Großstadtrevier (1986– )

Season 28

1Der gute Bulle - Teil 1Der gute Bulle - Teil 1 (24 Nov. 2014)
A boy named Elias calls Dirk and reports that a girl has been shot before his eyes.
2Der gute Bulle - Teil 2Der gute Bulle - Teil 2 (1 Dec. 2014)
The strange investigations of the LKA around the murder case, which Elias has seen, amaze the officials of the commissariat.
3Ninas RennenNinas Rennen (8 Dec. 2014)
Nina Sieveking makes acquaintances with a wealthy clientele, gets involved in an illegal car race and therefore has difficulties with her colleagues.
4Die Kleine PolizistinDie Kleine Polizistin (15 Dec. 2014)
Harry Möller is reminded of the disappearance of ten-year-old Anton Hellwig of their own trauma and is convinced that he has fled because his father would beat him.
5Pauls VersuchungPauls Versuchung (5 Jan. 2015)
Frustration at the police station: Paul Dänning has to let the small dealer Sven Kreppel run, although he has observed how Kreppel sold the student Marko Tomasov drugs. The seized amount is however too small for an arrest.
6Ein Mann - ein WortEin Mann - ein Wort (12 Jan. 2015)
Actually, Hardy Knoche finally has a bit of luck in life: He is out on probation, has met the boutique owner Patrizia and earns his money in a honest way as a bouncer in a club. But then Knoche gets on with the son of a Kiezkriminal.
7Der KronzeugeDer Kronzeuge (19 Jan. 2015)
Paul Dänning is to protect a leniency for the LKA, which looks very similar to him. But they are betrayed and captured by the prosecutors of the leniency.
8Zwei HalunkenZwei Halunken (26 Jan. 2015)
The wealthy shipbuilder Kogler is being broken into. From the villa valuable nautical antiques are stolen. Quickly, two petty criminals are suspicious, because they suddenly seem to have a lot of money.
9FoulFoul (2 Feb. 2015)
The successful soccer player Christian was brutally beaten up. Mads Thomsen investigates undercover in his club to find the culprit.
10TeufelsbrückTeufelsbrück (9 Feb. 2015)
An elderly man was obviously attacked in his apartment, but he denies this because he has something to hide.
11KameradenKameraden (16 Feb. 2015)
The shop of tailor Bilal goes up in flames. Apparently his granddaughter was the target of the attack. She is a police student and has been harassed for some time by her fellow students.
12Schwarze LöcherSchwarze Löcher (23 Feb. 2015)
Ronny Pankow, a former bodyguard from the neighborhood, calls Harry as he is robbed and attacked in his apartment at night. In the investigation into the case, Harry suddenly uncovers an amazing chapter in Ronny's past.
13Amali heißt HoffnungAmali heißt Hoffnung (2 Mar. 2015)
Harry and Mads stop a van because of excessive speed. The driver of the car can not identify himself and tries to escape.
14Wiedersehen mit einer TotenWiedersehen mit einer Toten (9 Mar. 2015)
A daughter thinks she has recognized her father on a wanted poster. However, he was declared death 11 years ago.
15Hals über KopfHals über Kopf (16 Mar. 2015)
Kristin Marquard is seriously injured in a car accident and is in a coma. Her husband can not explain where the child seat in the car comes from because the couple has no children.
16Wer du wirklich bistWer du wirklich bist (23 Mar. 2015)
Nina should help the LKA in investigations. The father of Nina's best friend, is said to be involved in dubious business. A conscience decision.