Großstadtrevier (1986– )

Season 31

1Schuldig bei VerdachtSchuldig bei Verdacht (13 Nov. 2017)
Arasch has accidentally been arrested for terrorism. Now the neighborhood treats him unfriendly. A refugee woman is hidden. Hannes gets confused when colleagues use foreign languages. Paul investigates in the world of fur costumes.
2EiskindEiskind (20 Nov. 2017)
Jana, child out of a tube, riots at the insemination clinic; she wants to know her biological father. Hannes suspects he might be him. Mentally disabled dockworker Christian brought his brother into prison; now the innocent is released.
3NeuanfängeNeuanfänge (27 Nov. 2017)
Hamburg, Kiez district; brothel owner Apollo hunts a pickpocket gang. Paul tries to befriend with one of them to find their hideout. Suddenly a young woman appears in the house of Luise and Dr. Theodor. Does he cheat his wife?
4MüllschluckerMüllschlucker (4 Dec. 2017)
Sarah urges Harry to seek Freddy who seems to have a fake firm for drugs smuggle. Was it Nadine or Hedi who sought through the supermarket rubbish? Store manager Ingo resells food illegally. Hannes tries to repair the refrigerator.
5Hannes der HeldHannes der Held (22 Jan. 2018)
Scary Hannes visits the dentist. A hasty man catches a girl that falls out of a window, and places it in Hannes' arms. Junkyard exploiter Bruno despises his son Roy after the deadly accident of their wife/mother. Valuable copper is stolen.
6Der MasterDer Master (29 Jan. 2018)
Sky sets up a sect in Germany and refuses ill girl Hanna regular medicine. The wax statue of Olivia Jones has been stolen by two girls. Hannes has got scratch card fever.
7Unter DruckUnter Druck (5 Feb. 2018)
Nina notices the strange behavior of confused Jessica. Grumpy Margret worries about safety in the block. Onna's friend Frank had an accident and extorts someone. Office workers Hannes and Daniel worry about lacking physical activity.
8Das Lied vom HeldenDas Lied vom Helden (12 Feb. 2018)
Two clowns commit a hold-up on Ole and his parents Tom and Elisa, a singing duo with relational problems. Laura misses her friend who claimed to work on a container ship. Hannes has a girlfriend called Helene but wants to end their affair.
9Drah di net umDrah di net um (19 Feb. 2018)
Mrs. Borchers wants company at home because of putative burglary. Austrian major Prechtl wants the Hamburg-police to assist him in catching a criminal trio. Two young cheating women join them in the case of an art theft.
10BlutracheBlutrache (26 Feb. 2018)
Young lovers of conflicting parties: Afghan Leila and Turkish Deniz. Leila's brother Navid defends the family honor with a knife. Hannes tries to guess how Nina injured her foot. Hanna asks police officer Hannes for a date.
11Braut mit VorlebenBraut mit Vorleben (5 Mar. 2018)
Marco demands his 140.000 euro back but bride Melly can't remember where it is hidden. A stripper on the grave yard. A man pushes portable toilets on the road. New colleague Robin is introvert.
12Der Tote am StrandDer Tote am Strand (12 Mar. 2018)
Policeman Robin shoots himself in the head. Frau Küppers feels guilty. Nina has an affair with suspect Raoul. He is a drug dealer and tries to oppress her but she decides to play the game. Finn (14) transmits information to the police.
13Das unsichtbare OrchesterDas unsichtbare Orchester (19 Mar. 2018)
A man steals a washing machine and walks away with it on the street. Kim's friend Thomas is kidnapped by Dickie the Duck who wants his 70,000 euro back. What is Hannes doing in the police cell?
14Daniel in GefahrDaniel in Gefahr (26 Mar. 2018)
Halloween. Daniel gets abducted by Andy who just robbed a gambling hall but in between has got bitten by a dog. Daniel's colleagues do everything to save their team member. Andy's wife Dunja discovers that she finally got pregnant.
15Das TeufelspferdDas Teufelspferd (19 Nov. 2018)
Assaults on horse jockey Jan who claims that they were just accidents. Two years ago horse Amazing Grace kicked his daughter Kira to dead. Hannes, Daniel and Frau Küppers react to a lost dog; maybe Onna knows more.