Sightings (TV Series 1991–1997)

Season 2

1Alcatraz/Mass Sightings/U.F.O. UpdateAlcatraz/Mass Sightings/U.F.O. Update (11 Sep. 1992)
"Alcatraz" goes the former San Francisco prison island and investigates whether it is haunted by restless spirits. "Mass Sightings" looks at a 1991 mass sighting of U.F.O.'s in Mexico City during an eclipse. "U.F.O. Update" looks at a recent U.F.O. tape that was sent in by a viewer from California.
2Werewolf/Paranormal Photography/Ghost UpdateWerewolf/Paranormal Photography/Ghost Update (18 Sep. 1992)
"Werewolf" discusses the case of William Ramsey in England who may have been a sufferer of real life lycanthropy. "Paranormal Photography" looks at the case of a Massachusettes woman whose photographs may be a window to the supernatural. "Ghost Update" looks at a family who have moved to get away from a haunting.
3Encounter In Space/Marfa Lights/Ghost UpdateEncounter In Space/Marfa Lights/Ghost Update (25 Sep. 1992)
"Encounter In Space" examines whether shuttle astronauts have collected photographic evidence of a conflict between alien visitors and the U.S. military. "Marfa Lights" looks at how a small Texas has been plagued by strange unexplained lights. "Ghost Update" looks at a ghost photograph taken in Wisconsin.
4Lizzie Borden/Deliverance/S.E.T.I. UpdateLizzie Borden/Deliverance/S.E.T.I. Update (2 Oct. 1992)
"Lizzie Borden" looks at whether the young Massachuttes woman was responsible for murdering her parents with an ax. "Deliverance" investigates demonic possession and the practice of exorcism. "S.E.T.I. Update" looks at the NASA project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
5The Uninvited/Haunted Family/The Curse of Christopher ColumbusThe Uninvited/Haunted Family/The Curse of Christopher Columbus (9 Oct. 1992)
"The Uninvited" goes to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, to investigate the possibility of a UFO crash and government cover-up in 1965. investigates a possible 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. "Haunted Family" talks to a Georgia family who believes they are haunted by demons. "The Curse of Christopher Columbus" looks at a curse associated with the explorer in the Dominican Republic.
6Aliens Among Us/Top Secret UFO/Ghost InvestigationAliens Among Us/Top Secret UFO/Ghost Investigation (16 Oct. 1992)
"Aliens Among Us" looks at the phenomena of alien abduction and talks to several people who claim to have been taken by aliens for study. "Top Secret UFO" examines the whether the U.S. military is secretly testing its own UFOs at Area 51. "Ghost Investigation" looks at a haunting of a family in Garden Grove.
7Scotland's House of Horror/Vampires/WitchcraftScotland's House of Horror/Vampires/Witchcraft (30 Oct. 1992)
"Scotland's House of Horror" goes to Sterling Castle in Scotland which is rumored to be one of the most haunted places on Earth. "Vampires" examines whether vampires really exists and interviews several people who embrace a vampire lifestyle. "Witchcraft" looks at modern Wicca witches.
8Epidemic of Evil/Garden Grove GhostEpidemic of Evil/Garden Grove Ghost (6 Nov. 1992)
"Epidemic of Evil" investigates whether organized groups dedicate to evil are active in our society today. "Garden Grove Ghost" sends a ghost hunter to visit a California family plagued by ghosts.
9Crop Circles/Royal Curse/Lake Champlain MonsterCrop Circles/Royal Curse/Lake Champlain Monster (13 Nov. 1992)
"Crop Circles" examines the crop circle phenomena and whether they are the elaborate product of hoaxers. "Royal Curse" examines whether a curse of misfortune is plaguing the British royal family. "Lake Champlain Monster" examines whether the cousin of the Loch Ness monster lurks in Lake Champlain.
10Russian U.F.O. Investigation/Ghost of Whitechapel/Iceman UpdateRussian U.F.O. Investigation/Ghost of Whitechapel/Iceman Update (20 Nov. 1992)
"Russian U.F.O. Investigation" looks at how access to former Soviet secret files has revealed information on a government effort to investigate extraterrestrial activity especially the mysterious 'M' Triangle. "Ghost of Whitechapel" looks at whether the mysterious London ghost is really a victim of Jack the Ripper. "Iceman Update" examines whether the recently discovered iceman can be cloned.
11Deadly Abduction/Lake Champlain Monster/Royal Curse UpdateDeadly Abduction/Lake Champlain Monster/Royal Curse Update (4 Dec. 1992)
"Deadly Abduction" looks at a 1979 case in Frenso where a psychic detective helped police locate the body of a murdered little girl. "Lake Champlain Monster" looks at recent sightings of the lake monster Champ. "Royal Curse Update" discusses the curse of the British Royal Family in light of a recent fire at Windsor Castle.
