Eek! The Cat (TV Series 1992–1997)

Season 1

1MisereekMisereek (11 Sep. 1992)
Eek realizes he doesn't get much attention from his family, so he sets out to find a new owner. Eventually he ends up with an old lady who mistakes him for her own cat, Mittens. The lady seems very kind, but her eyesight problem causes several other problems.
2Bearz 'N the HoodBearz 'N the Hood (19 Sep. 1992)
Wendy Elizabeth gets sick and wishes for an autograph of her current favorite characters, the Squishy Bears. As it happens, the playful foursome visits Eek's city and he sets out to get an autograph. However, at city hall, a group of rats try to sabotage the Squishy Bears' reputation.
3CatsanovaCatsanova (26 Sep. 1992)
Eek's new neighbors arrive: the large but lovable Annabelle and her pet shark dog Sharky. Eek falls in love with Annabelle and tries to get in touch with her. A cupid helps him with this matter as it will help him regain his second wing. However, Sharky constantly prevents Eek of getting near Annabelle.
4Eek vs. the Flying SaucersEek vs. the Flying Saucers (2 Oct. 1992)
An alien comes to Earth and asks Eek to show him around. After doing so, Eek takes the alien to his house. Then the alien meets Annabelle, who happens to be the missing component for the alien's death ray. The alien kidnaps Annabelle and Eek goes after them to save his girlfriend and the Earth.
5HallowEekHallowEek (31 Oct. 1992)
It's Halloween and Wendy Elizabeth, J.B and Eek go out trick or treating disguised as a giant chicken. At some point Eek becomes separated and goes on a search for his owners. Meanwhile, a witch plans to capture all the ghosts in the world to turn them into a cosmetic product.
6Cape FurCape Fur (16 Oct. 1992)
While a storm rages outside, a bunny lands in a pool and nearly drowns. As helpful as ever, Eek rescues the bunny but is misunderstood by his owners. Slowly it becomes clear that the bunny isn't as cute as he appears.
7HawaiiEek 5-0HawaiiEek 5-0 (23 Oct. 1992)
Annabelle invites Eek to a pool party. Unfortunately she falls in and sinks to the bottom. Eek calls in the help of Jacques Le Duck, the famous sea explorer. As they find Annebelle, they are all sucked into a whirlpool that brings them to a mysterious island.
8Eek's International AdventureEek's International Adventure (31 Oct. 1992)
Mom takes Wendy Elizabeth, J.B and Eek on a plane in order to visit Uncle Vic's potato farm. While on the plane, Eek encounters Sasha, who is a spy. She mistakes Eek for a famous secret agent known as 'The cat'. Together they try and stop a villain known as 'the brain'.
9Great Balls of FurGreat Balls of Fur (7 Nov. 1992)
Melvis the cat (a parody on Elvis) is tired of his career as a pop star. By a strange turn of events, Eek becomes his temporarily replacement. Eek got tickets for him and Annabelle for Melvis' next concert, but if Eek stands in for Melvis, how is he gonna take Annabelle to the concert?
10The Whining Pirates of TortugaThe Whining Pirates of Tortuga (13 Nov. 1992)
A young Eek helps out his uncle, who is an inventor, by hunting down a secret treasure. Eek ends up on a pirate ship and with the help of the whining pirates of Tortuga, he continues his search. The island on which the treasure is supposedly stored houses many dangers though.
11The Eekcidental TouristThe Eekcidental Tourist (20 Nov. 1992)
Wendy Elizabeth gets a bad grade on her Geography test and is very sad about it. Mom decides to tour America so Wendy can pick up some knowledge. At some point, Eek gets separated and has to chase after his family, across the country.
12It's a Wonderful Nine LivesIt's a Wonderful Nine Lives (19 Dec. 1992)
Eek finds a present that fell of Santa's sleigh. As helpful as he is, he goes to an extended length to try and deliver the present to it's rightful owner.
13The EeksterminatorThe Eeksterminator (26 Dec. 1992)
It's Wendy Elizabeth's birthday. Eek gives her a termite farm, which she always wanted. Trouble rises when two spiders try to invade the farm and feed on the inhabitants.