Police Rescue (TV Series 1989–1996)

Season 5

1The UltimateThe Ultimate (29 Jan. 1999)
The rescue squads three new recruits gets tested to the limit while performing a rescue on a skyscraper.
2Nobby's PlaceNobby's Place (26 Jan. 1999)
An old man keeps fishing in a dangerous place and Mickey soon looses his patience.
3The Getting of WisdomThe Getting of Wisdom (22 Jan. 1999)
Joe, the new guy, rescues a woman with psychological problems and gets a little too involved with her.
4The RiverThe River (21 Jan. 1999)
A small plane carrying a father and son crashes in the mountains due to bad weather. A search party is organised but the search is further complicated when Angel becomes lost as well.
5The ShipThe Ship (1 Feb. 1999)
There has been an explosion on a ship and several men are trapped.
6Flash the DescentFlash the Descent (25 Jan. 1999)
The team is send out to rescue a couple of climbers stuck on a mountain wall.
7The Holliman KidThe Holliman Kid (28 Jan. 1999)
When a little girl disappear every one wonders what happened to her. Meanwhile Georgia learn she's pregnant.
8Tomorrow Never KnowsTomorrow Never Knows (27 Jan. 1999)
When Angels younger brother gets killed in a car accident, Angel takes his anger out on the drunk driver, who caused the crash.
9The Only ConstantThe Only Constant (2 Feb. 1999)
The team race against time to rescue two little girls trapped in a storm drain which is quickly filling up with water. Meanwhile Angel's taking his leave and Georgia is pondering to do the same.