994)
A thousand years ago, the cyclops (one-eyed giant) Fashum, who used his single 'eye of terror' to rob an immense treasure from a thousand caravans, was petrified by his brother Fasir, now a blind seer, who prophesies in cryptic terms what's going to happen to Aladdin. First Carpet is lured by Abis Mal and his servant Haroud Hazi Bin using a pink lady-carpet and press-ganged using moths to serve them, not just to fly on but to power a ship to fly to Fashum's castle which floats in the air. Aladdin and his gang give chase, the pedestrians are caught in a net but thus ...
4That Stinking FeelingThat Stinking Feeling (8 Oct. 1994)
Iago gets Carpet to bring him and Abu to the forbidden oasis. When the animals try to steal a golden ring, Carpet can barely save them from murderous vines. Jasmine is grumpy at Aladdin as if he took her for granted. When the giant prince Grobertus of Stenchenia arrives by yak to bid for the princess's hand, she and the sultan welcome him, although he and his traditional courting reek insufferably after terribly old cheese. When Aladdin claims to be her fiancée, the prince challenges him to a traditional duel by spiky club, but Jasmine says her hand is only won by ...
5Beast or FamineBeast or Famine (15 Oct. 1994)
Aladin and Genie are prospecting a new desert trade route to Agrazbah, riding Abu (as a camel), when they meet Mork, the ghost ship captain, who is mournful because the treasure-filled shark he chased all his life has been slain. Suddenly they are surprised by savage rodents who take instructions from an evil shaman, whose magic succeeds in capturing genie and draining his powers. Aladin manages to convince Mork they should team up, but without Genie's help it's a tough fight. In the end, it all hangs on turning the shaman's own wickedness against himself.
6The Spice Is RightThe Spice Is Right (22 Oct. 1994)
The gang digs up from an old well a trunk full of magical spice, in turn containing a golden neck-lace with a moving stone, which evokes a storm. When Aladdin gives it to Jasmine and she puts it on, this resuscitates the evil sorcerer Ayam Aghoul, lord of the undead, who commands skeletons and decides to wed Jasmine and move into a harem he builds magically annex to the palace. Meanwhile Iago and Ghost sold the spice they can't use themselves, so Genie does the magic. Ayam proves a though adversary, even for Genie. Aladdin realizes Ayam can be contained only by ...
7Hero with a Thousand FeathersHero with a Thousand Feathers (29 Oct. 1994)
While the gang enjoys discovering fireworks, the blind seer Fasir stops time to tell Iago it is his destiny, but only his, to awake a terrible monster and destroy it again or perish trying so, and hands the bird a magical locket. Iago tries to escape his fate by convincing Aladdin to take the gang on a far 'holiday' abroad, but it's precisely there that Genie flies them into a rock temple where an ancient evil lies dormant- in his attempt to get out, Iago accidentally lights the fire which awakes Amok Mon-Ra, a giant ogre who once ruled Agrabah and now returns to it ...
8Witch Way Did She Go?Witch Way Did She Go? (5 Nov. 1994)
When Sadira cooks soup for her visiting friend princess Jasmine and the mistrusting gang, she accidentally uses the sorcery recipe. Shortly after they leave and the inedible brew is thrown away, it awakens three dreadful Sand witches, who can transform sand into anything and start with a giant cobra to attack the palace, but the gang just suspects Sadira, only Jasmine keeps doubting. Sadira accepts to join the three witches, last survivors of thousands who once dominated the seven deserts from the city of sands, which they now resurrect. When she tells the gang she's ...
9Sea No EvilSea No Evil (12 Nov. 1994)
Even a treasure-map from crazy Sahib was irresistible for Iago; the gang finds nothing at the X, but it brings them at a spot on the beach where a hooded skeleton herald rises from the sea who lures Iago and Abu to a haunted treasure ship on the bottom and gives them a magical conch to blow and set things in motion, but it's physically too daunting for them alone, so Iago plays a ghost to make Aladdin believe there's a damned sailor there who needs to be rescued. The conch makes the sea part. Before Genie can remember the legend and catch up, Aladdin is tricked into ...
10A Sultan Worth His SaltA Sultan Worth His Salt (19 Nov. 1994)
While the sultan plays another silly game against Aladdin, which Iago and Genie make sure he looses diplomatically, Queen Hippsodeth's Amazones overpower the palace guards and even Radjah to kidnap princess Jasmine on flying horses, to be trained and join them. The sultan insists to join the gang's rescue mission on Carpet. The enchanted Amazone land proves littered with traps, and the sultan refuses to be kept safely away, even recalls as a youth he broke in wild stallions, now priceless experience to handle a flying horse...
11Genie HuntGenie Hunt (26 Nov. 1994)
Iago and Abu try to steal from the thieves club, but get caught. Then arrives a mukhtar, a reptilian killer, a race skilled in tracking and killing genies, who rides a dinosaur. Genie was pretending to Aladdin that giving the palace tiger Raja a bath didn't scare him, so he tries to deal with the mukhtar without the hero, but after some fancy escapes gets trapped in a bottle. Aladdin and the animals chase them on Carpet and manage to steal Genie back, after the mukhtar told he no longer kills but hunts, for pay. Aladdin figures he must have been hired by a former ...
12The Lost OnesThe Lost Ones (3 Dec. 1994)
Agrabah lives in fear of nocturnal disappearances of children. Aladdin remembers it once happened to Amal, his best mate as street urchin. The gang finds it's the doing of an El-katib, a reptilian monster wearing ragged shorts which can appear for three nights at full moon only once every seven years from and disappear into the land of shadows. He fails to keep urchin Wahid safe, even on Carpet, but finds it is the doing of the evil feline sorceress Morgana...
13Eye of the BeholderEye of the Beholder (10 Dec. 1994)
Evil Morgana bets against blind sorcerer Fasir whether love can conquer all, the test case being Aladdin and Jasmine. So she tricks the princess into buying a 'beauty cream' which actually turns her into a monstrous, poisonous snake-monster. Still Aladdin joins her on a dangerous quest with Genie to the Tree of Renewal. Morgana keeps piling up obstacles.