Sightings (TV Series 1991–1997)

Season 1

1Near Death ExperienceNear Death Experience (17 Apr. 1992)
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2Psychic ExperiencePsychic Experience (24 Apr. 1992)
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3Psychic HealingPsychic Healing (1 May 1992)
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4Mysteries of the EarthMysteries of the Earth (8 May 1992)
Sightings investigates several mysteries associated with forces of the Earth. It looks at the Bermuda Triangle and how electronic instruments can fail to work there. It looks at the theory that there will be a pole shift in the year 2000. It looks at energy associated with ancient stone sites. It talks to a woman who photographs the Nazca Lines and other geoglyphs. Finally, it also looks at the Black Hills which are sacred to the Lakota.
5U.F.O. ContactU.F.O. Contact (15 May 1992)
Sightings looks act cases of U.F.O. contact including eyewitness claims in California. It also looks at cases of alien abduction, contactees, and the loss of the Phobos 2 probe near Mars.
6MonstersMonsters (12 Jun. 1992)
Sightings looks at monsters looking first at a possible Bigfoot encounter involving Teddy Roosevelt and, then, at the mysterious Lizard Man. It also talks to Bigfoot witnesses and investigators who discuss the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film. It also talks to investigators and witnesses to the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, and monsters of the oceans.
7Vampires/Visions of Death/Bermuda TriangleVampires/Visions of Death/Bermuda Triangle (26 Jun. 1992)
"Vampires" first examines bones from Griswold, Connecticut, that may have been disturbed due to suspicion about vampires and, then, talks to investigators and woman who claims to be a vampire. "Visions of Death" talks to a man who claims to have visions of murders in Gainesville, Florida. "Bermuda Triangle" looks at a telegram that suggest member of Flight 19 may have survived.
8Vision of Murder/Men in Black/AwakeningVision of Murder/Men in Black/Awakening (10 Jul. 1992)
"Vision of Murder" looks at the murder of Kaitlyn Arquette and how it paralleled a murder in a novel written by her mother. "Men in Black" examine stories of unusual men in black clothing who harass witnesses of UFOs. "Awakening" looks at the healing powers of pets and looks at the case of a young man who woke from a coma with the help of a dog.
9Curses/Past Lives/GhostsCurses/Past Lives/Ghosts (17 Jul. 1992)
"Curses" looks at a cursed stretch of New Jersey Highway 55 that was built over a Native American burial ground. "Past Lives" examines hypnotic regression and whether people have past lives. "Ghosts" paranormal researchers investigate the Banta Inn and the Moss Beach Distillery.
10Hauntings/Physical Effects/SuperstitionsHauntings/Physical Effects/Superstitions (31 Jul. 1992)
"Hauntings" talks to the King family who are dealing with a malevolent force that is haunting their horse and motel. "Physical Effects" talks to witnesses who have endured physical harm from their encounters with UFOs. "Superstitions" looks at the Seven Seas Hotel in Hawaii which may be suffering from a curse.
11Evidence from Beyond/Gateway to Oblivion/Soul ExchangeEvidence from Beyond/Gateway to Oblivion/Soul Exchange (14 Aug. 1992)
"Evidence from Beyond" looks at the murder of parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo and how psychics have helped to investigate the murder. "Gateway to Oblivion" looks at mysterious disappearances in the Great Lakes triangle. "Soul Exchange" talks to people who gain psychic powers after near death experiences.
12Back from the Dead/Hauntings/MillboroBack from the Dead/Hauntings/Millboro (21 Aug. 1992)
"Back from the Dead" looks at people who are being frozen or mummified in the hopes that they can be brought back to life in the future. "Hauntings" looks at whether an electrician who committed suicide is haunting a house in Texas. "Millboro" looks at a group of people who remember living in a small Virginia town during the Civil War.