Adventures of the Gummi Bears (TV Series 1985–1991)

Season 5

1Road to UrsaliaRoad to Ursalia (9 Sep. 1989)
When Gruffi accidentally destroys the Great Book of Gummi, he sets out to the supposedly abandoned Gummi capital city of Ursalia to attempt to replace it, only to find he's not the only one looking there.
2A Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away/Let Sleeping Giants LieA Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away/Let Sleeping Giants Lie (16 Sep. 1989)
"A Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away": Tummi decides to help out Dr. Dexter, a peddler who hasn't gotten the hang of his family's medicine's recipe, by giving him gummiberry juice so his patients will be strengthened. Duke Igthorn learns of this and captures Dr. Dexter to learn its ingredients, forcing the Gummis to come to the rescue. "Let Sleeping Giants Lie": Sunni is glum about attending the yearly Festival of the First Snow with the Gummis instead of a ball with CAlla, so is unhappy when she wins a game where the prize it is to carry a potion to Lethiathan ...
3Bridge on the River Gummi/Life of the PartyBridge on the River Gummi/Life of the Party (25 Jan. 1991)
"Bridge on the River Gummi": The wooden X Bridge falls apart and Gruffi decides to construct a new stone one, but goes overboard with making it long-lasting and grand, neglecting his duties to the others. But the real trouble begins when Duke Igthorn decides to use it as a shortcut to invade Dunwyn. "Life of the Party": Duke Igthorn meets Lady Bane and falls in love, and they decide to meet and see if they can come up with a plan to defeat the Gummi Bears since they both want to for their own respective purposes. In competition for finding a magical re-sprouting tree ...
4My Kingdom for a Pie/The World According to GustoMy Kingdom for a Pie/The World According to Gusto (1 Jun. 1991)
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5Ogre for a DayOgre for a Day (4 Nov. 1989)
Cavin has Zummi turn him into a Ogre to infiltrate Duke Igthorn's forces, but Cavin's mission has a series of complications that earn the villain's favor of him to the point that the Gummis fear Cavin's mind has been affected.
6Princess Problems/A Gummi Is a Gummi's Best FriendPrincess Problems/A Gummi Is a Gummi's Best Friend (15 Jun. 1991)
"Princess Problems": A spoiled princess named Marie comes to visit Dunwyn with her father, making life miserable for Calla. Things quickly get out of hand when Sunni, visiting and forced to act like a toy to avoid anyone knowing what she is, is attempted to be stolen by Marie, and the girls' fight angers their fathers enough to declare war. Sunni puts herself in harm's way by passing herself off as a doll to end it. "A Gummi is a Gummi's Best Friend": Gusto sculpts Zummi shoveling while Gruffi is getting himself another shovel broken when Zummi saved him from being ...
7Never Give a Gummi an Even BreakNever Give a Gummi an Even Break (6 Jan. 1990)
An elf named Carney running a sideshow doesn't have any success acting as a Gummi Bear, but his disguise fools Grammi, who sees him in a fight and "rescues" him, taking him to Gummi Glen. He is disappointed to learn that they are not creatures of wealth as some stories claim, but decides using them in his show will increase his profit. He lures them all into a trap which they can't seem to escape from, but they are determined...
8Beg, Burrow, and StealBeg, Burrow, and Steal (16 Dec. 1989)
Tuck, Clutch, and Nip escape from Dunwyn Castle's dungeon again. Cubbi finds their lost treasure map and takes Tummi to look for it. They use the Gummies' tunneling Mole machine to remove rocks an avalanche blocked the treasure with, but are caught by the trolls who steal the Mole to steal Calla's crown jewels. The Gummies are left to figure out how to get it back so the robbery doesn't occur and humans don't get a hold of it or learn whose it is either.
9Return to UrsaliaReturn to Ursalia (16 Dec. 1989)
The Glen Gummies are summoned to Ursalia and meet the Barbics, a nation of barbarian Gummi Bears who seek both a new home and a mighty weapon to exact revenge on humanity.