Police Rescue (TV Series 1989–1996)

Season 2

1The Right StuffThe Right Stuff (2 Feb. 1996)
Constable Tom 'Bomber' Young (Russell Crowe), a footy hero, joins the squad with disastrous results.
2Off the TrackOff the Track (9 Feb. 1996)
When a car and commuter train collide, it's an emotionally and physically draining shift for the entire squad.
3The Hard WayThe Hard Way (16 Feb. 1996)
Georgia finds a car crash involving a couple suspicious and wonder if the woman tried to kill her husband.
4The Big CanaryThe Big Canary (23 Feb. 1996)
Mickey is assigned to protect a whistleblower prior to her testimony in a court case.
5Judgement DayJudgement Day (1 Mar. 1996)
Frog seems to be running out of luck: first while trying to save a girl in a demolished building, then when a man wipe out his whole family and finally climbing down a cliff to rescue a boy.
6StakeoutStakeout (8 Mar. 1996)
When on an assignment with a crashed truck, Mickey and Georgia unintentionally disturb a drug squad shakeout.
7SugarSugar (15 Mar. 1996)
After the death of Kathy's brother, she is maybe to quickly back at work and struggles to deal with handling a car crash and an accident at a sugar refinery.
8With a VengeanceWith a Vengeance (22 Mar. 1996)
The team is searching for a small missing airplane and finds it hanging on a ledge with two young men trapped inside.
9Reasons to LiveReasons to Live (29 Mar. 1996)
The squad is called on to save an artist who is obsessed with his wife's "affairs" and who has decided to kill both himself and his family.
10From This Day ForwardFrom This Day Forward (26 Nov. 1996)
Nipper voices his doubts that Brian will ever become an integrated member of the squad.
11Angel's DevilsAngel's Devils (27 Nov. 1996)
Angel becomes convinced that Helena is having an affair and begins losing control, both at home and at work.
12The Real MeaningThe Real Meaning (28 Nov. 1996)
Mickey and ambulance officer Tricia Mellick receive public accolades and media attention after being involved in a high profile rescue.
13HeartbeatHeartbeat (29 Nov. 1996)
Georgina is struggling with wedding planning. When the team is send into a cave to rescue archaeologists caught in a flood, Mickey suddenly vanish.