Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series 1990–1996)

Season 3

1Greenhouse PlanetGreenhouse Planet (12 Sep. 1992)
The Planeteers show the President the accelerated greenhouse effects from fuel's emissions. Dr. Blight convinces the President to let her create a fuel for a spaceship to Venus. Kwame, Ma-Ti and the President are in the rocket that MAL send to crash.
2A Creep from the DeepA Creep from the Deep (19 Sep. 1992)
Sludge's dumping operation creates a monster squid determined to destroy the city.
3The Deadly GlowThe Deadly Glow (26 Sep. 1992)
The Planeteers have to stop Duke Nukem from stealing radioactive minerals.
4A Perfect WorldA Perfect World (3 Oct. 1992)
Dr. Blight takes on a scientist, who is in a wheelchair. The Planeteers call Captain Planet, who infects Blight's computer and gives MAL a computer virus.
5The Dream MachineThe Dream Machine (10 Oct. 1992)
Zarm, who calls himself the Dream Maker, grants Carlos his every wish. Carlos is a farm boy who gets very jealous of his cousin who returns from the city. Very soon the people in town discover the Dream Maker and demand he grants them their wishes. Soon the people realize their natural resources are being drained in order to create the things they wish for.
6Bitter WatersBitter Waters (17 Oct. 1992)
Sky Runner asks the Planeteers for help after Looten Plunder tricks him and his people into selling their lands for urban development.
7The Guinea PigsThe Guinea Pigs (24 Oct. 1992)
Animals are being stolen from research labs. The Planeteers must find out who is doing that and why. The truth may shock them.
8OK at the Gunfight CorralOK at the Gunfight Corral (31 Oct. 1992)
Hoggish Greedly, Rigger, and Sly Sludge travel back in time to create the biggest trash crisis in history.
9Canned HuntCanned Hunt (7 Nov. 1992)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers are captured by Hoggish Greedly.
10Hog TideHog Tide (14 Nov. 1992)
Gaia gather the Planeteers and tell them about Captain Planet's first adventure in the 1940s. He and the Planeteers before them stopped Hoggish Greedly's grandfather, Don Porkaloin from building developments too close to the ocean.
11A Formula for HateA Formula for Hate (21 Nov. 1992)
Todd Andrews, the high school basketball player finds out he has HIV-AIDS. Verminous Skumm starts rumors about the disease that turn Todd's schoolmates against him, hoping to spread the disease further.
12If It's Doomsday, This Must Be BelfastIf It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast (28 Nov. 1992)
The Planeteers go on separate missions across the world to prevent the detonation of three separate nuclear bombs. Verminous Skumm is behind the plot of inciting hatred to get people into nuking each other.
13The Night of the WolfThe Night of the Wolf (5 Dec. 1992)
Looten Plunder introduces the "Robo-Wolf".