No Job for a Lady (TV Series 1990–1992)

Season 1

1Who Goes Home?Who Goes Home? (7 Feb. 1990)
Jean Price, new MP in the Labour Party, learns the ropes of working in government.
2The Maiden OverThe Maiden Over (14 Feb. 1990)
With the desire to really accomplish something positive, Jean breaks with tradition in her maiden speech to the House of Commons and then faces the consequences.
3There Should Be a Law Against ItThere Should Be a Law Against It (21 Feb. 1990)
Jean learns there are many ways to bring a bill before the House--and many ways for Parliament to stand in the way of progress.
4Questions, Questions!Questions, Questions! (28 Feb. 1990)
While trying to confirm that nuclear waste is being transported through her constiuency, Jean confronts a series of dead ends.
5A Member of the CommitteeA Member of the Committee (7 Mar. 1990)
After joining a Parliamentary committee, Jean learns valuable lessons about double-crossing and the power of the press.
6Take a CopyTake a Copy (14 Mar. 1990)
Jean gets into trouble when she uses a confidential document to counter an opposition member's proposals for health-care reform.