A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 9

1Sanctuary: Part 1Sanctuary: Part 1 (1989)
A Chilean refugee tries to make a new life for himself in Wandin Valley, but ghosts of his past come back to haunt him. Matt tries to trick Cathy into letting him stay with her, but she turns the table on him.
2Sanctuary: Part 2Sanctuary: Part 2 (1989)
A woman in need of surgery is brought to the hospital, but her frightened boyfriend refuses to let Terence operate as in his country, doctors are known for torturing innocent people.
3Message in a Bottle: Part 1Message in a Bottle: Part 1 (1989)
A mysterious stranger arrives in town and confuses everyone with his various stories.
4Message in a Bottle: Part 2Message in a Bottle: Part 2 (1989)
Frank comes up against silence when he tries to combat the town's teen drinking problem but the locals are soon forced to sit up and take notice when a teenager drinks too much and slips into a coma.
5Endangered Species: Part 1Endangered Species: Part 1 (1989)
Alex tries to help a woman who lives in fear of her husband's violent temper. Charlie McKeachnie, an old friend of Esme's, is back in town and Cookie is not happy.
6Endangered Species: Part 2Endangered Species: Part 2 (1989)
Domestic violence tears a family apart.
7Play It Again: Part 1Play It Again: Part 1 (1989)
Matron Sloan wins the lottery and everyone has suggestions on how she should spend the money.
8Play It Again: Part 2Play It Again: Part 2 (1989)
Terence tells Cathy there is a possibility of brain damage as Matt has viral encephalitis and has slipped into a coma.
9Mothers and Daughters: Part 1Mothers and Daughters: Part 1 (1989)
Alex gives birth to a girl, but her chances of survival are very slim as the baby's lungs are not fully developed.
10Mothers and Daughters: Part 2Mothers and Daughters: Part 2 (1989)
Baby Laura dies. Jo is devastated when her mother refuses to acknowledge her.
11Fool's Gold: Part 1Fool's Gold: Part 1 (1989)
Alex warns a young athlete about the dangers of taking steroids.
12Fool's Gold: Part 2Fool's Gold: Part 2 (1989)
Jo has some serious thinking to do about her future with Michael.
13On the Threshold: Part 1On the Threshold: Part 1 (1989)
An aboriginal girl, Kylie Walker, and her uncle, Steve Murray, a United Church pastor, arrive in town and Alex is soon involved in a war of words.
14On the Threshold: Part 2On the Threshold: Part 2 (1989)
Steve Murray, the Aborigine pastor, tells an interested Alex of his need for a doctor at his settlement.
15Last of the Summer Wine: Part 1Last of the Summer Wine: Part 1 (1989)
Alex is wondering about her purpose in life and is readily losing patience with her patients. Terence can see that Alex is fed-up with life in the Valley.
16Last of the Summer Wine: Part 2Last of the Summer Wine: Part 2 (1989)
Steve Murray returns to the Valley with one thing in mind convince Alex to join him and his people at Marlu Ngurra until they can find a permanent doctor.
17Snake in the Grass: Part 1Snake in the Grass: Part 1 (1989)
A customs officer arrives in town to investigate a snake smuggling ring and she and Matt don't exactly hit it off.
18Snake in the Grass: Part 2Snake in the Grass: Part 2 (1989)
Matron Sloan and Terence are furious when the new locum doctor goes to the racetrack instead of looking after a patient.
19Burnout: Part 1Burnout: Part 1 (1989)
The latest new locum is giving Shirley a hard time and has Esme close to tears-but her affect on Terence is quite the opposite.
20Burnout: Part 2Burnout: Part 2 (1989)
Frank wants Matt out of his house and is trying desperately to off-load him onto anyone else who will take him. Lucy moves into Boolaroo with Cathy.
21Pick of the Crop: Part 1Pick of the Crop: Part 1 (1989)
Yet another locum doctor arrives and Terence is hoping that this one will be better than the last two.
22Pick of the Crop: Part 2Pick of the Crop: Part 2 (1989)
A farmer's wife ends up with severe poisoning from a lethal mix of pesticides. Cris shows off his operating skills when Cathy has an accident whilst out riding with the new doctor.
23Nobody's Fool: Part 1Nobody's Fool: Part 1 (1989)
Everyone is waiting for a glimpse of the girl Cris describes as his "beautiful Jessie." Cathy tries her hand at writing a romance novel and is concerned when Matt takes the story quite literally.