12Hell's Gate/Angels/Astrology UpdateHell's Gate/Angels/Astrology Update (11 Dec. 1992)
"Hell's Gate" investigates Music World considered one of the the most haunted places in Kentucky and may have been built on the site of a satanic murder. "Angels" looks at people who claim to have first-hand experience with angels. "Astrology Update" looks at astrological predictions for the upcoming year.
13Astrological Predictions/Close Encounters/Spy House InvestigationAstrological Predictions/Close Encounters/Spy House Investigation (8 Jan. 1993)
"Astrological Predictions" talks to professional psychics about what will happen in the coming year. "Close Encounters" looks at cases where people claim to have had close encounters of the fifth kind which involves direct communication with extraterrestrials. "Spy House Investigation" looks into a pirate treasure that may be buried in New Jersey.
14Voodoo/Russian Psychics/Black Hole UpdateVoodoo/Russian Psychics/Black Hole Update (15 Jan. 1993)
"Voodoo" examines the mysterious and often misunderstood religion distinguishing it from black magic. "Russian Psychics" looks at efforts to study psychic healing in the former Soviet Union and goes to a research center in Moscow. "Black Hole Update" examines the link between black holes and time travel.
15Ghost WriterGhost Writer (5 Feb. 1993)
"Ghost Writer" features a special extended report that investigates hard evidence that could prove the existence of communication with spirits. It looks at the case of a viewer who claims to have captured ghostly communication on Polaroid instant film.
16Searching the Skies/Ouija/Phobos II UpdateSearching the Skies/Ouija/Phobos II Update (12 Feb. 1993)
"Searching the Skies" reviews the many UFO photographs submitted to the show and investigates the ones the defy conventional explanation. "Ouija" talks to users of the spirit board who claim that it can tap into paranormal sources. "Phobos II Update" discusses the possible destruction of a Russian space probe by an unidentified craft.
17Cults/Super Humans/Mind Control/Ghost Writer UpdateCults/Super Humans/Mind Control/Ghost Writer Update (19 Feb. 1993)
"Cults" looks at the case of Ervil LeBaron who seems to exert control over his followers years after his death. "Super Humans" looks at people who claim to tap into an internal energy to perform super-human feats. "Mind Control" looks at the ability of cult leaders to control their followers. "Ghost Writer Update" revisits the ghost writer case with another possible explanation.
18Scranton UFO Mystery/Ghost Molester/Fire in the SkyScranton UFO Mystery/Ghost Molester/Fire in the Sky (26 Feb. 1993)
"Scranton UFO Mystery" looks at a series of UFO sightings in Pennsylvania and looks at some recently shot home video footage. "Ghost Molester" looks at the case of a Maryland family who believe they were sexually assaulted by a ghost. "Fire in the Sky" looks at the case that is the basis for a recent movie.
19Mass Abductions/Seizure Alert Dogs/PropheciesMass Abductions/Seizure Alert Dogs/Prophecies (12 Mar. 1993)
"Mass Abductions" looks at cases where people claim to have been abducted together by UFO as part of a group. "Seizure Alert Dogs" looks at pets who seem to have psychic powers that have the ability to predict when people suffer epileptic seizures. "Prophecies" looks at how a psychic predicted a terrorist attack in New York.
20Countdown to Doomsday/Russian Top Gun/Ghost Molester Update.Countdown to Doomsday/Russian Top Gun/Ghost Molester Update. (9 Apr. 1993)
"Countdown to Doomsday" looks at some modern day prophets who claim that disasters are coming in the near future. "Russian Top Gun" interviews a Russian military fighter pilot who witnessed a UFO during a training exercise and was forced to eject. "Ghost Molester Update" revisits a Maryland haunting with a psychic.
21Psychic Detectives SpecialPsychic Detectives Special (30 Apr. 1993)
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22UFO Cover-Up/Missing Link/Wisconsin UFOsUFO Cover-Up/Missing Link/Wisconsin UFOs (7 May 1993)
"UFO Cover-Up" looks at the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980 and examines whether there was a government cover-up in the case. "Missing Link" examines a new film of Bigfoot. "Wisconsin UFOs" looks at three separate videotapes of a UFO over Wisconsin.
23Manressa Castle/Viewer Phone Calls/Anatomy of a HauntingManressa Castle/Viewer Phone Calls/Anatomy of a Haunting (14 May 1993)
"Manressa Castle" goes to Port Townsend, Washington, to visit the 100-year-old castle known for its ghosts. "Viewer Phone Calls" looks at a family in Northern Kentucky who are tormented by a strange clown-like presence. "Anatomy of a Haunting" looks at a haunting that may be spreading from a hospital on Ventura, California.
24UFO Hot Spots/Hoaxing/Cattle Mutilation/Space GrowthUFO Hot Spots/Hoaxing/Cattle Mutilation/Space Growth (21 May 1993)
"UFO Hot Spots" looks at several recent UFO flaps including the Gulf Breeze and Pine Bush. "Hoaxing" looks at how researchers detect UFO hoaxes. "Cattle Mutilation" examines whether UFOs are behind the deaths of animals on ranches. "Space Growth" looks at a strange growth found on a recovered satellite.