Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series 1990–1996)

Season 2

1Mind PollutionMind Pollution (14 Sep. 1991)
Using a drug called "Bliss" Verminous Skumm turns people into drug addict zombies. He even manages to trick Linka into taking the drug and becoming his slave. But without her the team cannot summon Captain Planet.
2The Garbage StrikesThe Garbage Strikes (21 Sep. 1991)
Dr. Helix, a scientist Gi is a fan of, appears to have found a solution for oil-spills by placing his invented substance in water where it absorbs the oil. Sly Sludge decides to get rich off of this so poses as an interested scientist then steals the formula before it's tested, offering to let it devour trash in France where garbage-collectors prove a problem by going on strike. It turns out that the substance grows after "eating" the garbage, turning into a type of blob with an appetite growing with its size. The Planeteers must stop it before its hunger-rampage ...
3Domes of DoomDomes of Doom (28 Sep. 1991)
While Ma-Ti and Wheeler visit Ma-Ti's village in the Amazon, they learn a man called Baron Giftus promises to show the countries of the world a solution to Earth's air-pollution problem - though none of them realize it's a trick of Looten Plunder's. While Wheeler, who doubts his promise, stays behind, Ma-Ti goes to Washington DC with the gift of a headdress from his tribe - and learns of the man's true identity when he sees Argos Bleak and uses Heart to see through Plunder's disguise as Giftus, but he is captured and his ring is stolen so he can't contact the others. ...
4Send in the ClonesSend in the Clones (5 Oct. 1991)
On Moghal Island, Looten Plunder plans to open a factory and hires Dr. Blight to use her cloning-ray to give him many workers so he won't have to pay them much. The Planeteers don't know exactly what the two are planning as go to investigate, but after they arrive and meet an ambitious but unappreciated local girl named Leela, they're just in time to see her lazy brother Vico captured. Blight and Plunder didn't get to keep their first test-subject, a locust, to see how and what would happen when it clones, but use the ray on Vico anyway. The Planeteers and Leela get ...
5The PredatorThe Predator (12 Oct. 1991)
Gi tells Ma-Ti the shark he thought was attacking him during their swim on vacation was a plant-eater, but a Florida Keys local overhears and misunderstands part of their conversation and soon the town believes the beach is overrun by man-eating beasts. Argos Bleak takes advantage of the promises of a reward for someone who will keep the people safe by vowing to kill all sharks. Ma-Ti and Gi try to warn people that harming sharks will mean harming the environment when the animals they control become too populous, then attempt to stop Bleak's hunting, but they are ...
6The ArkThe Ark (19 Oct. 1991)
The Planeteers are trying to save the tigers whose habitat is being destroyed by Greedly and Blight, when suddenly they are abducted by an alien who collects endangered animals.
7Isle of Solar EnergyIsle of Solar Energy (26 Oct. 1991)
Professor Apollo invents a solar beam which can power anything, but Duke Nukem steals the beam and converts it into a deadly radiation ray to power himself. The Planeteers must stop Nukem before the ray destroys the island.
8The Coral KillerThe Coral Killer (2 Nov. 1991)
Hoggish Greedly introduces "dynamite-fishing" to the Philippines, since fishing by placing explosives in the water quickly kills fish...and is the perfect cover for him to dig in the coral reef their ocean ecosystem thrives on and steal and sell its remains. The Planeteers arrive to caution the locals to stop using explosives before the reef, and ultimately their way of life, is destroyed. They have trouble convincing Marcaria, a fisherman's wife, that any gains made will be overshadowed by the losses of sea-life and the length of time the reef would take to grow back...
9The Big Clam-UpThe Big Clam-Up (9 Nov. 1991)
In San Francisco, many are falling sick to poisonings of what look like various toxins and chemicals. The Planeteers go to investigate. Ma-Ti's obsession for old mystery novels makes him eager to prove how good a detective he is. However, none of them notice Verminous Skumm's presence when every place they examine is sabotaged and those they get information from sicken. Ma-Ti's distractions don't help the others learn everything soon enough to solve the problem, so they have him stay behind while they meet a talking mime who invites them to a restaurant at the Bay ...
10An Inside JobAn Inside Job (16 Nov. 1991)
The Planeteers get shrunk to microscopic size and put into polluted water, which Kwame drinks. They battle hideous water-borne parasites in Kwame's body so that he can recover, and the Planeteers restore themselves to proper size.
11The Fine PrintThe Fine Print (23 Nov. 1991)
An illiterate farm worker innocently uses too much pesticide, creating a lethal chemical cloud.
12Off Road HogOff Road Hog (30 Nov. 1991)
While touring the desert, Ma-Ti is surprised how many animals live there - but is even more shocked to see that it's the spot Hoggish Greedly has chosen for his off-road racing, despite the threats his guide Josh says it gives to the animals there. Gaia reveals also that even small vehicles cause bad damage by unleashing much sand that will be eroded during a rain and prevent plants and animals from surviving. The other Planeteers join Ma-Ti and Josh to find Greedly already attacking, getting a young dirt-biker named Pete on his side by claiming there's nothing to ...
13Trouble on the Half ShellTrouble on the Half Shell (7 Dec. 1991)
When Greedly and Skumm are shipwrecked on a Galapagos island, their appetite for turtle eggs and their pet horde of mutant rats wreak havoc on the native tortoise population.
