All in Good Faith (TV Series 1985–1988)

Season 1

1In the BeginningIn the Beginning (30 Dec. 1985)
Reverend Lambe is transferred from his rich rural parish to a tough Midlands city.
2No Stone UnturnedNo Stone Unturned (6 Jan. 1986)
Reverend Lambe plans to visit the new parish he has been offered, but Emma refuses to go. Parish life is further complicated by Major Andrews, who insists on erecting a massive headstone in memory of his friend Archie Colson.
3A Flying VisitA Flying Visit (13 Jan. 1986)
The reverend and Emma descend on Edendale and discover that it's even more run-down than the reports suggested. During the events of one night, they confirm their worst of fears and reinforce that Edendale really needs them.
4The CrunchThe Crunch (20 Jan. 1986)
The bishop wants a definite answer from the reverend: is he moving to Edendale or not? Philip has a few days to convince his family. Meanwhile, the marriage of their best friends seems to be coming to an end.
5An Eye for an EyeAn Eye for an Eye (27 Jan. 1986)
Open hostilities are declared between Philip and the rest of the parish when circumstances suggest that, suffering from the stress of recent events, he is hitting the bottle-and his nearest and dearest.
6ExodusExodus (3 Feb. 1986)
The day of the move arrives at last, but, due to a missing tortoise and furniture van, both the departure and the arrival are very different from expectations.