24Nobody's Fool: Part 2Nobody's Fool: Part 2 (1989)
Matt gets Cathy's story published in the local paper. Everyone is surprised when Jessie turns out to be Cris' six-year-old daughter.
25Playing with Fire: Part 1Playing with Fire: Part 1 (1989)
Matron Sloan is worried about the hospital's future and takes her anger out on Lucy. Jessie starts at her new school.
26Playing with Fire: Part 2Playing with Fire: Part 2 (1989)
Lucy feels guilty and blames herself for Maggie's illness, especially after they had argued earlier. Cathy makes an offer to buy Pippa the horse for her owner.
27Baby Makes Three: Part 1Baby Makes Three: Part 1 (1989)
Matron Hilda Arrowsmith arrives at the hospital and Maggie is convinced her old nemesis is up to no good. A childless couple pin all their hopes on an IVF program.
28Baby Makes Three: Part 2Baby Makes Three: Part 2 (1989)
If she is elected, it be over Maggie's dead body. Matt throws the cat among the pigeons when he tells Cathy and Lucy that Cris is leaving the Valley.
29A Ticket to Ride: Part 1A Ticket to Ride: Part 1 (1989)
Frank tries to track down a runaway girl who is in town with the carnival. The cake tins are greased and the wooden spoons are poised as preparations get underway for the annual sponge cake competition.
30A Ticket to Ride: Part 2A Ticket to Ride: Part 2 (1989)
The town, and Esme in particular, are astounded when Cathy wins the cake competition - but she did use a "secret" ingredient.
31Taking a Chance: Part 1Taking a Chance: Part 1 (1989)
Terence and Cris have a difference of opinion over a father's refusal to inoculate his children.
32Taking a Chance: Part 2Taking a Chance: Part 2 (1989)
Matt saves Jess's new pet, a calf called "Sketty," doing so against his sensible judgment and to the dismay of Terence's wallet.
33She Loves Me Not: Part 1She Loves Me Not: Part 1 (1989)
A fastidious piano tuner is not happy with Cris' diagnosis of his problem. It doesn't look good when he is admitted to hospital with a serious throat blockage.
34She Loves Me Not: Part 2She Loves Me Not: Part 2 (1989)
Lucy's life is endangered when Colin Close kidnaps her but she is saved when Cris, Matt, and Frank track them down.
35Young Hearts: Part 1Young Hearts: Part 1 (1989)
Romance hits the over-fifty set of Wandin Valley with the formation of a new club. Cris gets involved with two elderly sisters living in the past.
36Young Hearts: Part 2Young Hearts: Part 2 (1989)
Bob has a new girlfriend - Nancy Walker. Terence is feeling Alex's absence.
37Illusions: Part 1Illusions: Part 1 (1989)
When Terence leaves to visit Alex, Cris' old friend Sandy McIntosh fills in as the latest locum.
38Illusions: Part 2Illusions: Part 2 (1989)
Matt becomes a successful radio star in his segment "Pet Vet" on Clover Owen-Jones' morning radio programme. Terence's visit to see Alex seems to have proven unsatisfactory.
39The Food of Love: Part 1The Food of Love: Part 1 (1989)
Famine strikes Wandin Valley as the residents take part in a forty-hour famine for charity. Amy-Lee, a love torn singer, flees her well-to-do financé Tom Cameron because of a dark secret she has that keeps her from the man she loves.
40The Food of Love: Part 2The Food of Love: Part 2 (1989)
Terence offers Cris a third share in the medical practice. Amy-Lee and Tom are reunited.
41Handle with Care: Part 1Handle with Care: Part 1 (1989)
Cathy has an unexpected guest, her sister-in-law Michelle. The circumstances of her visit are not what they first appear to be when she tells Cathy that Cathy's brother John has run off with another woman and taken their daughter Megan.
42Handle with Care: Part 2Handle with Care: Part 2 (1989)
Cris and Lucy's friendship deepens. Terence helps Michelle understand the reasons behind her illness.
43Fly Away Home: Part 1Fly Away Home: Part 1 (1989)
Susan Baxter's medical condition is not helped by the constant fighting between her husband and teenage daughter
44Fly Away Home: Part 2Fly Away Home: Part 2 (1989)
The Wandin Valley Bush Brigade is on its way to raising money, its membership, and frequency of its drill practices. Matt says he is leaving town.
