Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series 1990–1996)

Season 6

1An Eye for an EyeAn Eye for an Eye (9 Sep. 1995)
The Planeteers are after Hoggish Greedly who schemes to wipe out all the river dolphins in existence.
2101 Mutations101 Mutations (11 May 1996)
Dr. Blight is settled in a puppy mill and is selling sick animals.
3Whoo Gives a Hoot?Whoo Gives a Hoot? (23 Sep. 1995)
The Planeteers have three days to prove that Looten Plunder is cutting down old growth forests. The Planeteers call Captain Planet for Wheeler, who has fallen into a river. Later the Planeteers lose the battle with Looten Plunder.
4Frog Day AfternoonFrog Day Afternoon (7 Oct. 1995)
Dr. Blight steals frogs from their natural environment.
5Five Ring Panda-MoniumFive Ring Panda-Monium (4 Nov. 1995)
The Planeteers join the circus to rescue some abused animals after they were abducted by the Slaughters.
6A Good Bomb Is Hard to FindA Good Bomb Is Hard to Find (11 Nov. 1995)
The Planeteers try to stop past and future versions of Doctor Blight who sells a nuclear bomb to a German dictator.
7Dirty PoliticsDirty Politics (18 Nov. 1995)
Dr. Blight's daughter, Betsi comes from the future to the past. She helps the Planeteers stop her mother to become a President.
8Old Ma RiverOld Ma River (25 Nov. 1995)
The Planeteers visit India. All of them get sick except for Wheeler. He investigates the sickness in the city with the help of an Indian woman named Lita.
9One of the GangOne of the Gang (27 Jan. 1996)
After saving a rich man's life in a boat storm, Senior Cisneros persuades the Planeteers to a stay at his luxurious hotel. Ma-Ti gets mistaken for a local riffraff by the hotel's police. So Ma-Ti leaves the others and visits the poor community.
10Twelve Angry AnimalsTwelve Angry Animals (3 Feb. 1996)
The Planeteers are trapped in a terrible blizzard up on Mount Everest. Their guide a snow leopard named 'Heather' leads them into a cavern hat turns out to be a courtroom. The Planeteers are being prosecuted as criminals.
11Never the Twain Shall MeetNever the Twain Shall Meet (10 Feb. 1996)
The Planeteers are off to meet Milton who shows them all his work in preserving the endangered Mississippi River. Wheeler and Ma-ti don't want a guided tour. They want to experience the Mississippi like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.
12Delta GoneDelta Gone (17 Feb. 1996)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers prevent Looten Plunder and Hoggish Greedly of destroying the African wetlands with their mining and cattle business.
13Greed Is the WordGreed Is the Word (24 Feb. 1996)
Hoggish Greedly plots to get rid of the manatees and eventually is defeated by Captain Planet.