Adventures of the Gummi Bears (TV Series 1985–1991)

Season 1

1A New BeginningA New Beginning (14 Sep. 1985)
As Duke Igthorn plans an attack on King Gregor's castle, Cavin (a page in the castle) is left in the woods after some of Igthorn's ogres run off the Humans. The Gummi Bears find Cavin passed out in the woods with a Great Gummi Medallion, that was left to him by his grandfather. When he proves he is a friend, the Gummi Bears and Cavin team up to stop Igthorn's plans.
2The Sinister Sculptor/Zummi Makes It HotThe Sinister Sculptor/Zummi Makes It Hot (21 Sep. 1985)
A traveling conman kidnaps the bears, freezes them with a magic powder, and sells them as statues to Princess Calla. / The water has stopped running in Gummi Glen, and Zummi, Grammi, Cubbi, and Cavin go to the source to fix the problem.
3Someday My Prints Will Come/Can I Keep Him?Someday My Prints Will Come/Can I Keep Him? (28 Sep. 1985)
Tummi discovers a mechanical decoy used to make dragon footprints and uses it. The knights of Dunwyn mistake it for a real dragon. / Cubbi's new flute can control a flying lake wyrm so he and Sunni use it to attack Duke Igthorn's keep.
4A Gummi in a Gilded CageA Gummi in a Gilded Cage (5 Oct. 1985)
Sunni is kidnapped by a flock of ugly bird-like creatures known as Carpies, whose king wants her for a song bird. The other Gummies must use their new flying machine to get to the top of the mountain and rescue her.
5The Oracle/When You Wish Upon a StoneThe Oracle/When You Wish Upon a Stone (12 Oct. 1985)
In "The Oracle," Tummi finds a stone ogre oracle and uses it to trick Duke Igthorn and the ogres with it. In "When You Wish Upon a Stone," Cubbi and Cavin find a wishing stone in a cave guarded by a giant.
6A Gummi by Any Other NameA Gummi by Any Other Name (26 Oct. 1985)
Zummi makes a magic hat for Sunni, who can change her appearance to anyone she wants by speaking that person's name. She turns herself into Princess Calla.
7Loopy, Go Home/A-Hunting We Will GoLoopy, Go Home/A-Hunting We Will Go (2 Nov. 1985)
In "Loopy, Go Home," Cubbi finds a wolf cub and raises it, despite Gruffi's objections. In "A-Hunting We Will Go," a wild boar menaces Dunwyn Forest.
8The Fence Sitter/Night of the GargoyleThe Fence Sitter/Night of the Gargoyle (9 Nov. 1985)
"The Fence Sitter": a bird is eating all the gummiberries, and Tummi's vote will decide how the Gummies are going to deal with it. "Night of the Gargoyle": Duke Igthorn sends a gargoyle to King Gregor with a note signed "The Gummi Bears". The gargoyle comes alive at night and starts to destroy things.
9The Secret of the JuiceThe Secret of the Juice (23 Nov. 1985)
As Sunni struggles to accept her new role and to learn to make gummiberry juice, Duke Igthorn has Grammi kidnapped to force the recipe from her.
10Sweet and Sour Gruffi/Duel of the WizardsSweet and Sour Gruffi/Duel of the Wizards (30 Nov. 1985)
The Gummis discover a magic key belonging to a wizard of a different land, hidden by Igthorn. Thinking that the Gummis stole his key a showdown between Zummi and the wizard ensues.
11What You See Is Me/Toadie's Wild RideWhat You See Is Me/Toadie's Wild Ride (7 Dec. 1985)
Tummi befriends a blind lady shepherd. Duke Igthorn catapults Toadie into the forest, where he makes his way into Gummi Glen. When Tummi, who has been caught eating the other bears' picnic lunches and lying about it, sees him, no one believes him when he tries to tell them.
12Bubble Trouble/Gummi in a Strange LandBubble Trouble/Gummi in a Strange Land (14 Dec. 1985)
"Bubble Trouble": While reclaiming her forgotten gummiberry juice, Sunni stumbles on a lost infant cliff dragon who swallows the bottle whole then hiccups flame-filled bubbles. Igthorn sees them and steals the dragon to attack Castle Dunwyn. "Gummi in a Strange Land": Gruffi's attempt to grab honey results in a panicked slumber sprite's putting a spell on him, forcing Grammi and Cubbi to follow the sprite as he drags his honey supply into Drekmore...and somehow battle its evil plants and animals and stop Gruffi from sleepwalking into danger at the same time.
13Light Makes RightLight Makes Right (21 Dec. 1985)
When the Gummis learn that Duke Igthorn is looking for an ancient Gummi signaling device/energy cannon, they must beat him to it.