45Give Me Shelter: Part 1Give Me Shelter: Part 1 (1989)
Shirley and Frank are awaiting the arrival of Julian "Luke" Ross but he is nowhere to be seen. Frank, his probation officer, is not impressed.
46Give Me Shelter: Part 2Give Me Shelter: Part 2 (1989)
When Cathy's horse falls ill, she insists the new vet treat Pippa. Luke discovers the truck he hot wired for his getaway is loaded with stolen alcohol and he rushes back to the Valley to prove his innocence.
47Fellow Travellers: Part 1Fellow Travellers: Part 1 (1989)
A road accident throws two unlikely characters together, a one-legged bike riding grandma and Skeeter Martin-the sparks fly.
48Fellow Travellers: Part 2Fellow Travellers: Part 2 (1989)
Skeeter's attitude towards Eileen has changed, in fact he seems quite smitten. He visit's her in hospital with a gift and becomes her defender when Eileen's daughter insists her mother should return home with her.
49Apparitions: Part 1Apparitions: Part 1 (1989)
The Richmond's world is turned upside down when what they think is a passing case of pneumonia that Stewart is suffering from is in fact AIDS.
50Apparitions: Part 2Apparitions: Part 2 (1989)
Jessie's friend Freya comes to stay. She has not spoken a word since the death of her younger brother in a car accident. She is cured by an unexpected sighting of a unicorn.
51Love Is Blind: Part 1Love Is Blind: Part 1 (1989)
Lucy has a surprise visit from her ex-love Warwick. Ruth Lawson, an attractive artist, comes to the Valley to settle her deceased aunt Peggy's affairs
52Love Is Blind: Part 2Love Is Blind: Part 2 (1989)
Ruth reveals to Terence that she is losing her sight but is afraid to do anything about it.
53Birthright: Part 1Birthright: Part 1 (1989)
Terence arrives in Marlu Ngurra, with one goal in mind - he wants to returns home to Wandin Valley with Alex.
54Birthright: Part 2Birthright: Part 2 (1989)
Steve has trouble accepting Bea back into his life. A letter from Steve's dead father marks a huge turning point for the Murrays.
55A Delicate Balance: Part 1A Delicate Balance: Part 1 (1989)
Petrol sniffing victims are rushed to the outback clinic at Marlu Ngurra and Terence again witnesses Alex's total commitment to the people of the settlement.
56A Delicate Balance: Part 2A Delicate Balance: Part 2 (1989)
Luke is involved in a car accident in which he heroically rescues young Kylie Donnelly from the wreckage. The medical team, led by Terence, save Kylie's life.
57Defence of the Realm: Part 1Defence of the Realm: Part 1 (1989)
Cris is faced with a medical and personal dilemma when his sister Stephanie comes to visit.
58Defence of the Realm: Part 2Defence of the Realm: Part 2 (1989)
A potential scandal surrounds the discovery of contaminated hospital waste at the tip. Matron Sloan attends a naturalisation ceremony.
59Just One Look: Part 1Just One Look: Part 1 (1989)
Lucy and Muldoon argue over the state of the tip and she unearths some interesting information with the help of the eccentric Vincent D. Smith.
60Just One Look: Part 2Just One Look: Part 2 (1989)
Terence tries to revive Jill from a coma. Muldoon makes a serious mistake in his attempt to prove that there is no pollution in the water supply.
61Can't Buy Me Love: Part 1Can't Buy Me Love: Part 1 (1989)
Adam Campbell returns to the Valley, but he is reluctant to go home to see his father. Luke and Jessie play a profitable joke on Frank.
62Can't Buy Me Love: Part 2Can't Buy Me Love: Part 2 (1989)
Frank and Shirley are concerned about Jessie, Cris has left her alone again while he's in Melbourne.
63Pride and Joy: Part 1Pride and Joy: Part 1 (1989)
Cris is accused of maltreating Jessie and is investigated by Maureen Hutchins from Family and Community Services.
64Pride and Joy: Part 2Pride and Joy: Part 2 (1989)
Cris pays the school a visit and Jessie reveals the real reason for the bruises on her legs. With Cathy away, Matt and Lucy do their best to cope with domestic duties.
