Renegade (TV Series 1992–1997)

Season 2

1The HoundThe Hound (13 Sep. 1993)
Reno goes after the brother of the man Dixon sent to kill him. When he gets him, the man claims to have evidence that not only clears Reno but also incriminates Dixon. But he won't give it unless Reno kills Dixon.
2The ChampThe Champ (20 Sep. 1993)
Reno pursues an escaped convict but soon learns that the former boxing hero may have been jailed for a murder he didn't commit.
3White Picket FencesWhite Picket Fences (27 Sep. 1993)
When Kim McClain (YVONNE SUHOR), an innocent young woman, witnesses a brutal murder in the big city, Reno goes to her small rural village to protect her from the vengeful killer who wants to stop her from testifying.
4Dead End and Easy MoneyDead End and Easy Money (4 Oct. 1993)
Reno, Bobby and Cheyenne join forces with a rival bounty hunter, Denise "Dead End" Dennison (CYNDI PASS), to capture a criminal gang.
5No Good Deed...No Good Deed... (11 Oct. 1993)
When Bobby is arrested for refusing to reveal Reno's true identity to a judge, Reno frees him by agreeing to help the district attorney (KAREN MONCRIEFF) capture Randy Dupree (SCOTT KRAFT), a merciless killer.
6The Rabbit and the FoxThe Rabbit and the Fox (18 Oct. 1993)
When Reno helps an innocent woman escape from the gangsters who are trying to kill her, he falls deeply in love with her.
7Endless SummerEndless Summer (25 Oct. 1993)
Reno gets involved with a group of daring surfers who risk their lives stealing the profits of a sadistic drug-smuggling cartel.
8Bonnie & ClaireBonnie & Claire (1 Nov. 1993)
Reno, Bobby and Cheyenne pursue two sisters who are financing a trip to Tahiti by robbing banks.
9Wheel ManWheel Man (8 Nov. 1993)
Reno poses as a daring race car driver to capture a bank robber who uses professional drivers as his accomplices.
10Windy City BluesWindy City Blues (15 Nov. 1993)
Reno goes home to Chicago and sees his father, who's a cop, and is uncertain of his innocence and is considering resigning. But Dutch shows up.
11Honor BoundHonor Bound (22 Nov. 1993)
Reno and Bobby help Zachary Quinn (CHARLES CYPHERS), a fellow Marine Corps officer, solve the gruesome murder of his daughter.
12Hard RiderHard Rider (3 Jan. 1994)
Reno and Bobby are assisted by a gang of Hell's Angels bikers in rescuing a casino owner's daughter from two psychotic kidnappers.
13CharlieCharlie (10 Jan. 1994)
Reno becomes babysitter to a street wise 6-year-old girl. Meanwhile Bobby gets a line on Hound Adams
14South of 98South of 98 (17 Jan. 1994)
Reno searches for a fugitive gang member in a violent African-American neighborhood.
15HostageHostage (24 Jan. 1994)
Reno tracks down Hound Adams, the man with the evidence that can prove his innocence. But before he can take him into custody, they are both caught up in a hostage situation.
16Rabbit ReduxRabbit Redux (31 Jan. 1994)
Reno's romantic vacation with Lisa Bendetti (PAULA TRICKEY) is disrupted when their mountain cabin becomes the target of a gang of vengeful drug suppliers.
17The PosseThe Posse (7 Feb. 1994)
Reno, Bobby and Cheyenne protect a fugitive bank robber (BEN REED) falsely accused of murdering a sheriff's wife.
18Once Burned, Twice CheyOnce Burned, Twice Chey (14 Feb. 1994)
Influenced by her romantic attraction to a former teacher accused of murdering his wife, Cheyenne asks Reno and Bobby to help prove his innocence.
19Sheriff RenoSheriff Reno (21 Feb. 1994)
Despite the risk of exposing his true identity, Reno accepts a temporary job as the sheriff of a small town besieged by a pair of vengeful brothers.
20Murderer's RowMurderer's Row (25 Apr. 1994)
Reno and Bobby compete against the best bounty hunters in the country when a wealthy entrepreneur offers a million dollars for the return of a microprocessor stolen by a traitorous executive.
21Murderer's Row: Part TwoMurderer's Row: Part Two (2 May 1994)
Reno, Bobby and Cheyenne help a fugitive woman retrieve an incriminating diary that will convict an abusive entrepreneur of his wife's murder.
22Carrick O'QuinnCarrick O'Quinn (9 May 1994)
After Reno asks Judge Sarah Jessup (CECELIA PECK), his devoted friend, to help him locate Hound Adams, she is accidentally blinded by Carrick O'Quinn (DON MICHAEL PAUL), a police squad commando who rescues her from a crazed abductor.