Shining Time Station (TV Series 1989–1993)

Season 3

1Becky Makes a WishBecky Makes a Wish (26 Mar. 1993)
Becky hopes something special would occur in the station. Suddenly, unexpected occurrences including Schemer and Stacy switching personalities as well as the mayor flying like a bird across town are the results.
2Schemer's AloneSchemer's Alone (23 Mar. 1993)
Schemer's mother is away and Schemer is told to do some responsibilities while she's away and he promises to do what he was told to do. But, he ends up making the kids do all of his assignments for him.
3Bully for Mr. ConductorBully for Mr. Conductor (24 Mar. 1993)
While J.B. King is looking for Mr. Conductor his nephew Buster drops by Shining Time Station and harasses Dan.
4Stacy Cleans UpStacy Cleans Up (7 Apr. 1993)
The local dump has closed down and Shining Time Station is full of rubbish. It's lucky that a garbage train has pulled up on track four.
5Schemer's RobotSchemer's Robot (19 Apr. 1993)
Schemer purchases a robot to help operate the station's jukebox. However, he proves it being a very big error when the robot falls in love with the jukebox.
6Billy Saves the DayBilly Saves the Day (20 Apr. 1993)
Felix Perez organizes a concert. The kids rehearse with instruments, Schemer does a rap song, and Billy sings a folk song.
7Billy's PartyBilly's Party (21 Apr. 1993)
People at the station celebrate Thanksgiving which is a very busy holiday.
8Fortune Teller SchemerFortune Teller Schemer (22 Apr. 1993)
Schemer's fortune-telling machine correctly predicts the sudden frost, thus saving Ginny's tomato crop from certain destruction. Schemer dons the personality of "El Schemo" when he hears of this, and sits in the arcade, being treated like royalty, while the stranded passengers (trains delayed by the frost) come to him and his machine for their fortunes told.
9Billy's Runaway TrainBilly's Runaway Train (3 May 1993)
The station organizes a play about Casey Jones. Meanwhile, Mister Conductor and Billy both take the non-stop train to Snarleyville, but Stacy has to pull the switch to save the trains when the controls are stiff and another train is coming on the same railroad track.
10Schemer Goes CampingSchemer Goes Camping (4 May 1993)
Everyone goes camping the station due to rainy weather, but Schemer forgets to pack all of the important equipment.
11Mr. Conductor's Evil TwinMr. Conductor's Evil Twin (5 May 1993)
Kara asks Mister Conductor's twin to repair anything for her, but instead he wreaks havoc around the station.
12Bad Luck Day at Shining Time StationBad Luck Day at Shining Time Station (6 May 1993)
It is Friday the 13th at the station and Schemer encourages Schemee to sell phony good luck charms he made, such as vinyl horseshoes, plastic four-leaf clovers, and rabbit's feet made from a wool coat. However, Schemee takes his uncle's technique of frightening people into buying them a bit too far.
13Mr. Conductor's Fourth of JulyMr. Conductor's Fourth of July (17 May 1993)
Billy and the kids are outside listening to Stacy's speech on freedom. Meanwhile, Schemer and Schemee go on a secret mission and turn the station upside down in order to search for gold. Schemee vacuums up Mister Conductor's magic dust and he cannot disappear at this time.
14Stacy Forgets Her NameStacy Forgets Her Name (18 May 1993)
Stacy smells a rose on her ticket booth. Mister Conductor has put memory loss powder on it so honeybees would forget about themselves. However, Stacy finds it first and sniffs it, which influences her to have amnesia. Schemer uses the occasion to talk her into selling the station, while Dan tries to assist her in regaining her memories.
15Schemer's Special ClubSchemer's Special Club (19 May 1993)
Schemer wants to join the Nickelaire club, so he begins behaving like the leader, Hobart Hume III. However, Schemer has second thoughts when Hume criticizes Billy, Stacy, and the Kids. When he tells Schemer to lose the curl, it's the final straw.
16Mr. Conductor's MovieMr. Conductor's Movie (20 May 1993)
When a film producer arrives at the station, everyone gets excited and desires to participate in its production. They all go and receive costumes hoping to be part of the film.
17The Joke's on SchemerThe Joke's on Schemer (31 May 1993)
On the day before April Fool's Day, the kids dread Schemer's pranks because they know it is Schemer's favorite holiday. They play various tricks on him within the station. Schemer later finds out about the pranks when movers pack up the jukebox.
18Dance CrazyDance Crazy (1 Jun. 1993)
Ginny assists Schemer in practicing for a dance competition. Dan is bashful to dance publicly because he thinks Becky and Kara will tease him.
19Mysterious StrangerMysterious Stranger (2 Jun. 1993)
Everyone gets frightened when anything disappears at the station. The kids plan to stay late in order to capture the thief, but it turns out to be a monkey that has been accidentally left behind by a circus train.
20Dan's Big RaceDan's Big Race (3 Jun. 1993)
Dan cannot participate in a charity bicycle contest because his bicycle is broken.
21Mr. Conductor Gets Left OutMr. Conductor Gets Left Out (7 Jun. 1993)
The kids watch too much television and forget about participating in outdoor activities such as attending baseball games, canoe rides, and visiting a zoological park.
22Mr. Conductor's Big SleepwalkMr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk (8 Jun. 1993)
Mister Conductor accidentally sneezes sleepy sand in his eyes and sleepwalks. Now he cannot spread his sleepy sand to assist everyone in Indian Valley fall asleep.
23The Mayor Runs for Re-ElectionThe Mayor Runs for Re-Election (9 Jun. 1993)
It's election time in the town of Shining Time and Mayor Flopdinger is trying to get re-elected. Then a newcomer shows up in town and threatens Mayor Flopdinger's chances.
24Stacy Says NoStacy Says No (10 Jun. 1993)
Stacy establishes a new strict of rules at the station as part of J.B. King's advice, but she forgets about her friends.
25How the Station Got Its NameHow the Station Got Its Name (11 Jun. 1993)
Kara, Becky, and Mister Conductor time travel to get a missing part for a lantern. They meet the grandparents of Stacy, Schemer, Billy, and J.B. King and end up learning how "Shining Time Station" originated its name.