Police Rescue (TV Series 1989–1996)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (27 Oct. 1995)
LPG A liquid petroleum gas tanker crashes with another vehicle trapping one driver and his young son, as the tankers are parted for rescue to begin its noticed that there are chlorine pellets on the floor which if they get wet will have cause a thermal explosion. To make matters worse a LPG plant is just down the road the whole area is cordoned of as rescue set about extracting the driver and his son. Mean while back at base one of the team struggles with past addictions due to the death of his beloved pet dog.
2MatesMates (24 Nov. 1995)
'Mickey" struggles with now being a weekend dad, tries to help a potential suicide, and has an altercation with his Inspector.
3Angel After HoursAngel After Hours (10 Nov. 1995)
'Angel' has family problems; the squad is called out to a multiple MVA and a building site accident. Also a 'shrink' is sent to interview the entire squad, none of whom are happy at having to meet with him.
4L.P.G.L.P.G. (17 Nov. 1995)
A liquidified petroleum gasoline tanker crashes with another truck, endangering a suburb and a nearby gas factory.
5The Cosmic LightbeamThe Cosmic Lightbeam (3 Nov. 1995)
A lock-out, a break-in, and a police trainee spell trouble for 'Mickey'.
6Mad DogMad Dog (1 Dec. 1995)
A prison guard strike leads to the male members of the squad being sent to substitute and an escape.
7Saturday NightSaturday Night (8 Dec. 1995)
On a fishing trip Ridgy gets washed ashore while trying to rescue another man from drowning.
8Reunion with SnakeReunion with Snake (15 Dec. 1995)
Two boys gets chemical burns after playing in a tunnel.
9RaidRaid (22 Dec. 1995)
While 'Mickey' and 'Angel' are in competition for the new hire's attention, the squad is tasked to work with Special Operations to go after a gangster for murder.
10One for DadOne for Dad (29 Dec. 1995)
Mickey and Frog spends a long night in a swamp while looking for a missing girl.
11HostageHostage (5 Jan. 1996)
Mickey and Georgia get caught up in a shoot out by a bank robber who has taken a hostage.
12Up a TreeUp a Tree (12 Jan. 1996)
Animal rescue to riot control - a typical day for the Police Rescue Squad,,,or is it?
13Saving the PrincessSaving the Princess (19 Jan. 1996)
The squad gets called out to free a man trapped during a building demolition but end up finding Romeo and Juliet.
14By the BookBy the Book (26 Jan. 1996)
Mickey stands by Georgia when she makes an unpopular decision on an MVA call.