After Henry (TV Series 1988–1992)

Season 3

1A Week of SundaysA Week of Sundays (25 Dec. 1989)
Christmas is not the same at home without Henry. When Sarah, Eleanor and Clare are invited elsewhere, they all accept.
2Mr RightMr Right (23 Jan. 1990)
Clare seems to have found the perfect boyfriend at last but Sarah has limits as to just how much perfection she can stand.
3CuriosityCuriosity (30 Jan. 1990)
Sarah suspects her mother of reading her post and answering the phone in her part of the house while she's out, but it takes Russell to come up with a way of finding out.
4Home ComfortsHome Comforts (6 Feb. 1990)
Eleanor has been accusing her family of plotting to send her to a retirement home for years so she decides to explore the delights of The Sycamores.
5Relative MovementRelative Movement (13 Feb. 1990)
Clare has been working away from home for a while and so Sarah starts to think about letting out her room. Eleanor has some definite ideas about what calibre of tenant they should be looking for.
6The Dinner PartyThe Dinner Party (20 Feb. 1990)
Sarah is holding a dinner party but has not invited Eleanor - and it turns out that Clare has arranged a party on the same day.
7Mr FixitMr Fixit (27 Feb. 1990)
Clare feels a bit put out when her new boyfriend pays more attention to fixing up her new car than to her.
8CharityCharity (6 Mar. 1990)
Sarah sees a way of using her fund-raising activities for the local hospital as a way of securing a nice quiet evening with a nice quiet man.
9The Mysterious Affair at Bygone BooksThe Mysterious Affair at Bygone Books (13 Mar. 1990)
When a crime occurs at Russell's shop, Eleanor brings her experience of reading Agatha Christie novels to bear in solving the case.
10Party PoliticsParty Politics (20 Mar. 1990)
Eleanor intends to show off her social skills by giving a party but Sarah is not to be told. Unfortunately, she involves Vera Polling in the preparations.
11Unforeseen CircumstancesUnforeseen Circumstances (27 Mar. 1990)
Sarah meets a smooth talking gentleman who uses astrology as part of his chat-up routine but doesn't reckon with any of his predictions coming true.
12Family AlbumFamily Album (3 Apr. 1990)
When a childhood friend of Eleanor's comes to visit, her version of her past life is called into question.
13Last ChancesLast Chances (17 Apr. 1990)
Sarah suddenly finds her uneventful life at a crossroads when she is offered a chance to change it completely. But can she take it...?