Renegade (TV Series 1992–1997)

Season 1

1RenegadeRenegade (19 Sep. 1992)
In the series pilot, Det. Reno Raines (Lorenzo Lamas) becomes a fugitive from justice when, in the series opener, his investigation of illicit police activity leads a corrupt lieutenant (Stephen J. Cannell) to frame him for murder.
2Hunting AccidentHunting Accident (26 Sep. 1992)
Reno (Lorenzo Lamas) runs a bully (Pete Koch) out of a small town, but the man spots Reno's picture on a wanted poster and informs the police of his whereabouts.
3Final JudgementFinal Judgement (3 Oct. 1992)
Reno races the police to capture a hired killer in order to determine if the man has information on Reno's case and to stop him from murdering a judge (Sheree J. Wilson).
4La Mala SombraLa Mala Sombra (10 Oct. 1992)
Reno's pursuit of the alleged leader of an El Salvadoran death squad turns dangerous when he gets competition from the squad members.
5Mother CourageMother Courage (17 Oct. 1992)
Reno infiltrates a group of bikers to find a mechanic's killer, but his cover is jeopardized when the dead man's mother takes justice into her own hands.
6Second ChanceSecond Chance (24 Oct. 1992)
Reno chases a racketeer (James Darren) who attracts more pursuers when he steals the girlfriend (Tracy Scoggins) of a powerful underworld figure/thug!
7Eye of the StormEye of the Storm (31 Oct. 1992)
Reno and the others end up in the middle of a hostage situation when a group of fugitives plan an elaborate jailbreak to kidnap a reformed ex-member of their gang.
8PaybackPayback (7 Nov. 1992)
After a bust goes horribly wrong, costing an informant his life, Reno licks his wounds and plots his revenge.
9The TalismanThe Talisman (14 Nov. 1992)
A teenage girl with essential information on a known fugitive only agrees to share it with Reno if she gets to tag along and help him bring down the man who murdered her father.
10PartnersPartners (21 Nov. 1992)
When Reno's mentor on the police force is killed he decides to investigate. He suspects that a Mexican drug lord the man was investigating is responsible. So Reno goes to Mexico to get him but learns something unexpected.
11Lyon's RoarLyon's Roar (4 Jan. 1993)
Reno is challenged to a contest for survival by a psychotic drug-addicted survivalist.
12Val's SongVal's Song (11 Jan. 1993)
Reno's comatose fiancée is finally taken off life support, giving crooked cop Dixon an opportunity to bait Reno out into the open.
13Give and TakeGive and Take (18 Jan. 1993)
A serial killer stabs a housewife to death soon after "Vincent Black" helps her change a tire, making Reno the prime suspect for local police.
14SamuraiSamurai (25 Jan. 1993)
In the midst of a routine bounty hunt, Vincent accidentally interferes with a war between two powerful yakuza.
15The Two RenosThe Two Renos (6 Feb. 1993)
Some cops who work for Dutch find a convict who looks like Reno. They turn him loose and orders him to commit crimes and claim he's Reno. When Reno learns of this, he and Chey go under the guise of a couple to find him.
16BillyBilly (8 Feb. 1993)
While chasing a criminal motorcycle gang, Reno is assisted by a roving bank robber, Billy.
17HeadcaseHeadcase (15 Feb. 1993)
The ex-girlfriend of an escaped convict arranges a trap for the man who first caught her old flame: Vincent Black.
18The Hot TipThe Hot Tip (22 Feb. 1993)
Reno rescues a beautiful actress, Amber (DENISE GENTILE), from a fortified Mexican estate.
19Moody RiverMoody River (26 Apr. 1993)
Vincent Black must intervene when the Moses family are persecuted by the biased police of Moody River.
20VanishedVanished (3 May 1993)
When the ADA's daughter begins a downhill spiral into drug addiction, Reno and Cheyenne discover a sinister purpose behind the young girl's troubles.
21Fighting Cage: Part 1Fighting Cage: Part 1 (10 May 1993)
Reno receives a tape containing proof that his estranged brother Mitch is still alive and competing in an underground cage fighting tournament.
22Fighting Cage: Part 2Fighting Cage: Part 2 (17 May 1993)
Reno makes his way through the cage fighting tournament while continuing to help his brother regain his memory, as they both head for a showdown with the leaders of the fighting circuit.