Blind Date (TV Series 1985–2019)

Season 21

1Episode #21.1Episode #21.1 (16 Jun. 2018)
Geordie girl Cali gets to choose from three muscled hunks. Single Irish mummy's boy Barry brings his mother Anne to the studio to help him choose his date - to the surprise of the 3 girls behind the screen.
2Episode #21.2Episode #21.2 (23 Jun. 2018)
Paul hosts a special edition of the show, for the first time on Blind Date a mother and her son both try to find a love match. Plus a chance to catch up with last week's winners, featuring a shocking revelation.
3Episode #21.3Episode #21.3 (30 Jun. 2018)
Attention seeker Plum chooses between an insurance broker, a security officer and a plumber. Jose hopes to waltz off with one of three theatrical girls. We catch up with last week's winners.
4Episode #21.4Episode #21.4 (21 Jul. 2018)
Fashion student Mia and customer service adviser Stephen each choose from three suitors. Plus, model Plum and dancer Jose return to the studio to report on how their first dates went.
5Episode #21.5Episode #21.5 (28 Jul. 2018)
Criminologist Luke is about to be surprised by three drag queens. Glamourous Glaswegian beautician Lauren has to choose between two best friends or Max from London. We catch up with last week's couples.
6Episode #21.6Episode #21.6 (4 Aug. 2018)
Two contestants whose date with each didn't go well are back on the show. Hoping to be picked for a date are Katie from Gloucester, Welsh nurse Sarah and Bath beautician Lucie.
7Episode #21.7Episode #21.7 (11 Aug. 2018)
Personal trainer Calvin and local hero Mark from Blackpool take their pick from three singletons. Devorshka and Wes return from Morocco and Larry and Sarah recount their pottery throwing date.
8Episode #21.8Episode #21.8 (18 Aug. 2018)
Looking for love this week are a bearded dragon, a guinea pig and a Staffie - and their owners Bex, Dawn and Chrystal - who are all hoping to be picked by pirate-fighting Jordan and his dog Lola.
9... at Christmas... at Christmas (22 Dec. 2018)
Wedding singer Liam is looking to find plus-one of his very own, while Jane returns to the show after an amazing 26-year absence.
10Episode #21.10Episode #21.10 (29 Dec. 2018)
Laura chooses between a sales advisor, an entrepreneur and an impersonator. Jean-Paul picks from a psychic, a kickboxer and a super-glam granny. Plus, last week's winners return.
11Episode #21.11Episode #21.11 (7 Apr. 2019)
Retired dance school owner Ken is hoping to find his Barbie, while cheeky Essex estate agent Brandon is looking to make a match. Plus, previous daters return to give their verdict.
12Episode #21.12Episode #21.12 (14 Apr. 2019)
Sales executive Jack is looking for his Mr Right, while Lewis is hoping to find his match from among three lovable ladies. Plus, last week's winners return to tell the tale.