Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series 1990–1996)

Season 5

1Twilight OzoneTwilight Ozone (10 Sep. 1994)
The Planeteers discover Duke Nukem is behind the animal blindness. Captain Planet gets zapped by a radiation ray. He gets weak and retrieves. Later, the Planeteers call him again and he defeats Nukem.
2HollywasteHollywaste (17 Sep. 1994)
The Planeteers meet Dr. Blight's sister, Bambi who will star in an environmentally friendly movie. But Dr. Blight manages to take her place. Bambi escapes and stops her sister from destroying Captain Planet.
3The Ghost of Porkaloin PastThe Ghost of Porkaloin Past (24 Sep. 1994)
Hoggish Greedly inherits his grandfather's estate, which is a hotel. He uses it for illegal operations. The Planeteers reveal that the groundskeeper Boaris is Greedly's grandfather in disguise.
4Disoriented ExpressDisoriented Express (1 Oct. 1994)
The wealthy philanthropist Ella Salvador is kidnapped by Dr. Blight, who wants to prevent the implementation of a new smog reducing railway system in overcrowded Latin American cities.
5Horns a'PlentyHorns a'Plenty (5 Nov. 1994)
The Planeteers split up to stop 2 plots involving rhinoceros horns. Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak join forces with the Slaughter Family to get rid of the Planeteers.
6A River Ran Through ItA River Ran Through It (12 Nov. 1994)
The Planeteers call Captain Planet, who captures Hoggish Greedly and meanwhile prevents the war Greedly fueled between the workers in town.
7No Place Like HomeNo Place Like Home (19 Nov. 1994)
Dr. Blight succeeds into turning Gaia mortal and leaves Captain Planet and the Planeteers powerless.
8Little Crop of HorrorsLittle Crop of Horrors (26 Nov. 1994)
Dr. Blight uses a stolen growth enhancement ray from Dr. Georgina Carbor to control the rate of erosion. The vine mutates into a plant monster.
9In Zarm's WayIn Zarm's Way (4 Feb. 1995)
Gi has to work for Zarm to save the children. But when things got out of handle, the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who orders them to spread the news to mom and dad. Obeying his orders, Gi informs Zarm of his defeat.
10No Small ProblemNo Small Problem (11 Feb. 1995)
The Planeteers are shrunk by Sly Sludge and send to a dump. They manage to build a plane to escape but the effects of the shrinking ray is wearing off. So the Planeteers call Captain Planet for help.
11Numbers GameNumbers Game (18 Feb. 1995)
An eco emergency changes the Planeteers' plans for Wheeler's birthday to go to Coney Island. So the celebrate at an Eco Park. While Wheeler and Linka are in the tunnel of love, he falls asleep. Wheeler dreams he became a father of 8 children. Hope Island is destroyed by over consumption and the other Planeteers and Captain Planet don't care anymore.
12Nothing's SacredNothing's Sacred (25 Feb. 1995)
Vermanous Skumm steals an artifact from a museum.
13Who's Running the Show?Who's Running the Show? (13 May 1995)
Doctor Blight, Duke Nukem, Vermanous Skumm, and Hoggish Greedly take over a national television network and fill it with their own pro-pollution propaganda. Duke Nukem wants to drop a nuclear missile for the cameras.