Shining Time Station (TV Series 1989–1993)

Season 2

1Scare DaresScare Dares (18 Nov. 1991)
It is Halloween at Shining Time Station and Dan is dared to enter the new engineer's workshop.
2Oh, What a Tangled WebOh, What a Tangled Web (19 Nov. 1991)
Kara and Dan pretend to work at the station so they can let Becky throw a party there, but these children end up being in very big trouble when they lie to J. B. King.
3The Magic Is BelievingThe Magic Is Believing (20 Nov. 1991)
An illusionist comes to the station and tries to show the kids a magic trick, but he messes up because he is afraid that his audience will laugh at him. The illusionist thinks that his magic has been lost, but Stacy reassures him by saying that he will get it back soon. When Mister Conductor appears, Becky thinks that he is a toy. Mister Conductor and the kids explain everything and the illusionist gets his magic back.
4Win, Lose or DrawWin, Lose or Draw (21 Nov. 1991)
The kids enter a drawing contest. Becky does not like the way her picture looks, so she asks Mister Conductor to use his magic to draw her a nicer picture. Schemer steals Billy's ink to draw a self-portrait, but finds out that it is disappearing ink. At the end, Becky learns to appreciate her original drawing and she wins third prize.
5Sweet and SourSweet and Sour (22 Nov. 1991)
The kids are selling lemonade and cookies. However, Schemer and Schemee encourage them to raise the prices and sell low-quality products. When Midge Smoot buys some cookies and finds out how awful they taste, she gets upset with Schemer.
6AchooAchoo (25 Nov. 1991)
Mister Conductor has a cold, but still wants to go to the South Pole and visit his penguin friends.
7A Dog's LifeA Dog's Life (26 Nov. 1991)
Schemer finds Ginny's lost dog and gives it to the kids so he is temporarily taken care of by them.
8Field DayField Day (27 Nov. 1991)
The kids are part of a baseball team and Schemer is their coach, hence they are known as The Schemer Team since Schemer paid for the uniforms. Schemer sends Schemee to sneak on the opposing team, The Snarleyville Slashers.
9Wrong TrackWrong Track (28 Nov. 1991)
After Stacy is compelled to stay at the train station and arrange new train schedules missing her highly-anticipated vacation, kids from the station decide to throw a party to cheer her up.
10WashoutWashout (29 Nov. 1991)
A severe thunderstorm rages over Indian Valley Railroad and the station.
11CrackpotCrackpot (29 Nov. 1991)
Kara accidentally breaks the teapot of Stacy's old tea set when Schemer sneaks up on her. Stacy, knowing how valuable it was, is upset about it.
12Yabba, Yabba, YabbaYabba, Yabba, Yabba (17 Dec. 1991)
Mister Conductor sits on the information booth, making an entry in his diary. He views three cows grazing in a farm's field on his way back from Doodle Haven, and asks about the reason a cow's milk being white and not green like the grass they eat. In addition, Mister Conductor asks if fish sleep as he writes the question into his diary. He ends the entry by writing that these are private questions are only intended for the diary, and then vanishes. Schemee uses walkie talkies to sneak on everyone. He also reads Becky's mail and turns the station upside down looking ...
13Nickel in a PickleNickel in a Pickle (18 Dec. 1991)
Schemer gets cocky while operating the jukebox and injures himself, but milks everyone's sympathy to the point where patience turns to be thin.
14Stop the PressStop the Press (19 Dec. 1991)
The kids write a newspaper, but by mistake, they make up different stories. They learn that news stories intend to be real news reports.
15He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (20 Dec. 1991)
It is Valentine's Day at the station and Mister Conductor is working as a Cupid's assistant. Stacy ends up falling in love with Schemer when she accidentally walks through Mister Conductor's magical cloud of dust.
16Double TroubleDouble Trouble (31 Aug. 1992)
After a drawing of Mr. Conductor is created, some gold dust is left behind and one of the kids takes the gold dust and puts it on the drawing resulting in mass hysteria involving an evil twin of Mr. Conductor.
17Is Anybody There?Is Anybody There? (24 Dec. 1991)
Schemer does a radio show from his jukebox, but he is totally unprepared for it.
18Do I HearDo I Hear (2 Sep. 1992)
While Billy and Stacy are away, Schemer organizes an auction and attempts to sell everything in the station to pay off the damages to his broken jukebox.
19Jingle, Jingle, JingleJingle, Jingle, Jingle (26 Dec. 1991)
The kids and Schemer participate in a slogan contest. Schemer thinks that the prize for the winner is cash, so he plans to buy the station and build a parking lot.
20All's FairAll's Fair (27 Dec. 1991)
The station has an annual fair festival. Schemer and Stacy participate in a pie-making contest.