Police Rescue (TV Series 1989–1996)

Season 4

1On the OuterOn the Outer (4 Jan. 1999)
Brian is struggling with fitting in and ends up in a couple of dangerous situations.
2Conduct Endangering LifeConduct Endangering Life (5 Jan. 1999)
A bank robbery goes wrong and Nippers wife ends up as a hostage.
3Wrong Side of the RoadWrong Side of the Road (6 Jan. 1999)
By chance Mickey and Nipper are first on site when a bus is found crashed on the side of a mountain road which makes the rescue of the passengers more difficult.
4Something's Got to GiveSomething's Got to Give (7 Jan. 1999)
Senior sergeant Webb's first day on the job isn't without difficulties. Nor for Georgia who hoped for the promotion after Nipper left.
5Guardian AngelGuardian Angel (11 Jan. 1999)
While having problems with his love life, Angel finds relief in taking a young boy under his wing.
6Double JeopardyDouble Jeopardy (11 Jan. 1999)
A gas explosion leaves people trapped in the basement of a building. The rescue squad attempt gets even more difficult and dangerous with poisonous fumes and the risk of another explosion.
7Crossing the LineCrossing the Line (18 Jan. 1999)
Georgina tries to help a woman with drug problems and her two young children.
8Damage ControlDamage Control (12 Jan. 1999)
Kathy has a hard time dealing with a drying man's last words spoken to her in belief she is his wife.
9Public MischiefPublic Mischief (13 Jan. 1999)
Mickey gets hooked up with a couple living life dangerous as base jumpers, while Georgia looks into a factory with a little too many work accidents.
10Breaking StrainBreaking Strain (14 Jan. 1999)
Angel tries to help his old friend, a tow truck driver.
11The Sharp EndThe Sharp End (15 Jan. 1999)
When a demolition team gets ready to take down a building, something goes wrong and they get trapped in a really dangerous situation.
12Rescue MeRescue Me (19 Jan. 1999)
Angel has difficulties coping with his hated fathers death. Meanwhile Georgia tries to help a friend and her daughter after they were hurt in a gas explosion.
13Wild CardWild Card (20 Jan. 1999)
A cold blooded killer blames Mickey for the death of his brother and wants revenge.