Großstadtrevier (1986– )

Season 32

1Pauls AbschiedPauls Abschied (26 Nov. 2018)
Series of burglaries. Martin gets serious injured by an intruder. Piet finds Isabel suspect. Paula leaves Simon after domestic violence; she starts to admire Nina. On the station: Plant lover Hannes stays calm and Paul's time is up.
2Eine Frage der GerechtigkeitEine Frage der Gerechtigkeit (12 Nov. 2018)
A family lives on a building place of constructor Lutz who seems to be insolvent. Two masked people rob several casinos of this same Lutz. Hannes hopes that his rabbit will win first prize next week.
3Der Neue mit "T"Der Neue mit "T" (3 Dec. 2018)
Hannes makes a sheepish misdake. DIY store cashier Daniela and customer Petra hide being in love. Till committed manslaughter but after doing jail time it seems that the neighborhood despises him. Arthur misappropriates Can's car.
4Auge um AugeAuge um Auge (10 Dec. 2018)
Hannes withdraws himself from surveillance but gets aware of the upcoming personnel evaluation. Jürgen and Oliver are found half naked in the city. Imke is bothered by a voyeur. Married Daniel knows her intimately but denies that.
5Der kurze Traum vom langen GlückDer kurze Traum vom langen Glück (17 Dec. 2018)
Kerstin and Leon want to kidnap a baby to extort seed capital for their farm; it turns out that Leon has another role in this case. Helga fulfills special wishes. Aunt Silke wants to find a woman for Hannes; Nena tries to help him.
6ToilettenmafiaToilettenmafia (7 Jan. 2019)
Harry goes undercover as toilet lady and meets Alina there. They work for a firm that illegally exploits these women. A street is covered with coins; is Rudolph the owner? Onna's heating has been stolen.
7Im ZweifelIm Zweifel (21 Jan. 2019)
Television reporter Boris is accused of raping Marie during a celebration. Activists protest in front of his house; among them Henriette who seems to know both, Marie and Boris. Hannes and Daniel seek amphetamine in a heap of books.
8Die blinde ZeuginDie blinde Zeugin (28 Jan. 2019)
Cross dresser Mr. Jasper is extorted with photos of him in female look. Frau Küppers knows him from a long time ago. Almost blind Ragna witnesses a raid on a jeweler but what is actually her role in this? Piet gets an affair with her.
9Harrys AussageHarrys Aussage (4 Feb. 2019)
Marc-André, who is on probation, steals money on the street; he threatens Harry who is witness. Bicycle courier Carlos claims that he lost 7,000 euro during a raid on hem. Hannes tracks his private phone that he has lost.
10FreibadFreibad (11 Feb. 2019)
A series of burglary in houses of visitors of the public pool. Nina encounters her troublesome father. Giovanni has a good reason to stay out of school. A pirate trio steals Lukas' police gun. Hannes suggestive way to cope with the heat.
11Entführung auf AnfrageEntführung auf Anfrage (18 Feb. 2019)
Melanie and Peter hire a firm to abduct them for fun. Theft in their empty house. Melanie is kidnapped for real. Make-up artist Giulia has been hit by a car last week. For a woman Scot Robert wants to naturalize into a citizen of Hamburg.
12Das zweite GesichtDas zweite Gesicht (25 Feb. 2019)
An estate speculator uses unsound means to thrive tenants out of his houses; Lasse plays a suspicious role. Mrs. Putschke complaints about the neighbor who seems to be a Native American seer. Daniel gathers wishes for the new station.
13Duell auf der RennbahnDuell auf der Rennbahn (4 Mar. 2019)
After a party young Malte is full of soporific and gets a bicycle accident; soon is the big race. Elderly Michael can't drive properly anymore and fears to lose his driver's license. Roderick and Guido try to steal a duck like pedal boat.
14Der FalkeDer Falke (11 Mar. 2019)
Feud between dove keeper Gernod and falconer Jan at the expense of autistic Torge. Drone pilot Leonie flies illegal in a living area and films posing Bianca. Hannes refuses to organize the company trip this year; can Daniel take it over?
15RettungskindRettungskind (18 Mar. 2019)
Miriam has a baby that is stolen or a foundling. Baby's brother Robin has leukemia. Intern Casper has ambitions but lacks human sensitivity. Sascha has a psychosis; what does he do in the zoo?
16KrokodileKrokodile (25 Mar. 2019)
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17Das Revier explodiertDas Revier explodiert (1 Apr. 2019)
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