Renegade (TV Series 1992–1997)

Season 3

1Dutch on the RunDutch on the Run (12 Sep. 1994)
Reno goes after Dixon, who is wanted for the murder of his partner, Woody Bickford. But his plans go awry when he is lured into a trap.
2The Trial of Reno RainesThe Trial of Reno Raines (19 Sep. 1994)
While Bobby and Cheyenne search for Hound Adams to clear Reno's name, Reno stands trial for the murder of police officer Buzzy Burrell. NANCY EVERHARD ("Reasonable Doubts") stars as Reno's attorney.
3EscapeEscape (26 Sep. 1994)
Reno awaits his pending appeal for the murder of Burrell in a dangerous prison where Dixon has blackmailed Reno's cellmate to kill him.
4The King and IThe King and I (3 Oct. 1994)
Outnumbered in a barroom brawl, Reno is bailed out by a mysterious stranger who bears a striking resemblance to the late Elvis Presley.
5Black WindBlack Wind (10 Oct. 1994)
Reno's former sensei calls on him to help track down a rogue student who is now working as a yakuza hitman.
6Way Down Yonder in New OrleansWay Down Yonder in New Orleans (17 Oct. 1994)
While tracking a bounty in New Orleans, Reno discovers that his target is very influential in the community - even with the local law enforcement.
7Rustlers' RodeoRustlers' Rodeo (24 Oct. 1994)
Bobby and Reno go undercover to catch livestock thieves after one of Bobby's friends discovers his prize bull has been stolen.
8Muscle BeachMuscle Beach (31 Oct. 1994)
When two young kids end up dead after getting in over their heads in a drug dealing operation, Reno and Cheyenne go undercover to find the kingpin behind the murders.
9The Late ShiftThe Late Shift (7 Nov. 1994)
A local late-night radio host begins covering the Reno Raines story, making it difficult for Reno to go undercover to investigate the organizer behind a string of drug-fueled raves.
10Thrill KillThrill Kill (14 Nov. 1994)
Rival bounty hunters swipe a capture from Bobby and Reno at the last minute, but when the target turns up dead without ever having been turned into the police, Reno discovers the sinister truth behind the rival outfit.
11Teen AngelTeen Angel (21 Nov. 1994)
Reno must help a group of call girls flee their suave ring leader whom he suspects of murder.
12Den of ThievesDen of Thieves (2 Jan. 1995)
Reno helps his former partner escape a murder plot only to get into further danger when they become entangled with drug dealers.
13Rancho EscondidoRancho Escondido (9 Jan. 1995)
Reno helps Bobby find a banker who stole Bobby's money and becomes the unwitting victim of a plastic surgeon's dangerous scheme.
14Cop for a DayCop for a Day (16 Jan. 1995)
It's up to Reno and Bobby to bring a cop impersonator to justice before he does serious damage.
15Stalker's MoonStalker's Moon (23 Jan. 1995)
A psychotic campus killer proves too clever for an overzealous Bobby.
16Repo RainesRepo Raines (30 Jan. 1995)
Reno must catch a murderous debtor who seeks revenge against the debt collectors and repo agents who ruined his life.
17Ace in the HoleAce in the Hole (6 Feb. 1995)
When a real estate agent is killed, Reno must protect the man's wife and son from a gunman who had illegal business dealings with the agent.
18Living LegendLiving Legend (13 Feb. 1995)
Reno is in trouble when Bobby's teacher and mentor, a legendary bounty hunter, targets Reno as his next prey
19Family TiesFamily Ties (20 Feb. 1995)
Reno's patience is tested when he must protect a wealthy socialite who witnessed a murder but doesn't believe that she is the killer's next intended victim.
20Broken on the Wheel of LoveBroken on the Wheel of Love (24 Apr. 1995)
Reno gets caught up with a country music star and agrees to be her bodyguard during her next tour, but things get complicated when she refuses to sign a new contract.
21Split DecisionSplit Decision (1 May 1995)
A botched bust leaves Cheyenne seriously injured, putting Bobby and Reno on the outs and threatening to end Reno's bounty hunting career for good.
22HitmanHitman (8 May 1995)
A dying hitman promises a new life and a clean record if Reno agrees to carry on his business and support his disabled daughter.