Renegade (TV Series 1992–1997)

Season 4

1Sawed-Off Shotgun WeddingSawed-Off Shotgun Wedding (11 Sep. 1995)
When Reno falls in love with a foreign drug smuggler's lawyer, the two plan to turn on the corrupt diplomat and bring him down. Meanwhile, Dutch is promoted to a US Marshal, giving him more power than ever before to track down Reno.
2Honeymoon in MexicoHoneymoon in Mexico (18 Sep. 1995)
While on vacation in Mexico, Bobby and Reno find themselves mixed up in the aftermath of a multimillion-dollar casino heist.
3The Ballad of D.B. CooperThe Ballad of D.B. Cooper (25 Sep. 1995)
Reno gets a hot tip on the location of legendary fugitive D.B. Cooper.
4Most WantedMost Wanted (2 Oct. 1995)
After Cheyenne places a "most eligible bachelor" personal ad for Bobby in a magazine, he falls in love with the victim of a recent automobile accident. However, Reno believes Bobby's new flame may be tied to a fugitive bounty.
5Liar's PokerLiar's Poker (9 Oct. 1995)
As Reno and Bobby probe deeper into the case of an escaped prisoner, they uncover layer after layer of deception.
6Dead HeatDead Heat (23 Oct. 1995)
Reno poses as a ranch hand once again and uncovers a plot to sell illegitimate horses as thoroughbreds.
7An Uncle in the BusinessAn Uncle in the Business (30 Oct. 1995)
When Reno visits Lisa, the daughter of the reformed hit man who was sent to kill him, he foils a break-in that might have ties to Lisa's father's profession.
8Offshore ThunderOffshore Thunder (6 Nov. 1995)
A well-publicized death at a regatta gets Reno's attention when he sees his late fiancée's sister on television.
9StudsStuds (13 Nov. 1995)
A woman from Bobby's past is victimized by an upscale male escort service that sets up robberies on its wealthy clients.
10Another Place and TimeAnother Place and Time (20 Nov. 1995)
When a mafia prince is murdered in broad daylight by an assassin so well-connected that he is virtually untouchable, Cheyenne and Reno concoct a plan to catch him before he leaves the country.
11Sins of the FatherSins of the Father (27 Nov. 1995)
Dutch's son gets out of prison and makes it his mission to bring down his corrupt father - for the right price.
12No Place Like HomeNo Place Like Home (1 Jan. 1996)
Reno and Cheyenne's mission to escort a convicted sex offender to a new location takes a strange turn when Reno begins to suspect that the man might be innocent.
13Baby Makes ThreeBaby Makes Three (8 Jan. 1996)
When an abandoned baby left on the doorstep of Sixkiller Enterprises turns out to belong to the wife of an escaped fugitive, Bobby and Reno must play babysitter and protect the mother from her violent husband.
14Hound DowntownHound Downtown (15 Jan. 1996)
Bobby and Reno track Hound Adams to New York City, where they try to unravel his elaborate embezzlement scheme and obtain the tapes containing proof of Reno's innocence.
15Stationary TargetStationary Target (22 Jan. 1996)
Laid up with amnesia after a motorcycle accident, Reno becomes easy prey for Dutch's hitmen.
16Rio RenoRio Reno (29 Jan. 1996)
In this bottle episode, Reno is transported to the Wild West, where he is once again wanted by the law and aided by "Bobby Fourkiller" and "Apache Jane.
17Paradise LostParadise Lost (5 Feb. 1996)
While evading the law, Reno gets help from some mysterious strangers who live in an isolated commune.
18Love HurtsLove Hurts (12 Feb. 1996)
Bobby deals with one dangerous situation after another when his mother and cousin show up unexpectedly.
19Hard EvidenceHard Evidence (19 Feb. 1996)
Peter Flood shows pictures of what he thinks are UFO's to Bobby Sixkiller and Reno Raines. He wants them to check it out . They think government cover up. They check it out.
20The DollhouseThe Dollhouse (15 Apr. 1996)
Bobby urges Reno not to meet with the reporter snooping around his story, but Reno's curiosity gets the better of him.
21Hog CallsHog Calls (22 Apr. 1996)
Reno searches Arizona for the lawyer who has the tapes proving his innocence and manages to land a job as her bodyguard.
22The Road Not TakenThe Road Not Taken (29 Apr. 1996)
Reno and his latest bounty, Henry Travis (Johnny Cash), end up sharing a jail cell. Travis shows Reno how things would have turned out if his wife hadn't taken the bullet meant for him four years earlier.