14StardustStardust (8 Jan. 1992)
Gi and Linka's favorite rock star seems to be involved in a Greedly strip-mining operation.
15The Blue Car LineThe Blue Car Line (25 Jan. 1992)
An Australian town has an extreme amount of air-pollution, despite its excellent subway system, the Blue Car Line. The Planeteers go to investigate and meet a local journalist, Sam, who is also trying to figure out why nobody is riding the metro. There have been claims of disappearances, though no missing-person reports, while some cars vanish and the ones that operate see appearances by what look like phantoms and go for crazy roller-coaster rides on hidden tracks. Kwame and Wheeler sneak back to walk through the tunnels, and discover that Looten Plunder has ...
16Birds of a FeatherBirds of a Feather (1 Feb. 1992)
Linka and Ma-Ti go to visit his ornithologist friend Juan in Central America, and explore a valley of many birds with Juan's parrot, El Profesor. However, he and all the other birds end up following a bird that is actually Hoggish Greedly's robot to lure them into his trap for smuggling them off. When they attempt to free the birds, Ma-Ti and Linka are captured, and Ma-Ti strikes his head against a pole so finds it too painful to contact the others. The other Planeteers hear that they are missing so go after them, and El Profesor escapes and is able to let the others ...
17Summit to Save Earth: Part 1Summit to Save Earth: Part 1 (8 Feb. 1992)
Zarm joins forces with Hoggish Greedly, Looten Plunder, Sly Sludge, Duke Nukem, Verminous Skumm, and Dr. Blight. Zarm tricks the Planeteers into giving up their rings and zaps Gaia into human form, aging her and destroying the planet.
18Summit to Save Earth: Part 2Summit to Save Earth: Part 2 (15 Feb. 1992)
The Planeteers break from Zarm's ship as 10 years have passed. They hurry to find Commander Clash before Gaia ages into dust. When they find him, the Planeteers and Commander Clash are defeated.
19Losing GameLosing Game (22 Feb. 1992)
Kwame takes the Planeteers to Africa to meet Dr. Mabutu, who is experiencing trouble on his game ranch. The trouble is Dr. Blight's experiments that turn ordinary cattle into "raging bulls", which threaten to destroy the entire region.
20A Twist of FateA Twist of Fate (29 Feb. 1992)
Vacationing in Mexico City with the other Planeteers, Wheeler is put off by the many lower-classmen he sees. But when an earthquake strikes, they go north to Santa Teresa to rescue victims - and during an aftershock, Wheeler is knocked on the head by stone and, found and rescued by a couple moving to the city, awakens to find that he has amnesia. He hears Ma-Ti calling to him in his head but doesn't know his voice, so is suspected to be mad and flees the hospital he is left at. He falls in with Teresa, a young woman who attempted to be his guide earlier, and learns ...
21The Great Tree HeistThe Great Tree Heist (7 Mar. 1992)
Hoggish Greedly uses a large machine to uproot trees from the ground and grind them at the same time so he can have a quick, easy supply of wood to sell furniture. The Planeteers arrive to see what is causing the destruction of forests that is believed to be a "flying saucer", with the help of Jenny, a local teen birdwatcher whom Wheeler finds attractive. They must fight Greedly's machine causing destruction for themselves and others...and they may have to do it alone, since when Captain Planet is caught and injured in the grinder while rescuing a nest of birds, he ...
22Scorched EarthScorched Earth (14 Mar. 1992)
A roofless dictator decimates the land to fight the opposition, with total disregard to the environment and human life. But there is more to the story than meets the eye. The dictator is really an old foe of the Planeteers in disguise.
23Hate CanalHate Canal (21 Mar. 1992)
Venice's population is relocating due to its pollution and smog affecting the land and structures - but also because of a large mutated group of rats whose bites sicken their victims. The Planeteers arrive and meet a pathologist, Resa, attempting to find a cure for the disease they cause that her young relative Pietre is suffering, and learn through clues that Verminous Skumm is behind it. But it isn't until Ma-Ti is bitten, and badly suffers, that they learn that Skumm is doing it through a substance placed in processed cheese that causes the rats and whoever they ...
24Radiant AmazonRadiant Amazon (28 Mar. 1992)
Sly Sludge and Duke Nukem dump toxic waste in the Amazon rain forest, imperiling Ma-Ti's village. Ma-Ti returns to the village with Planeteers and find it in flames. When they fail to stop the fire, Ma-Ti hunts the culprits alone.
25Fare Thee WhaleFare Thee Whale (4 Apr. 1992)
Looten Plunder leads a whaling operation with Dr. Blight aboard attempting to concoct the perfect poison, and the Planeteers are enraged to see that it is legal for him to kill whales with calves - as the Japanese whaler Masuyo would rather not do - simply because he claims that he is "experimenting whale-repellent". Masuyo's son Tykoshi fails to plead with his father not to hunt so resorts to stowing on the Whale-B-Gone ship, but is accidentally knocked overboard by one of Blight's beakers, and rescued by the Planeteers. They join forces to try and find evidence that...
26UtopiaUtopia (11 Apr. 1992)
In Kwame's nightmare, Blight and Skumm take over an alternate Earth by transforming kids into gang members. The other Planeteers are captured and transformed as well. Now it's up to Kwami to save them, and the entire world.