Police Rescue (TV Series 1989–1996)

Season 3

1LifelineLifeline (4 Dec. 1996)
A girl calls the rescue team telling she is locked up in a room but she don't know where. A race against time begins for the team to find the girl before her father does.
2Wild Goose ChaseWild Goose Chase (2 Dec. 1996)
Georgina has cancelled her wedding. The team is searching for a missing man but it feels like an wild goose chase.
3On a RollOn a Roll (3 Dec. 1996)
Angel's getting hooked on horse race gambling.
4Prodigal DaughterProdigal Daughter (5 Dec. 1996)
Newly promoted to the rank of sergeant, Georgia is seconded to a policy review committee; among the items on their agenda: the end of the Rescue Squad.
5The Loaded BoyThe Loaded Boy (6 Dec. 1996)
A truck with chemical waste crashes and a can with the possible deadly material goes missing.
6Good BuddyGood Buddy (10 Dec. 1996)
Brian becomes friends with one of Nippers old mates, private investigater Temple, who isn't who he seems to be.
7Rush HourRush Hour (9 Dec. 1996)
Brian gets challenged with his phobia, when the rescue squad has to search for missing persons in the subway tunnels.
8SpeedingSpeeding (11 Dec. 1996)
Mickey gets worried about his son after a car with drugged teenagers crashes.
9Lift SixteenLift Sixteen (12 Dec. 1996)
Nipper gets stuck in an elevator that breaks down due to an earthquake.
10WhirlwindWhirlwind (13 Dec. 1996)
Kathy gets a little too involved with an adrenalin junkie.
11Cold SnapCold Snap (16 Dec. 1996)
Angel's had enough of the rivalry between Mickey and him. After a big row with Mickey, he leaves Police Rescue. He is transferred to Special Operations.
12Double IllusionDouble Illusion (17 Dec. 1996)
Angel and Mickey rescue a man who fell through a roof while being chased by two police officers and he pleads with Mickey not to be handed over to the officers. When the man is later pulled off the rocks, Mickey suspects the cops.
13The Last to KnowThe Last to Know (18 Dec. 1996)
Mickey has anger management issues after his father has a heart attack.