Beetlejuice (1989–1991)

Season 3

1Mom's Best FriendMom's Best Friend (7 Sep. 1991)
Beetlejuice's latest prank involves him turning him self into a dog, but he is picked up by the Neitherworld dog catcher and has a collar put on him that prevents him from changing back. When Lydia brings Beetlejuice-as-a-dog into the human world, Delia (who never had a dog of her own) falls in love with him and adopts him as her special pet.
2Back-to-School GhoulBack-to-School Ghoul (14 Sep. 1991)
Beetlejuice's License to Drive People Crazy is suspended because he never finished school (kindergarten), and now he has to go back to Neitherworld Kindergarten and graduate to get it back.
3Doomie's RomanceDoomie's Romance (21 Sep. 1991)
Doomie falls in love with Mayor Maynot's car, despite the fact that it never had a soul, like he did.
4Ghost to GhostGhost to Ghost (28 Sep. 1991)
Delia holds a séance and summons Lydia's favorite deceased actor, Boris to Death. Although Lydia is thrilled by the visit, a jealous BJ is less than ecstatic. But when Boris reveals his evil plan to kick the Deetzes out of their home, Lydia has to change her opinion, and quick.
5Spitting Images/Awards to the WiseSpitting Images/Awards to the Wise (5 Oct. 1991)
In the first story, a careless remark by Beetlejuice turns him into twins and now both are competing, then fighting, over Lydia! In the second story, everybody else in the Neitherworld except Beetlejuice is winning awards (including Lydia, who wins "Best Human to Ever Visit the Neitherworld"!) and he is desperate to win one too!
6The Prince of Rock and RollThe Prince of Rock and Roll (12 Oct. 1991)
Desperate to have his people love him, Prince Vince decides to achieve fame as "The Prince of Rock and Roll". The only problem is, he has no singing or musical talent, so it's up to Beetlejuice and Lydia to find a way to help Prince Vince.
7A Ghoul and His Money/Brides of FunkensteinA Ghoul and His Money/Brides of Funkenstein (19 Oct. 1991)
In the first story, Beetlejuice wins a million dollars in the Neitherworld Sweepestakes, but there's a catch: to keep the money, he can't ever Beetlejuice anybody ever again and everybody knows it! In the second story, Lydia, Bertha, Prudence and "Betty Juice"'s rock band "The Brides of Funkenstein" is selected to play at a school concert, but a jealous Claire Brewster, whose group wasn't selected, is determined to sabotage their performance.
8Beetledude/The Farmer in the SmellBeetledude/The Farmer in the Smell (26 Oct. 1991)
The Deetzes get new neighbors, and the new kid on the block, Ramon, wants to be just like Mr. Beetleman. But it's a lot harder to get out of trouble after grossing people out when you don't have magic, so Lydia is forced to instruct BJ to "de-Beetlejuice" Ramon. / Lydia heads off to Aunt May and Uncle Clyde's farm, and Beetlejuice tags along as Mr. Beetleman. But with all the work May and Clyde give BJ, how will he ever have any fun, and come to think of it, how will Lydia?