Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (TV Series 1992)

Season 1

1Unaired PilotUnaired Pilot ()
Bill and Ted are forced to get jobs at a local hardware store, Nail World, to buy a new amp, but they insult the store manager's daughter and must go back in time to fix this, inadvertently giving life to a noir comic book femme fatale.
2Nail the Conquering HeroNail the Conquering Hero (28 Jun. 1992)
Bill and Ted's Nail World boss, Mr. Keilson, accidentally uses their time traveling phone booth, ending up in King Arthur's England and inadvertently replacing Arthur as king.
3As the Dude Turns (The Lives that we Live)As the Dude Turns (The Lives that we Live) (5 Jul. 1992)
Bill's attractive young ditsy stepmother Missy is shocked to learn that the hero of a daytime soap opera she has a crush on wants to have a sex change operation, so the boys enter the show to change his mind, messing up the plot further.
4It's a Totally Wonderful LifeIt's a Totally Wonderful Life (12 Jul. 1992)
Rufus has a fuzzy prophetic dream about chicken kiev and dark future where the Stallions broke up and went their separate ways before making it big and saving the world. He must travel to 1996 to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.
5Hunka Hunka Bill and TedHunka Hunka Bill and Ted (19 Jul. 1992)
Bill and Ted lose an Elvis impersonating competition. So they decide to go back in time to help the real Elvis, become the King of Rock and Roll. But their efforts are disastrous when they bring the Elvis back to the future and he loses an Elvis impersonation contest. Elvis triumphs when he returns to 1955 to sings "All Shook Up" at a bowling alley and then records That's All Right Momma".
6Destiny BabesDestiny Babes (26 Jul. 1992)
Bill and Ted fall for two girls they believe they are destined to be with but get rejected for being awkward, so they go back and time and bring Casanova to the present to analyze his seduction techniques, which backfires.
7Deja VuDeja Vu (2 Aug. 1992)
In order to make their disillusioned music appreciation teacher feel better, Bill and Ted go back in time to 1969 when she and Ted's army father, who turns out to have been a hippie at the time, were on their way to Woodstock.
8Stand Up GuyStand Up Guy (8 Aug. 1992)
Bill and Ted go back in time to meet Einstein and learn why everyone ironically calls them by his name. However, he turns out to be frustrated by the theory of relativity so he quits physics and turns to his true passion - stand up comedy.