65Race Day: Part 1Race Day: Part 1 (1989)
Racial prejudice rears its ugly head with the arrival of beautiful Thai locum, Doctor Supatra Pasert.
66Race Day: Part 2Race Day: Part 2 (1989)
Cris is having trouble with Bree, Jessie's new baby-sitter. David Mawby, a new nurse, arrives at the hospital looking for Dr. Supatra.
67Hook, Line and Sinker: Part 1Hook, Line and Sinker: Part 1 (1989)
Matt's Valley Vat radio show is attracting some very strange callers. Dr. Supatra endangers a patients's life and Cris and Nurse David Mawby try to convince her to seek treatment for an ailment that threatens her own career.
68Hook, Line and Sinker: Part 2Hook, Line and Sinker: Part 2 (1989)
adio presenter Clover Owen-Jones is thrilled that the Valley Vet is becoming a sex symbol, but Lucy and even Matt himself are not so sure.
69Bel Canto: Part 1Bel Canto: Part 1 (1989)
Victoria Flemming, a famous opera singer and her "maestro," Francesco Giannini, are befriended by Frank and Shirley.
70Bel Canto: Part 2Bel Canto: Part 2 (1989)
Lucy has big financial problems. With a bit of help from old Perce Hudson, Luke's precious car becomes a vet-mobile.
71Natural Selection: Part 1Natural Selection: Part 1 (1989)
Carl Bailey, Cathy's mysterious man, arrives from Kakadu which puts Matt's nose right out of joint.
72Natural Selection: Part 2Natural Selection: Part 2 (1989)
Carl Bailey challenges Matt to a survival contest in the bush which leads to disaster for Cathy. Bob Hatfield wins against Tiger Kelly, but loses out to Matron Sloan.
73Playing It Safe: Part 1Playing It Safe: Part 1 (1989)
Reverend Michael's dog spots danger when his continual licking and pawing causes Matt to notice a melanoma of the Reverend's leg.
74Playing It Safe: Part 2Playing It Safe: Part 2 (1989)
Muldoon is up to no good again with his plans of building a Lakeview Hotel.
75A Call to Arms: Part 1A Call to Arms: Part 1 (1989)
In light of an American mining company's plan to build a dam which would flood out Wandin Valley, hardened New York journalist Karen Breslin comes to town in search of a story about a conservation protest.
76A Call to Arms: Part 2A Call to Arms: Part 2 (1989)
Luke loses his pig but gains a dog. Matt and Lucy unearth an old diary which reveals the Councillor's past.
77Future Shock: Part 1Future Shock: Part 1 (1989)
Frank and Shirley stand on opposite sides as the locals fight to stop the proposed dam development by Ted Kagan
78Future Shock: Part 2Future Shock: Part 2 (1989)
A stock-market crash and a baby koala have a profound effect on Ted Kagan and Karen Breslin. Cathy's horse gives birth to a baby foal. The Valley is saved when Ted changes his mind about the dam project.
79For Pity's Sake: Part 1For Pity's Sake: Part 1 (1989)
Frank is on leave as he is due to have his varicose veins removed. His replacement suspects Matron Sloan of being the "Ms. Big" of Wandin Valley.
80For Pity's Sake: Part 2For Pity's Sake: Part 2 (1989)
Frank takes a turn for the worse during the operation to strip his varicose veins. The Wandin Valley protesters are dismayed when young Ashley Lawson is sent to defend them.
81Flashback: Part 1Flashback: Part 1 (1989)
Darren Stiles, a partner in crime from Luke's past, comes to visit. Little Hedley Johnson faces a delicate operation with the help of his pet-a ferret.
82Flashback: Part 2Flashback: Part 2 (1989)
Luke is forced to confront his memories of his own mother wafter a frightening incident involving Darren and Shirley. Lois takes quite a shine to Matt. Bob and Cookie devise a scheme to sell "exotic table birds."
83Stand by Me: Part 1Stand by Me: Part 1 (1989)
Sue Daley's father, Keith, arrives back from Europe with his second wife, Frances, and it is soon becomes apparent that all is not well.
84Stand by Me: Part 2Stand by Me: Part 2 (1989)
Matt and Lucy get lost in Lover's Lane. Frank returns to work but is worried by the thought of retirement, Matt takes special care of Lucy after her operation and she discovers her true feelings for him.