Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series 1990–1996)

Season 4

1A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Part 1A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Part 1 (11 Sep. 1993)
The Planeteers argue about their priorities concerning different ecological problems. Sly Sludge dumps waste in a salt mine. Gaia assigns the Planeteers to intervene so they can end the dispute between themselves.
2A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Part 2A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Part 2 (18 Sep. 1993)
Captain Planet destroys Captain Pollution by throwing him in a natural lava vat.
3I Just Want to Be Your Teddy BearI Just Want to Be Your Teddy Bear (25 Sep. 1993)
The Planeteers discover that Hoggish Greedly is behind a mystery involving Louisiana black bears.
4Missing LinkaMissing Linka (2 Oct. 1993)
Linka leaves the Planeteers and returns home to look after her sick grandmother. Something is poisoning the water and the Planeteers begin to investigate. After they discover the culprit, Linka rejoins her friends.
5The Unbearable Blightness of BeingThe Unbearable Blightness of Being (9 Oct. 1993)
Dr. Blight succeeds in constructing a machine, which switches the minds of two affected bodies. She manages to take over Gaia's body and Gaia herself inhabits Dr. Blight's body.
6Wheeler's ArkWheeler's Ark (16 Oct. 1993)
The Planeteers struggle to return endangered species to their habitats as they are being destroyed by the eco-villains. They end up rescuing far more animals than returning, to Gaia's dismay.
7Sea No EvilSea No Evil (23 Oct. 1993)
Gi visits a dolphin research center. Hoggish Greedly is behind a number of dolphins getting hurt due to his use of them to collect toxic waste from a submarine.
8Future ShockFuture Shock (30 Oct. 1993)
Zarm travels to the future and summons the great-great-great-grandchildren of 3 eco-villains. Captain Planet and the Planeteers can't handle the futuristic villains. Captain Planet is trapped and melted into a toxic acid bubble.
9I've Lost My MayanI've Lost My Mayan (6 Nov. 1993)
Ma-Ti is captured and mistaken for the son of environmentally minded rebels.
10Talkin' TrashTalkin' Trash (13 Nov. 1993)
Wheeler's father is ill. Although they were never close, Wheeler heads back to New York. There he meets his old friends. Wheeler discovers that his friend Trish became Trash and turn to crime under Verminous Scum's orders.
11The Energy VampireThe Energy Vampire (20 Nov. 1993)
Captain Planet has to stop Nukem before he destroys the Earth.
12Bottom Line GreenBottom Line Green (27 Nov. 1993)
The Planeteers go undercover to investigate a series of explosions at a plant. It turns Hoggish Greedly is behind the explosions, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who captures Greedly.
13Gorillas Will Be MissedGorillas Will Be Missed (5 Feb. 1994)
Goki, a boy from the future help the Planeteers to stop Looten Plunder, who tries to get rid of some gorillas.
14Bug OffBug Off (19 Feb. 1994)
Vermenous Skumm plans to terrorize Earth with his wicked ways.
15You Bet Your PlanetYou Bet Your Planet (26 Feb. 1994)
The Planeteers compete against the Eco Villains with the winning team decides Captain Planet's fate.
16Going Bats, ManGoing Bats, Man (5 Mar. 1994)
The Planeteers investigate the movie producer Robin Plunder who is the nephew of Looten Plunder. Meanwhile bats are being framed for terrorizing people.
17Jail House FlockJail House Flock (26 Mar. 1994)
The Planeteers are baffled when Hoggish Greedley gets a permit from an Army Corp of Engineers official to build houses by wetlands. Greedley has them and Captain Planet arrested and thrown in jail.
18High SteaksHigh Steaks (2 Apr. 1994)
Looten Plunder devices a plan to ruin an environmental sustainable ranching operation. Captain Planet defeats Plunder, who is hauled off to jail-again.
19Planeteers Under GlassPlaneteers Under Glass (23 Apr. 1994)
The Planeteers participate in Dr. Derek's latest experiment on the long term effects of pollution on the ecological system. In the midst of the experiment, Dr. Blight shows up ad traps them inside the simulated computer world. Now it's a race against nature and time to save their own lives.
20Orangu-TangleOrangu-Tangle (30 Apr. 1994)
A poaching mother/son team called The Slaughters abduct and sell baby orangutans, who need their mother to survive.
21No Horsing AroundNo Horsing Around (7 May 1994)
Hoggish Greedly tries to get rid of the horses as well as Ma-Ti and his native American friend.
22'Teers in the Hood'Teers in the Hood (14 May 1994)
A teacher, who is an old friend of Gi is caught up in a gang war and nearly killed. The Planeteers infiltrate the two feuding gangs and try to stop all of the violence.